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Myths about Nadi Astrology

June 5, 2015 | Total Views : 2,742
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Myth means a traditional story concerning an early history of people or beliefs. This holds true in the case of Nadi Astrology, as much is shrouded in deep mystery among common people. Though it is a science of prediction, it is practiced with unfair means to extort money from people. It is manipulated and gullible people fall into the hands of fraudulent persons practicing this science of prediction.



History of Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology can be traced to eons ago, when Ancient Seers called Saptarishis, through their power of Yogic penance bestowed this divine knowledge of predicting one`s past, present and future lives to mankind. Sage Agastya is the foremost rishi of Nadi Astrology. His divine predictions along with other rishis’ predictions were stored in palm leaves and it was meant only for those destined to get a reading from the ancient leaves. Essentially, it deals with one`s karma, its consequences and divine remedies to purify from committed sins that cause unbearable pain and sorrow. The center of origin of Nadi Reading is Vaitheeswaran Kovil in southern Tamilnadu in India.


About Nadi Leaves

The predictions in Nadi leaves are poetic and in couplets. Nadi reader needs intense training and spiritual discipline to interpret the predictions in the leaves accurately. The Nadi astrologer only states what is written in the leaf for the native without making his own predictions or calculations. It is strongly believed that the destined person for Nadi reading would come in search of the leaf at the destined hour. Nadi in Tamil means in search. Faith is the root of this predictive astrology.

How predictions are made?

In this astrology, one does not need to reveal name, place or horoscope for predictions as only thumbprint is taken. It is right thumb for males and left thumb for females. Lines of the thumb are classified into 1008 types. Leaves are arranged accordingly and based on the thumbprint, leaves are retrieved for prediction.

Chapters in Nadi leaves

  • Nadi leaf has 12 chapters that give a detailed prediction of each aspect of life. Each chapter deals with one particular aspect of life.
  • Four or more chapters mention about past lives and sins committed in those lives.
  • The first chapter mentions the native`s name, names of parents, family members, details of present family life and also about the planetary position of the native`s horoscope.
  • Fifth chapter deals with children, miscarriages, infertility and also about the future of children.
  • Seventh chapter is about marriage and all aspects concerning it.
  • Remedies to absolve one`s sins of past are also suggested in the chapters. To get an answer to any query, there is a separate chapter for prasna.

Authenticity of Nadi Readers

Predictions given can be pleasant or unpleasant that could be of accident, sudden death, suicide etc. It is generally said that Nadi readers collect a lot of information before reading the predictions. This becomes a testing part for authentic Nadi readers to answer such questions. There are fake leaves and fraudulent Nadi readers. They do extract a lot of information and give their own predictions, thus cheating those who seek them. However, the name of the particular native and other details will not be shown in the leaves that are fake. It is commonly seen among Nadi Astrologers to give a lot of remedies for natives to perform to purify their sins and these involves huge cost and are time-consuming. Visiting temples and places of pilgrimage along with food feeding are some of the common suggested remedies. Some Nadi astrologers suggest yantras and other costly fire rituals for speedy results for elimination of doshas. This leaves the native drained of their money. This should be taken as a warning sign and one should be in guard not to get cheated.

Eternal aspect of Nadi Reading

However, authentic Nadi readers still exist to carry on this science of prediction. They do give accurate readings and help many come out of problems. If it is only in one`s destiny does one take a Nadi reading. It is immense fortune to meet a good Nadi Reader and have readings done to secure the blessings of Saptarishis, as Nadi leaves contain their spiritual power.  

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