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Yantras and it's Miracles

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 3,055
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Yamanaath traayathe ithi Yantraha’ – Yantra is one which protects from troubles.


Yantra is geometrical form of the infinite divine power of a mantra through which communication with the desired deity is established. It is made of material energy with the combination of five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. It is a magical diagram used to get specific results. Being the abode of deities, it has the power to remove bad luck and bring well being into one`s life.

Mystical powers of Yantras

  • Yantra is a sacred energy form that emits a very specific frequency and energy pattern that correspond to higher levels of consciousness. They are secret keys for establishing resonance with the spiritual energy fields of the universe.
  • They are instruments that create access from material plane to non-material divine worlds of deities.
  • Yantras are symbolic energy patterns of a deity, mantras in the yantra are the consciousness or spirit.

Esoteric constitution of Yantra

All Vedic yantras have a uniform pattern containing a central point, circle, triangle, star, lotus, and square. Yantras are made up of numbers, a certain set of symbols and mantras.

  • Bindu- In Hindu philosophy, bindu represents the point where the entire universe originated. It represents the energy of the element ether. It is Shiva himself.
  • Triangle or trikona – It is the symbol of shakti, the feminine energy of creation, a primary sign that encloses space. It represents the energy of the element fire.
  • Shatkona – It is the combination of two triangles, an inverted triangle and upward facing triangle. An inverted triangle represents the yoni or the sakthi principle and the triangle with its apex pointing upward represents the linga.It represents the Shiva-Sakthi principle.
  • Circle or chakra – It represents the cyclic nature of life, creation, preservation and destruction. It has the energy of the element water.
  • Square or bhupura– It is the depiction of the manifest world or the physical body. It has the energy of the earth element.
  • Lotus or Petals - They are the absolute force of the supreme self and a symbol of purity. Yantras with such patterns help cleanse the various energy centres in our body.
  • Bija mantras - They represent the root mantras corresponding to the different chakras. Each yantra has a corresponding mantra.

Energization of Yantra

It is a geometric figure inscribed on a metallic plate or paper and is the confluence of the powers of the concerned deity. It is prepared under Vedic guidelines on a particular time, place and day. Before any yantra is worshipped it must be given life through a process called Pranaprathishta. The geometric patterns are converted into spiritual channels to access invisible forces of the invoked deity and benefit the individual who reveres it.Only when energized with Vedic rituals, does it become powerful. It has to be purified by chanting Sidhi mantras with utmost skill and earnestness. It is said that the deity resides in the yantra and obeisance to the yantra should be done regularly to maintain its sanctity and power, increase its benefic result and bestow the desired intent for the rest of one`s life.

Benefits of Yantras

  • They are instruments used to achieve higher spiritual goals and material prosperity.
  • It is a visible means to gain health, wealth, power, prosperity, progeny, knowledge etc.
  • Positive energy flows from the yantra and helps in the attainment of specific desire and goals.
  • It helps remove black magic and negative energies.
  • It is used to enhance the quality of life, attract love, to heal diseases, recover from business losses; get married at the right time, marital harmony, for educational purposes, to rectify vaastu defects, progress in meditation, attainment of high positions and many more.
  • Vedic Astrologer recommends yantras to negate the inauspicious planetary influences and increase the planets` beneficial aspects in one`s life.

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