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10th House and it's benefits

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 5,894
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Signification of 10th house

The tenth house or the house of the sky primarily reveals one`s chosen public role or career. It is called the house of career. It reveals the level of sovereignty and prestige one attains through it. It also describes the father, indicates debts and the likelihood of living far away from home or in foreign places. The tenth house stands for respect, prestige, fame, authority, name, fame and ego.


It also defines the role that one chooses to play in society. When the 10th house of the horoscope is examined, it helps to understand the areas and the extent to which a person can stand above others commanding honor and respect, act as a source of guidance and protection. Talk to Our Expert Astrologers through Live Astrology Consultation (LAC) & Know How Strong is the Tenth House in Your Birth Chart The house reveals the native`s prospects of staying in foreign lands and about debts. The house is ruled by Capricorn, the ever climbing mountain goat. It represents our motivation and drive to contribute to society at large, to establish a social image.


How it benefits a native

  • All information and prospects about career and vocation can be studied from this house. If the planets are strong in this house, then career would be bright, but if they are weak then there would be hitches. A person becomes professionally strong due to the planets placed well in the tenth house. Promotions, advancement in career, appointments, permanency in job can be studied from this house.
  • Ascendant lord in tenth house or tenth house lord in ascendant of a natal chart would make the person do independent business. The planets occupying the tenth house determine the nature of business that be carried upon.
  • According to Vedic Astrology, Sun and Saturn are the planetary indicators of the tenth house. Sun is strongest in the tenth house and a person becomes highly successful due to its presence. A strong Saturn in the tenth house makes the native enjoy high status in society and lead a good life.
  • The tenth house is called karma Bhava or the actions. It represents our actions and mission in our life. It teaches us not to use power and authority in vain and pride against less fortunate and under priviledged. It is house of power and authority.
  • The tenth house acts as the strongest angular house or pillar or Kendra giving support to the strength of the astrological chart as a whole.

Talk to Our Expert Astrologers through Live Astrology Consultation (LAC) & Know How Strong is the Tenth House in Your Birth Chart

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