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Astrology Secrets of Love and Marriage

June 15, 2015 | Total Views : 4,414
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Love received and love given comprise the best form of therapy

Love is the highest level of energy that exists. Love and marriage are based on the principles of attraction. Vedic Astrology states that law of karma plays a vital role in matters of love and marriage. Karmically, one is drawn to another individual by the law of attraction or repulsion. If one has loved another truly, they are bound to meet in many lifetimes. Rather if one`s relationship with another is marked with frequent quarrels, fights or jealous tendencies, they meet in several lifetimes, till their karmic debts are settled. Lessons to love unconditionally, to be faithful to spouse, to raise children responsibly, leading a peaceful and happy life are some to be learnt. Divine laws are to be conformed and transgression results in pain, suffering, heartbreaks, separation and final death. Another factor in the principle of attraction is some people pass through a periodic influence of the same planet and come in close contact with one another as lovers, friends, associates and this form of friendship endures as long as they are in the same planetary periods and when the cycle changes, separation or breakup or living apart would take place. Sometimes during powerful transits, relationship is caused between two souls and it would not last long if it is due to Mars, as it would last only for two years and the period in-between would be filled with constant fights and discord and it finally breaks. If it is due to Uranus, then even married men leave their husbands and when they come back to their senses, after a period of 2-3 years, it becomes too late.


Certain relationships are formed and attraction is caused when one horoscope would have certain vibrations which match or be complementary to another horoscope. In case another chart that is more intensely matched happens to come into the lives of one of the party, then traumatic changes are seen.

Astrology Compatibility using Planets, Houses, Chart

There is a plan outside of one`s personal will and control that is separate from one`s action that can explain the reasons for not being able to attract the right mate, unable to get what one truly wants, bad luck and heartbreak. Vedic Astrology helps one understand the workings of the planets on one`s life and the recourse to take in shaping one`s destiny. Astrological chart reveals the tendencies and inclinations that propel one to have love affairs, love marriages and love compatibility in general.

  • Planet Venus governs marriage, romance and love. It also helps to judge the success or failure in matters of love. Venus governs the marital prospects for men. Mars and Jupiter govern such prospects in women. If Mars is affected in a women`s horoscope, then her marriage is filled with struggles and tension. Sun is another important planet in female`s chart , as its position and aspects represent the male relations in her life, especially her husband, the most important of all If the sun is debilitated and is in the 7th house, then there may be separation from husband. In a male horoscope, Moon`s position and aspect assumes chief importance in judgment of marriage. Moon aspecting Saturn causes delay in marriage. When Moon is strong in a male horoscope it brings a good looking woman into his life.
  • Marriage, love and matrimonial happiness should be judged from the 7th house of the native chart. 7th house lord is also a significator of love and marriage.5th house indicates love affairs without proper marriage. All about the complexion, physical appearance, good and bad about husband and wife, could be predicted from the 7th house.
  • If the 5th house is weak, it indicates lack of peace at home and conjugal happiness would get affected. If the 7th house is strong it indicates a happy marriage.
  • If the sun and moon are positioned well in the charts, happiness would result between the couple. Marriages are not done between couple when Venus is combust as it destroys family life. If charts of the marriage partners have an equal amount of malefic influences it nullifies the malefic influences of each other and does not cause harm.

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  • Nishu
    Hi, Is there any remedy or activity to do to get my love back. Due to some family pressure he got married to another girl. But i cnt live without him i wnat him back, is there any activity so that, his wife leave him & after that he can marry
    May 24, 2016
    I don't know from where you have learnt astrology. I have been practising astrology of KP, Nadi, traditional, Lalkitab from a renowned Guru in Varanasi and sucessfully practising astrology more than two decade I have not yet heard the yoga you have have mentioned here. These yogas I think you have taken from cheap books available in the market. Please please learn from an experienced Guru and stop bad habits of writing this. You are not deceiving yourself but deceiving the clients on astrology. I request you please re-learn before coming this internet site.
    March 18, 2016