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You might be wondering ... 
With whom I am compatible with it without meeting them, is it possible to know? 
A partner / spouse influence my search for the birth date, time and place? 
It's time to move on or to cling existing relationship? 
Moon and other celestial bodies in our solar system would affect my marriage? 
Again, it's about merging their combined energy is time to get to know. Vedic astrology and relationships related to the answers to many other questions. Your date, time and place of birth, including the sun, moon and planets in our solar system represent a unique astronomical event. The tremendous effect on your emotional needs and the kind of person you would meet.
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Kubera Yantra

Kubera Yantra

Open your doors for riches and luxuries to step in! Welcome Lord Kubera to your home or office. When the divine treasurer walks in with heaps of money and wealth for you, he also pours happiness, peace and success into your life!

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Live Astrology Consultation

Live Astrology Consultation

Speak to our panel of expert Vedic Astrologers either through phone or SKYPE and get prompt answers to your problems. A real time interaction with our Vedic Astrology experts will not only help you understand the reason behind the problem but also help you can get rid of it.

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Mars Fire Lab(Homa)

Mars Fire Lab (Homa)

Mars is fiery and passionate planet. If in your chart, Mars is weak or badly placed he will create debts (credit card, medical, mortgage), diseases and relationship problems. A positive Mars gives courage, healing and financial discrimination. Performing Mars Fire Lab helps control its malefic effects for your well-being.

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Mercury Pooja

Mercury Pooja

Mercury concerns the mind, and your sign and house position influences the mysterious way you put it all together. It determines how you make sense of your world, formulate ideas and share them with others.

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Prasna (Horary Astrology)

Instant Insight is a Prasna (Question) or Horary Astrology based on an ancient and unique branch of Vedic Astrology. 'Hora' loosely means 'the hour'. It is also known as 'Prasna Shastra', meaning "Question Ancient Wisdom" as it involves a person asking a specific question and examining the current location of the all planets in the sky. Using the current planetary position, an answer is revealed. Your birth chart is not used.

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