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Leo Moon Sign Compatibility

November 20, 2017 | Total Views : 13,379
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According to Vedic Astrology, compatibility between the moon signs is important to be analyzed to predict how the wedded life of the couple would be. Following are the compatibility results of Leo with the 12 Moon signs between a man and a woman:

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

You both make a compatible pair and have a lot in common. Both of you are independent, respect each other and want to be loved. However, both of you wish to believe in your own strength and tend to hide your weaknesses and neediness and neither of you admits that you need support or help. While Arians want things to happen immediately, Leos want things to last forever. Both of you love to be the center of attention and dominate and equally strive to be on top in your relationship. You may both keep this desire secret and harbor hatred towards your partner who seeks more attention. This could cause misunderstanding or difference between you two. But if both are willing to work on this issue, then you can avoid any mishap. At the same time, you respect each other’s strength, honesty and uniqueness. Both of you are too proud and repress to show your weakness or insufficiency. On the whole, if you both could keep your ego and jealousy away, you can support each other to flourish in your interests and become a happy couple.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Taurus Moon Sign

Both of you may get along when one of you makes compromises in the relationship. In spite of the challenges and differences, you both share a bonding based on loyalty, love and affection. Both of you are honest and protective and expect a partner who is committed and strong like you, unlike the one who is reserved or hiding their feelings. You both are ready to be responsible for a fault, at the same time are stubborn with your opinions. Both of you adore material comfort but have different perspectives: Taureans want security of money and love comforts, whereas Leos like to impress others with their greatness and liberality. You both may face clashes in the way you spend your money, as you are inflexible and have your own stubborn opinions. This may pose difficulty in taking a mutual decision. Taureans love peace and harmony at home and might feel upset when Leos are loud and melodramatic. Though you both have many similarities, these tiny differences could create issues. Hence, until you both are ready to work together, this relationship will turn into a hardship.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Gemini Moon Sign

Both of you have a lot in common and make a friendly and loyal couple. While Geminis are humorous and witty, Leos are cheery, positive and childish at times. However, Geminis do not take life seriously and tend to make jokes during tough times which could really upset the Leos. Leo natives who have innate sense of pride may find this attitude of Geminis a little offensive. Leos take things more seriously, while Geminis love to shuffle from one thing to another. Leos want to be appreciated and love to have a stable domestic life, while the flighty nature of the Geminis may seriously affect Leo’s pride at times. However, the sociable and friendly nature of the Geminis will focus Leos in the limelight and help them gain recognition and new opportunities. This pairing will usually shine with positivity as you complement each other very well. If both are ready to overcome these minor differences, you both can form a very happy and successful couple.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Cancer Moon Sign

Both of you may get along really well, when one of you is tolerant and compromising with the other. Family and domestic peace are very important to you two and both of you are honest and protective of each other. Leo natives have a sense of pride and constantly want appreciation or recognition. While Cancereans are moody, secretive and secured, Leos are sociable, friendly and humorous. However, you both will make a good pair as Cancer’s anxiety complements Leo’s confidence. Leo natives are indulgent when Cancereans feel needy and Cancer natives can nurture the ego of the Leos. Cancereans may feel inhibited to express their emotional security by the Leos, while the Leo natives will find hard to express their creativity, being repressed by the Cancereans. Cancer natives may find it difficult to understand the Leos as they are more reserved and do not exhibit their problems openly. Leo natives can act melodramatically at times, which could upset the already insecure Cancereans. Cancer natives are timid and private, whereas Leos love to be in the spotlight and gain appreciation. Cancereans will always offer support for Leo’s ambitions and in turn Leos will show gratitude for Cancer natives’ empathy. With a few compromises and expressing your needs and feelings openly, you both can make the relationship work out well.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Leo Moon Sign

Leo and Leo pairing may have to face many challenges and have the same likes and dislikes. Both of you desire to be in the limelight and are highly competitive. Both of you are slightly self-centered and are in constant need of recognition and appreciation. You both have great deal of respect and admiration for each other. Both of you tend to hide your weaknesses and want to show only your sunny side to the world. Both of you are over-dramatic and excel at exaggerating your feelings and emotions. Also you both want to the center of attention and the one seeking less attention may funk off. Both of you are truly loyal to each other and showing complete attention and respect on your partner is the only way to stay happy in your relationship. You both should take turns and be in charge to satiate both of your needs to be a leader. You both should learn to tackle and feed your egos and be open with your partner in expressing your difficulties or weaknesses. If you both are ready to work out on these small issues, then you can make a strong and happy couple.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Virgo Moon Sign

Both of you have both positives and negatives and have equal chances in making the relationship work out. Leo natives are lively, enthusiastic and narcissistic, whereas Virgos are humble, reserved and timid. You both are like two sides of a same coin. Although both of you have similarities, you both respond differently to the same situation. Leo natives like to exaggerate or overreact to situations, while Virgos are practical, realistic and genuine. Leos want personal recognition and appreciation, whereas Virgos are content playing their roles in the background. Leos love to express their feelings in a grand manner, while Virgos are humble and gentle in expressing their emotions. Virgos are hardworking and perfect, whereas Leos are lazy, fun-loving and playful. Both of you love to have a peaceful ambience at home, but in different ways. Leo sees their family as their own reflection, while Virgo natives offer a chance for everyone to work towards perfection. Leo natives crave for recognition and praise, whereas Virgos tend to have a critical approach towards everything. Virgos are conservative which the Leos might find a little embarrassing. To make this relationship work out, both of you need to make some compromises.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Libra Moon Sign

Both of you are quite compatible with each other and will be able to share a deep and honest friendship. You both are affectionate, romantic and adore nurturing family and children. While Leos are dominating and seek attention always, Libras are humble and accommodating. Though you are common in many things, you both have differences as well. Sometimes, Libra natives may feel that they are compromising too often, which might hurt them, whereas Leos might get frustrated with Libra’s inconclusiveness. Leo natives can be a bit self-centered and egoistical and Libra natives are considerate, pleasing and compromising. Both of you respect each other and enjoy a romantic relationship. Leos are naturally egocentric, dominating and decisive, while Libras are indecisive in nature. Leos are extremely good-hearted that they will certainly not take advantage of the amicability of their partners. Leo natives truly acknowledge and appreciate their Libra partners’ ability to look at both the sides of a situation. Also, Libras admire the inner strength and certainty. You both make a good emotional pair and can enjoy a long-lasting relationship.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign

Both of you are inflexible, challenging and proud. One of you might have to make compromises to make the relationship work out, which might often lead to hatred. Both of you like to control and need to be committed and honest for the pairing to work out. You both have totally different temperaments – Leo natives are enthusiastic, loving and open, while Scorpios are very secretive and emotionally complex to understand. Leo natives are less self-introspective, while Scorpio natives are more intense, skeptical, cautious and sensitive. Leos are always forward looking, while Scorpios tend to dwell in the past. Both of you may have to face many challenges to taste success in your relationship. To accomplish this, both of you need to be intimate and accept either of your true natures. Leo natives accept things the way they are, while Scorpios always search for hidden meanings and motivations behind anything. While Leos are straightforward and frank in expression, Scorpios are a bit probing, distrustful and jealous, which might often infuriate the Leo natives. To make your relationship successful, you both need to accept your emotional differences and overcome them.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign

Both of you will make wonderful, friendly couple and are cordially generous and cheerful. You both love to go out together, play games and live a free life. Both of you are communicative and resourceful to each other. Although both of you are quite compatible, there are some differences between you two. While Leos are certain and emotionally stable, Sagittarians are more fidgety and wandering. Leo natives are honest and constantly seek attention and appreciation to stay happy, while Sagittarians love their freedom and can be indelicate which might hurt the pride of the Leos, who takes everything personally. While Leo natives seek complete love and attention of their partners, Sagittarians want to be free and cannot tolerate an over-possessive partner. Despite all these differences, you both are well suited for each other and have fun travelling or enjoying a sport together. You both are very cheerful and feel blessed when you are together and will prosper in all your efforts. If you both are ready to accept and overcome these small issues, then you both can make a wonderful pair.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign

One of you may have to constantly please and compromise with the other in order to make the relationship work out. You two are opposite to each other, with Capricorn’s secured, traditional and cautious temperament and Leo’s energetic, generous and melodramatic behavior. While Leo natives are lavish, cheery and bold, Capricorns are simple, delicate and quiet. Leos often exaggerate things and always seek attention through dramatic gestures, whereas Capricorn natives usually restrain from expressing their emotions. While Capricorns are sincere and hardworking, Leos are lethargic and playful. Leos are child-like and expect constant appreciation and attention, while Capricorn natives rarely express their need for support from people. Leos are romantic and express their love through passionate gestures, whereas Capricorns express their love through practical actions. Leo natives are friendly, warm and approachable, whereas Capricorns are always disconnected and formal with people. Leos craving for praise and appreciation will drive Capricorn natives crazy and Capricorns’ business-like approach will make the Leo feel detached and unloved. Leos are more optimistic compared with Capricorn natives. This is a difficult pairing which is more likely to break at some point.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Aquarius Moon Sign

You both can either make a wonderful pairing or may end up fighting over petty things. Leo natives always look out to be the center of attention and usually want to lead a crowd, whereas Aquarians want to be in the crowd and find togetherness and group harmony more comfortable and satiating. Leo natives crave to be the head of a group, while Aquarians love to spend their lives helping everyone. Aquarians focus on the future and Leos love to live and enjoy the present life and situations. Sometimes, Aquarians may prioritize others before their family members which might annoy the Leo natives. Leos are demanding and controlling, while Aquarians love their freedom and hate authority. Though Aquarians does not like be on top, they are not domesticated either. It may be a little difficult for both of you to build a comfortable routine at home. Aquarians might hurt Leo natives by treating them like everyone else, while Leos wanted to be treated special. On the other hand, Aquarians may not feel comfortable with the Leos’ love for authority and power. However, if you both are willing to accept each other’s differences and are ready to input a lot of effort, you can find harmony and balance as a lovely couple.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with Pisces Moon Sign

Both of you may feel that one of you is compromising a lot to make the relationship work out, which might cause imbalance in the relationship. Though you both may find yourselves attractive, both of you may not be comfortable with routine chores on the long run. While Pisces natives are moody and preoccupied, Leos are energetic, vibrant and friendly. This gloomy nature of Pisceans might upset and hurt the ever-energetic and attention seeking Leo natives. They cannot be to be unloved or unappreciated. However, you both adore family and consider your home very important, except that you both will have different approaches towards running the family. Leos, being naturally commanding will try to satiate their yearning to be the center of attention. Pisceans are very gentle and try to satisfy other’s needs over their wishes and tries to keep the Leos happy in the relationship. Sometimes, Leo natives can act melodramatically and be loud and boisterous, which might upset the delicate Pisceans. Also, Leos can behave narcissistically and may exaggerate things to get what they want. Pisceans get influenced by the moods of their surrounding easily and hence when Leos are energetic, it will raise the mood of the Pisces natives. However, when Leo is down, it might worsen the situation as Pisceans are generally low and sober. Auspicious Dates: 1,3,5,7,8,9,12,13,14,15,19,20,22,23,24,29,30. Inauspicious Dates: 2,4,6,10,11,16,17,18,21,25,26,27,28,31.

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