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Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

November 20, 2017 | Total Views : 4,754
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According to Vedic Astrology, compatibility between the moon signs is important to be analyzed to predict how the wedded life of the couple would be. Following are the compatibility results of Cancer with the 12 Moon signs between a man and a woman:

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

You both have very little in common, hence both of you have to put in extra efforts to save the relationship. There will always be some tension between you two, as your habits, thoughts and emotional needs all differ with each other. Arians do not care much about the feelings of Cancereans, who are extremely sensitive and needy. Arians love their freedom, while the sympathetic Cancereans will not understand the much needed independence by Arians. Aries natives are less bound to the past and traditions, while Cancereans are more sentimental and find these things very important. Cancer natives prefer peace and harmony at home, but the impatient Arians will not be afraid to face confrontations. Cancereans are more emotional and feel uncomfortable to threaten the balance at home.
Arians are straightforward expressing their needs, while Cancer natives are usually indirect hoping their partners to understand their wishes, which is very rare. This will leave Cancereans feel unloved and insecure. Arians find this attitude of Cancer natives to be clingy and controlling. Both of them should learn to accept the sensitivity and openness of each other to keep the relationship going.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Taurus Moon Sign

Although you both have different temperaments, both of you are security-minded and make a trusty and friendly couple. Both of you feel domestic stability more important than anything and would sacrifice anything not to disturb the balance at home. You both love nurturing your children and creating a cozy home for them. You both find reliability and safety more important to stay happy, which you both can find in each other. Taureans do not like changes, especially in personal life and Cancereans also are attached deeply to their families. You both prefer to pre-established methods rather than experimenting new things. Taureans take care of Cancereans’ emotional needs and security and Cancereans fulfill the Arians’ need for stability and comfort. Among the two of you, Cancer natives tend to be a little emotional and moody, while Taureans are more stable, practical and placid. You both enjoy caring for other and your family. On the whole, this pairing is very successful and can easily create a happy and contented family.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Gemini Moon Sign

This relationship could work out if one of you compromises with the other’s behavior and actions. Also, both of you will have certain things in common to lay foundation for the relationship. Numerous misunderstandings might crop up, as both of you have different needs and ideas about family. Cancereans are easily hurt and are very sensitive and moody, while Geminis are easy-going and humorous. Unlike Geminis, Cancer natives hold onto the past events and are sentimental, Geminis love to be intellectual and like solving problems with humor. Cancereans might end up taking the word of Geminis too seriously, which could be a cause of misunderstanding. Geminis get bored easily and constantly look out for mental stimulation and socializing with people, whereas Cancereans love stay at home and relax. Geminis are uncomfortable with the emotional nature of Cancereans and may feel overwhelmed at times. Cancereans may think Geminis are too detached and take things light. Actually, Gemini natives are unaware of Cancer’s feelings and neediness to be nurtured. Cancereans might remember every little thing, which may not appear as important to the Geminis. Things can never be calm and composed amongst this couple. If both are ready to accept each other’s nature, then this pairing can work out well.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Cancer Moon Sign

Both of you have lots of things in common and will tend to have great understanding among each other. At the same time, you both will have the same dislikes and worries which might cause issues in sorting them out. Cancereans love domestic security, creativity and need fostering from their partners. If both of them turn moody at the same time, it could cause unsecure feeling among them. Both of you are extremely dependent on each other and are not ready to accept change. Your main focus is on building financial security and protection of the family. You both share a great rapport and satisfy each other’s needs to nurture and be nurtured. Because of your sensitivity and moodiness, others may find it a little difficult to live with you. While both of you may enjoy your strengths and positive sides, you both share the same weaknesses which could really upset you both. Either or both of you can become more dependent on the other. When both turn clingy, there is no one to support them. Sometimes both of you might act childishly with no one to control or guide you. This pairing will be extremely successful or can be really problematic at times.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Leo Moon Sign

Both of you will make a good pair, with one of you being more tolerant of the other. Leo natives want to be the center of attention and expect appreciation and applause. Leos want constant assertion and love, but are unwilling to admit their weaknesses, issues and insecurities. You both may create a wonderful family and are protecting and honest with each other. Both of you adore domestic harmony and peace and material pleasures. Cancereans are moody, sensitive and secretive, while Leos are sociable, humorous and always wanting recognition. Cancereans nurture Leos’ ego and the confidence of Leo can help the anxious Cancereans. On the flip side, Leos can inhibit the emotional needs of the Cancer natives and Cancereans can impede the creativity of the Leos. Leos can at times be exaggerative and tend to blow things up, while Cancereans are sensitive, shy and soft-natured. Cancereans are often moody and emotional, while Leos are humorous and friendly. Unlike Cancer natives, Leos are emotionally steady. Cancereans are supportive and sympathetic, which makes your pair more successful.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Virgo Moon Sign

Both of you can make a great relationship based on friendship, loyalty and respect. Both of you are emotional, caring and supportive to each other, but express your emotions in different ways. You both tend to be quiet and humble and are extremely cautious in doing anything. Both of you may appear worried, anxious and over-concerned about your life and family. Cancer natives are more compassionate and empathetic than Virgo, who are more practical and are good at taking care of tangible things such as running a business. You both could make a great home, with Cancereans taking care of the home and Virgos takes charge of income. Both of you express you love and emotions differently – Cancer natives are sympathetic and tender whereas Virgo natives like to express their love through action. Both of you are conscious about health, with Virgos being more particular about health and personal habits. But Virgos tend to be very fussy about orderliness, cleanliness and conduct, which make them difficult to live with at times. Although both of you are patient, Virgos can be judgmental and over-perfect and regard self-love and self-approval more important. Cancereans who are more accepting find it convenient with this attitude of the Virgos. However, Cancer natives may over express their feelings and there may be a lot of emotional ups and downs. Both of you are likely to stay happy in a long-lasting relationship.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Libra Moon Sign

Both of you may have to face challenges in pleasing your partners, as your opinion is more important to either of you. You both will be ready to make any compromise to retain the domestic harmony and have great respect and understanding for each other. You both avert conflicts and will do anything to please your love partner and keep them comfortable. You both are threatened by personal clashes and therefore avoid confronting your issues, which may sometimes worsen the situation. During such times, Cancereans may turn moody and Libra natives will stay diplomatic. Cancer natives crave for security and comfort at home and may more often behave like a parent to their partner rather than a lover. Libras on the other hand love to have a romantic partner and do not like to be parented. Both of you may find your emotional natures different. Cancereans may feel that Libra natives are not able to connect to them deeply, while Libras find the intuitive behavior of Cancereans challenging. Though you both may be common in many things, you may react differently to the same situation. If you both could accommodate your differences and accept each other, then you could make a successful and friendly couple.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign

Both of you make a great pair and share immense respect and understanding. You both are sensitive and instinctual about each other’s feelings and become deeply connected. You both will remain as an extremely friendly and cordial pair and look out for complete emotional bonding with your partner. Cancereans are nurturing and Scorpios are equally emotional, though the latter may not admit it openly. Both of you get emotionally involved with anything and anybody on a deeper level, which scatters your objectivity. Although there are some differences between you two, you both form a compatible pair with good understanding. Your pairing can transform you both spiritually and mentally. Both of you are equally dependent on each other and are happy about it. Cancereans are tender and sensitive and deal things in a gentle manner. However Scorpios love to gain control in a relationship and can turn spiteful when hurt or upset. This could often hurt and upset the delicate Cancereans. Cancer natives are more compassionate and yearn for a nurturing and non-competitive domestic ambience.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign

You both have very little in common and have different temperaments and wishes, which could make you both uncomfortable. Both of you may approach things and want things differently in life. Cancereans are careful and wants security, whereas Sagittarians are energetic and love their freedom. Sagittarians are open, tactless and a bit shallow, while Cancereans are nurturing and compassionate. Cancer natives are comfortable with routine chores and would like to stay in familiar environments, whereas Sagittarians love adventures and experiment new things. Cancereans are quite moody and emotional with feelings of yearning, anxiety and worrying, whereas Sagittarians are cheerful and bubbly, who gets cranky and impatient with the emotional needs of the Cancereans. When Sagittarians try to divert them or lighten them up, Cancer natives may often misunderstand them or feel unloved. Sagittarians always focus on the future and are forward-looking, while Cancereans end up dwelling upon the past. Cancereans feel more secure and comfortable at home, while Sagittarians are more adventurous and wants to try out new things. Sagittarians, who love to be free and mobile, may sometimes feel tied up because of Cancer’s emotional needs and sensitivity. If both are willing to accept and acknowledge each other’s needs and feelings, it could work out between you two.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign

Although you both have different approaches and thoughts, if you are together, both of you can make an excellent pair. You can either be a cordial pair or equally arguing. Cancereans are gentle, sensitive and sympathetic than Capricorns. Cancer natives find nurturing and closeness more important in a relationship. Capricorns are equally committed in a relationship, but are uncomfortable with neediness and being emotional. Capricorn natives may appear to be emotionally distant at times and may ignore their partner’s emotional needs, prioritizing their duties and work. Capricorns can also be more demanding and do not entertain playful or childish behavior at all. Though both you are patient and responsible, Capricorns may find it difficult to emotionally bond with the Cancer natives. The fact is Capricorns love to nurtured and cared, but cannot admit that they need to be comforted or held with support. Hence, the gentleness and caring of Cancer is much appreciated by the Capricorns. Cancereans also are drawn to Capricorns because of their strength and emotional steadiness in a relationship.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Aquarius Moon Sign

Both of you are entirely different and a lot of care and compromises have to be made to avoid any conflict or imbalance in relationship. You both have different approaches and look at things contrarily. While both are concerned about others, Cancereans take it more personal and Aquarians look at mankind on the whole. Aquarians prioritize friends and society above family, which seems impractical for the Cancereans who are deeply family-bonded Cancereans are comfortable being at home and doing routine chores, while Aquarians crave for new things and experiment novel ideas. Cancer natives are sentimentally attached to their past, whereas Aquarians are rebellious and are disinterested in traditions or past. While Aquarians are open to drastically changing their lifestyle or habits, Cancereans want things the way they are. Aquarians are objective and do not take everything personally, whereas Cancereans believe on instinct and emotions. Cancer natives love to stay committed, while Aquarians crave for freedom. This may make Cancereans feel insecure and uncomfortable. It is highly important for the Aquarians to accept Cancereans’ feelings and rapid changes might upset them to the core. Cancer natives can help Aquarians to get in touch with their emotions and Aquarians in turn can instill clarity and perception in the minds of Cancer natives.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility with Pisces Moon Sign

With both of you having similar thoughts and desires, you make an extremely compatible pair. You both will be very happy together and have a great understanding of each other’s needs and emotions. You both are telepathically connected to each other and share a deep emotional rapport. Both of you are friendly and sensitive to the moods of your surrounding people. You both might not be aware of your own feelings, when tending to help others when they are in trouble. Both of you are nurturing and compassionate and are always ready to help each other at tough times. You both consider a peaceful home, especially near a water body, very important to retreat or replenish yourselves. Both of you rejoice spiritual and emotional rejuvenation regularly and would love to escape from the pressure, stress and competition in the world. Meditation, music and nature are nurturing ways that comfort both of you to replenish yourselves. If both of you take care not to absorb others’ troubles into your minds, you can make a tender and friendly couple. Auspicious Dates: 1,3,5,7,8,9,12,13,14,15,19,20,22,29,30 Inauspicious Dates: 2,4,6,10,11,16,17,18,21,23,24,25,26,27,28,31

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