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Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

November 20, 2017 | Total Views : 10,353
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According to Vedic Astrology, compatibility between the moon signs is important to be analyzed to predict how the wedded life of the couple would be. Following are the compatibility results of Virgo with the 12 Moon signs between a man and a woman:

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

Both of you may have to put in your efforts to make the relationship work out, as both of your tastes, habits and emotional responses are different. This may sometimes act as a source of irritation in the long run. As long as things are smooth, you may not find any issues dealing with each other. Both of you need to work to maintain harmony at home. Arians are passionate and are often impulsive in taking decisions, while Virgos are cautious and thoroughly analyze a situation before jumping into a conclusion. Arians tend to display emotional outbursts which are instant and short-lived as they do not think about its consequences. The sensitive Virgos on the other hand may become nervous or anxious by the rudeness of the Aries natives. You both have different approaches towards life which may become a source of irritation on the long run. Arians cannot tolerate the perfection or criticizing nature of the Virgos. Aries natives do not mind of committing mistakes in the learning curve and find their criticisms very discouraging. To make your relationship work out, Arians need to share their creativity to Virgos, for them to bring fruitful results.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Taurus Moon Sign

You both have great respect and understanding with each other and make a very compatible pairing. Both of you are made for each other, with Taureans being stable and practical and Virgo natives being realistic and attends to every detail. Both of you are cautious, secured and prudently analyze a situation before coming to a solution. Taurus natives, in particular are resistant to any change in the domestic environment and are comparatively slow in coming to a decision. Virgos are quite stubborn and worrying and hard to please at times. Both of you adore nature and like to work with earth like gardening, camping etc. and with natural materials such as clay, bread, wood and natural fibers. You both like to acquire practical expertise in specialized fields. Both of you also have differences. Taureans are slow in taking a decision, but once committed they will move forward. However, Virgo natives always have a second thought and keep criticizing their choice. The emotional steadiness of Taureans will comfort the Virgo natives and help them relax and be intuitive. Overall, you both will make a happy and content couple.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Gemini Moon Sign

Both of you need to be very much dedicated to make your pairing work out. There will be a lot of challenges that you may have to confront, that one of you may be constantly compromising to cope up with the idiosyncrasies of the other. Both of you are very active and have scattered ideas and keep yourselves compulsively busy with some work. While Geminis are too restless and are thrilled to experience new ideas and challenges, Virgos are more practical and are kind of a perfectionist – the ones who attends to every detail. Gemini natives are optimistic and phony, while Virgos are self-critical and pessimistic. Geminis need mental stimulation and love to socialize with people, while Virgos are down-to-earth and meticulous. Geminis may find it difficult to cope up when Virgos turn fussy about health, nutrition and hygiene. Gemini natives can take up many tasks, begin them and leave them unfinished, whereas Virgos also can take up many tasks, but they work on them one at a time and complete them with attention to detail. Virgo natives are self-improving and orderly than the Geminis. However both of you love to play word games or test your knowledge and skills. If you both try, then you both can enjoy a lasting relationship.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Cancer Moon Sign

Both of you can make a friendly couple and share a relationship based on loyalty, respect and understanding for each other. You both may tend to worry or show over-concern upon your loved ones, but are caring and sympathetic which you may express differently. Cancereans are more emotional, delicate and sympathetic than Virgo natives. Virgos on the other hand may want to help you out, but may appear impassive and critical. Cancer natives are always empathizing and they understand others’ feelings easily, while Virgos believe in expressing their support through actions. Virgos may tend to be fussy about nutrition, health, tidiness and behavior which may make them difficult to live with. They are also self-criticizing and often be irritated with other’s inefficiency. Self-love, analysis and relaxation are important for the Virgo natives, which the Cancereans may find comfortable as they are more tolerant and easygoing. Cancer natives on the other hand are emotionally imbalanced and hence appreciate the dedication and truthfulness of the Virgos. With a sharing of respect and friendship, you both can make a successful couple.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Leo Moon Sign

Although both of you have many common things, negative feelings may dominate between you two and you have fifty-fifty chances in making your relationship work out. Both of you are like two sides of the same coin and respond to situations differently. Leo natives want attention, appreciation and narcissistic, while Virgos are modest, quiet and unobtrusive. Leo natives may exaggerate and try to express their feelings in a grand manner, whereas Virgos are more practical and sensible. Leos are a bit lethargic and playful, while Virgos are orderly and meticulous. Leos always expect appreciation and Virgos tend to be criticizing. Both of you have different approaches in raising your family. Leo natives see their home as a reflection of themselves and Virgos give everyone a chance to serve and attain perfection. Leo natives crave for recognition and to be the center of attention, while Virgos are quiet content in being in the background. With Virgos being more criticizing and analyzing, Leos who are generally sensitive to reproach may find it difficult to live with them. Virgos may think that Leos are more playful and Leos may find the conservative nature of Virgos a bit embarrassing.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Virgo Moon Sign

Both of you have a lot in common. You both are hardworking, fussy, practical and detail-oriented. However, when two Virgo natives are together, you both will tend to look more at your faults than positives. Both of you will demand perfection from each other and fear of being anything less than perfect. You both are sensitive and may appear unemotional and impulsively worrying upon your mistakes. Both of you may find it difficult to live with each other with either of you nagging at one another’s flaws. Virgo natives are extremely good at showing care and dedication towards people and things that are important to them, though they may not show it outwardly. If both of you restrain from nagging at each other for everything, then your relationship can move forward.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Libra Moon Sign

Although you both may have many differences, both of you will be able to make your relationship work out. One of you may feel that you need to compromise all the time. While Virgo natives want to create a perfect home with orderliness and efficacy, Libras want to attain equality in relationship. Virgos are perfectionists who pay attention to detail and want to complete every task with perfection, whereas Libra natives want an aura free of any clash or disharmony. Libras are very diplomatic, whereas Virgos are quite criticizing. Libras may find it difficult to accept Virgos’ fastidious nature when it comes to hygiene, food, health and behavior. Both of you are equally sensitive and exhibit reasonable and logical reactions to situations instead of making emotional or impulsive decisions. Libra natives see perfection as harmony, peace and tension-free atmosphere, whereas Virgos see perfection as orderliness and efficiency. Libra can see positive in any situation and does not show strong or extreme reactions. Virgos are critical in analyzing and often tend to correct others when they go wrong. If both of you are willing to compromise on your differences you can make this relationship work out.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign

Both of you make a fairly good couple and have great respect for each other. Though you both may have many similar opinions, you also may have few differences that you need to work upon. Virgo natives are perfectionists, reasonable and overly criticizing of self and others. Scorpios are emotional, instinctual, and logical and love secrets. Both of you may over-analyze situations and are constantly wanting to self-improve but through different methods. You both are extremely loyal and can make a good couple if you can learn to accept your differences. Scorpios love drama and passion for which they may stir up emotional crises, which the Virgos find embarrassing. Virgo natives are comparatively more logical and balanced and may find it difficult to handle the intense feelings of the Scorpio natives. As Virgos are highly self-critical, Scorpios must be careful in being sarcastic which might deeply affect the Virgo natives. Scorpios can be manipulative and tend to hide their true feelings. Both of you can be sensitive to critical opinions in your own ways and if you both are willing to work then you can make this relationship fruitful.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign

There are fifty-fifty chances for you both to get along together in a relationship. Both of you may have to face many challenges and one of you will be making more compromises to make things work out. You both have different approaches towards situations and hence may find it difficult to establish a deep connection between you two. Virgos are secured, cautious and practical, whereas Sagittarians are generous, energetic and principled. While Sagittarians love to take risk, Virgo natives want to play a safer side. Sagittarians are very optimistic, whereas Virgo natives are somewhat pessimistic. Virgos are critical in analyzing every detail which may not be that important to the Sagittarians. Sagittarians may tend to promise things more than they can deliver, whereas Virgos are clear, realistic and impartial. Virgos are more punctual and keeps up their promises unlike Sagittarians. Although you both may find each other attractive initially, over the time you both may find it difficult. This is especially true if either of you tries to make the other do things as per your wish.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign

Both of you have similar temperaments and react to situations in a similar manner. You both could be very good friends and are highly compatible. Hence this relationship will be perfect without much effort. Both of you are practical and hardworking with a string desire to accomplish something valuable. You both are organized and are willing to sacrifice your own wishes for undertaking responsibilities. You both restrain from expressing childish or impractical emotions. Both of you are meticulous, self-controlled and extremely faithful. You both do not like to undertake any risk and very much prefer a safe and secured path. Both of you feel responsible for your actions and are more diligent. Since both of you are emotionally steady and loyal, you both are very comfortable and reliable upon on another. Sometimes you both underestimate yourselves because of your self-criticizing nature. You both need to avoid overwork as it may dry up your relationship and make it emotionless. If you both can learn this and relax and enjoy yourselves without disturbing your responsibilities, then you both can make an extremely happy couple.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Aquarius Moon Sign

Both of you have every different approach to situations and may try too hard to please each other in a relationship. This might be a little challenging and create an imbalance. Virgos are more practical and logical, while Aquarians think of serving the whole humanity, prioritizing above their close relations. While Virgos are more cautious in undertaking any risk, Aquarians love challenges and like to experience new ventures. Virgos are more orderly whereas Aquarians tend to disturb the order to make something new to occur. Virgos treat their home more important while Aquarians can easily push them to a second place. Virgo natives are more thoughtful and take self-improvement more seriously than Aquarians who are interested in social improvement and often do not mind their own feelings and emotions. Virgo natives may end up blaming themselves for making Aquarians to prioritize society over family. If you both can try to understand each other’s views and differences, then you both can be successful partners.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Pisces Moon Sign

Both of you can have either a very good or a very bad relationship as both of your signs are barely well-matched. Pisceans are dreamy and imaginative and are opposite to the factual and logical Virgo natives. Virgos pay attention to every detail whereas Pisceans are disorganized and unclear dealing with practical issues. Virgos may find this indiscipline of Pisceans more irritating; however they also learn tolerance from Pisceans’ nature. Similarly Pisces natives also learn few things about being responsible from the Virgos. While Pisces natives are more emotional, Virgos treat intellect with high regard. While you both are helpful in nature, Virgos are discriminating and Pisceans are imprudent in helping people. The critical nature of Virgo natives may hurt the Pisceans. Both of you are a little moody and pessimistic. Both of you are well suited for professions in artistic fields, with Virgos’ technical efficiency and workmanship and Pisceans’ imaginative abilities. Once you learn to accept each other, your temperaments will complement and can help to overcome the differences. Auspicious Dates: 3,4,5,7,8,9,12,13,14,15,19,20,22,23,24,25,30. Inauspicious Dates: 1,2,4,6,10,11,16,17,18,21,26,27,28,29,31. banner

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