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Karthik Dosha

Vedic Astrology helps in the study of destiny of individuals through astrological charts. Doshas or unfavorable position of the planets in the charts occurs owing to past life actions. When malefic planets like Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu are positioned in certain houses of the chart, they result in doshas. Mars and Sun too are responsible for doshas.


However there are different types of doshas in Vedic Astrology:

  • Manglik dosha – unfavorable placement of Mars in a chart
  • Kalasarp dosha- unfavorable placement of Rahu and Ketu
  • Shrapit dosha- unfavorable placement of Saturn and Rahu
  • Nadi dosha- when two persons of similar nadi get married
  • Pitra dosha- unfavorable placement of Sun, Moon, Rahu and Saturn
  • Karthik Janm dosha- Weak Sun causes this condition.

Understanding Karthik Dosha

Karthik month starts in Mid October and ends approximately in Mid November, every year.

Sun`s transit to Libra – During this solar month of Karthik, the Sun transits the Libra sign. Sun is considered to be debilitated in Libra sign. Sun transits to inimical sign of Libra, during this period. Debilitated Sun is not good.

Significations of Sun – Health, vision, father, seniors, government related works, name and fame.

Those born during this period:

  • Native born in this month may have poor administrative qualities.
  • He/she may have fear of taking responsibility in the relationship.
  • They may not have good relationship with father in law and father.
  • He/she may possess poor health, this may affect in the relationship.
  • Even they may not posses interest in physical pleasure in the relationship.
  • The person may be harsh in speech; this may give problems in the relationship.

Negative impact due to Karthik Dosha

The native may not get any help from Government. The seniors in the profession will not support or will not give any recognition. Getting name and fame is quite difficult for them. Health problem especially eyesight, digestion, energy and bone problems are indicated.

That is why when a native is born in month of Karthik he/she is known to have Karthik Dosha.

Remedies to overcome Karthik Dosha

  • Every day in the morning they have to pray lord Sun and prostrating the Sun will give energy.
  • On Every Sunday praying to lord Sun in navagraha temple regularly will benefit the native.
  • Praying lord Shiva and special pooja to the lord will benefit the native with good health.
  • Helping any old or aged person by donating a walking stick, umbrella and Bhagavat Gita. This would benefit the native with good recognition.
  • Chanting these mantras on Sunday will give the native, peace and happiness in the personal life.

“Om Suriyani namaha”

“Om Marichiyae namaha”

“Om Sambouthiyae namaha”

They should be chanted on Sunday at 6am to 7am, 1 pm to 2pm, and 8 pm to 9pm.

Efficacy of Remedies

Mantras are sound waves that effect changes through positive vibrations and eliminating evil ones. Mantras are repetition of sacred syllables or words, whose sound waves activate a different center in the human body that corresponds to a particular planet. Those born during this period of time, should consult an astrologer and check out whether one is afflicted of this dosha. Proper remedies done devoutly and faithfully would yield positive results on the life of a native.

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  1. Hello….I am female and born on 21.10.70 at 1630 in UK. Please advise if I am karthik dosh and remedy?

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