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How To Get Your EX Back

August 31, 2020 | Total Views : 2,466
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Love is a heady feeling. It infuses life with vibrant colors and motifs. There is a spring in your step, a smile on your lips, and a twinkle in your eyes that give the game away to those around you. It’s something that is very difficult to hide for the simple reason that it fills you with boundless happiness that spills over into the world so that others have no choice but to notice it. So it is possible to understand why a break up is a tough thing to deal with. It’s as if the world has become black and white overnight, and a black cloud has drifted in from somewhere obscuring the sunshine and filling your life with dark shadows. For some, a breakup can be so traumatic that they never really manage to get over it for the rest of their lives. Some choose to live in the hope that their love will return. And sometimes they do. If love is deep and genuine enough, there is every chance that the lost love can be recovered. How to find out? Astrology can offer the answer.  
There are many possible reasons for a breakup. It could be due to a misunderstanding, an argument, doubts about fidelity, or financial problems. It can leave you angry, sad, depressed, and lonely. But there is not much point trying to get your lover back, desperately begging them to come back to you. If you are constantly texting them, sending gifts and flowers, and cyberstalking them, it is not very healthy. And you will come across as pitiful to others. 

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How can Astrology help you get your ex back?

Firstly, you need to understand that what happens to you in life is not random. It was all written by the stars way back when you were born. The very moment you emerged from your mother’s womb, the stars and planets were creating the blueprint of your destiny up in the heavens. All that an astrologer needs to find out what they encoded in your destiny is your date, time, and place of birth. He/she will create a natal chart using this information. It is basically a diagram featuring 12 houses or segments and the planets which occupy each house. The position of the planets and the planetary movements in the houses will help him/her to describe your personality and predict the events that may happen in your life. 

What about my love life?

Of course, a love astrologer can throw light on your love life, as well. The 7th house in astrology is the significator of relationships and partnerships. If this house is in order and if there are benefic planets in it, it goes without saying that you may be lucky in love. Mars, too, is an important planet for relationships. If Mars is unfavorable or strong in your chart, it can indicate an aggressive nature that is not very conducive to good relationships. Then, of course, there are the planetary transits. These can point to problems arising in relationships and break ups during a certain period because of the movement of the planets in the houses. By studying your natal chart in detail, the astrologer will be able to predict if the breakup is permanent or temporary. If he/she is a Vedic Astrologer, they can even suggest simple remedies to get your love life back on track. 

Here are some simple tips to get your ex back:

Identify the issues in your relationship

Unless you understand the issues in your relationship, it will be difficult to recover lost love. Such issues can arise again if you do not take steps to analyze and avoid them. If you are the reason for the breakup, it is of utmost importance to create positive changes in your life so that your lover feels that you are taking responsibility and making an effort to change yourself. 

Learn to let go:

This may sound weird, especially when you want to get closer to your ex, but sometimes people need space in a relationship. It gives them the time to think about it and find out if they really want to end the relationship, or if it’s just a passing phase. Leave your ex alone for some time and avoid any form of contact during this cooling-off phase. Let them have sufficient time to decide if they want to renew the relationship.

Love yourself too

People going through a breakup often suffer from loss of self-esteem as they are likely to blame themselves for what happened. The sorrow and pain may become full-blown depression, if not checked. If you are feeling low, start loving yourself. Cultivate a cool attitude and go for outings with friends and family. Learn a new hobby, volunteer to help others, or go for a short holiday. Life is meant to be enjoyed, breakup, or no breakup. 

Clear your misunderstandings:

If you haven’t got closure, and want to make your position clear, in case you had a big argument which led to the breakup, meet your ex and have a calm talk with him/her. Give them also a chance to speak and clear all misunderstandings. Sometimes, this is all it takes to get your ex back. Express your feelings honestly, and make them realize that you still care for them and that they mean a lot to you. Once this is done, you can take slow steps to restart the relationship before asking them out on a date.

Can an expert help?

If you are feeling confused and unsure, it is better to get the help of an expert.who can help you. He/she will tell you ways to make your ex want to get back with you. There are many astrologers who specialize in Love and Relationship Astrology. With the help of your natal chart, they will be able to find out the reasons (astrological) for the breakup. This could be afflicted planets like Venus or Mars, or planetary transits, or even Saturn afflictions. 

Relationship Problems and Astrology

For example, the Brihat Jataka of Varahamihira and some other texts speak of a Dosha called Punarpoo Yoga. ‘Punar’ denotes the end of something and the beginning of something new. In this case, it denotes the end of a relationship and the beginning of a new one. It occurs when Saturn influences the Moon by conjunction or mutual Aspect or exchange of sign or Nakshtra (star). It is more intense if the seventh house is associated. For example, if Saturn is in the seventh house, or Moon is the Seventh Lord, etc. A person with this dosha is likely to change their mind suddenly and end the relationship. It is seen to affect women mostly.
Planets like Venus and Moon play an important role in relationships. The 3rd house, though it is not the house of Love, too, can have an impact. Romance, mutual communication, negotiation, dating, quarrels, etc. All are linked to the 3rd House. Venus and Rahu in this house can give multiple relationships. Mars with Venus gives illicit relationships. The 5th house indicates relationships, and Ketu here can cause a breakup. 6th house is the house of celibacy, independence, and individuality. A strong 6th house may cause relationship problems and multiple relationships. Rahu, Mars, or Venus in this house can cause breakups. The 8th house is the house of selfishness and can indicate a break in long-term relationships. Planetary combinations like Venus + Mars, Saturn + Venus, Rahu + Venus, are often unfavorable for stability in relationships.

Thus we can see that an expert astrologer will be able to process such insights from your birth chart and identify the reasons for your breakup. By performing certain remedies and poojas to appease the planetary rulers, they will be able to set the ball rolling to get your love life up and running again. So, find a good relationship astrologer near you and get the right solution for your love and relationship problems.

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