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Brahmashri Pradeep Ajai Bhambi


16 years 5


Venkataraman Narayanan

Tamil, Kannada

20 years 4


Venkatesh Bhat

Hindi, Kannada

5 years 4


Murali Mohana Sharma

Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

25 years 4


Kapil Ratra

Hindi, Punjabi

27 years 4


Vishal Bansal


5 years 4


Rashmitha S

Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu

9 years 4



Hindi, Gujarati

26 years 4


Anuj Shukla


16 years 4


Love And Relationships

Love and relationships form two major aspects of human life. We may think that money is enough to live a good life, but a life without love is filled with emptiness. For most of us, life is indeed a search for true love and fulfilling relationships. Love gives color and fragrance to life. Good relationships sweeten our lives like sugar sweetens coffee. More than a lack of money, it is the lack of love and harmonious relationships that makes life seem worthless, despite wealth and fame. Many famous and wealthy people have taken their lives when they were at the height of their glory, seemingly, for no reason at all. There is no doubt that at some point before they took the fatal decision, they felt that they were unloved and uncared for. Maybe the fault lay in their stars.

The Planets and Love

One of the most common queries that astrologers are faced with, all over the world is: When will I find true love? Can astrology provide the answer? Certainly, it can. At the moment a person is born, the planets occupy certain positions in the sky. These planetary positions create the blueprint of our life, which is revealed in our birth chart. By looking at the birth chart, an astrologer will be able to predict how and when the important events in our life will play out. Venus is the planet that rules love, and the 7th house is the house of relationships. By studying the position of Venus and the planets that occupy the 7th house, the astrologer will be able to give a clear picture of the role that love and relationships will play in our lives. Relationship astrology is called Synastry, and it deals with the interactions between people. Our birth charts bear the imprint of the planets that presided at our birth and their energies. These energies form special relationships with the planetary energies of the individuals whom we interact with. The interplay that results is very unique and complex.

Astrology for Harmonious Relationships

Today more people are falling in love, but more people are also breaking up. There are many reasons for this. After repeated betrayals, disillusionments, and heartbreaks, people become frustrated and believe that they are not destined to find true and lasting love. But astrology offers hope to them. It can point out what is preventing them from having stable love relationships and how to overcome the problem.

If you need help in finding true love and having harmonious relationships, Astro Speaks has the best love astrologers at your service. Take your pick among the top love astrologers in the country and get instant answers for your love problems.

Frequently Asked Love and Relationship Astrology Questions

An astrologer who is a specialist in love and marriage astrology will study your horoscope and tell you if the stars favor a love marriage or not.
Our best love astrologers are at hand to answer all questions for you. from your horoscope, they will tell you when is the best time to get married.
So you think your lover is two-timing you? Don’t worry, our expert love astrologers at Astro Speaks are well equipped to provide help by clearing your doubts and confusions. They will examine your horoscope and advice you as to the best course of action.
If you are wondering whether your lover can be trusted, consult the best love astrologers at Astro Speaks and get detailed predictions about your love life. They will even suggest remedies to improve your love life.
The planetary positions in your horoscope will reveal if you and your partner are compatible or not. Our expert astrologers will offer accurate predictions instantly. They will also suggest remedies for doshas if present.
Astro Speaks expert astrologers will be able to point out the personality traits in you that can strengthen or weaken your relationship. This will help you to build better relationships and avoid break ups.
By studying your birth chart, Astro Speaks experienced love astrologers will be able to tell you if reconciling with your ex is a sensible decision or not. Your horoscope will reveal if he/she is indeed the right one for you.

Doubts, fears, and confusions are part of the roller coaster ride that is love. But they need not stop you from enjoying this divine emotion. Talk to our top love and relationship astrologers at Astro Speaks and get their expert advice to navigate the choppy waters of love smoothly and live happily ever after!



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