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Get Astrology Advice Through an Astrology Online Portal

October 21, 2019 | Total Views : 295
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Why Astrology Matters

People had always turned to astrology for guidance and answers when they faced problems in life. Though people with a strong scientific bent tend to dismiss astrology as mumbo jumbo, astrology has helped many people in many ways. For instance, the natal chart or horoscope of a person can be used to generate a psychological portrait that reveals flaws in their character like aggressiveness, egoism, selfishness, etc. This can help the person to change their damaging behavioral patterns. It can also indicate challenges looming ahead in a person’s life or reveal hidden talents that he/she may have and suggest how you can develop them.

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But that is not all. The success or failure of our actions, to a large extent, depends on timing. Astrology is an excellent tool to find the best timing to carry out certain actions. When we are aligned with the planets, everything falls into place automatically. In layman’s terms, we call it luck. But an astrologer will tell you that it is because of a favorable planetary transit. Since such transits won’t last forever, it helps to consult an astrologer who will be able to point out these beneficial changes that are imminent and help you to take advantage of them before it is too late.

The Benefits of Astrology

Many people think that astrology is a mere fortune-telling. However, the fact is, it gives us a measure of control over our life. When we know that the planets can both help or hinder us, it makes us more careful. The planets are not our enemies though sometimes it might seem like it as some of them can put us through the wringer. Take Saturn, for instance. People dread Saturn as they think it’s a malefic planet that spells nothing but trouble. But Saturn actually puts pressure on us so that we can overcome the inertia that impedes our progress. Sometimes, planets also help bring to our attention some self-destructive behavior patterns that need to be fixed.

Astrology reminds us that we are accountable for our actions and that we have choices in life. It can reveal to us all the available options and spur us to act at the right time. If you are facing a difficult time, astrology can offer hope because it will indicate when the planets will favor you and help you get back on your feet. Similarly, if you know that good times are ahead, you can prepare yourself to benefit from the positive trends.

How Astrology Works

In astrology, the principle ‘as above, so below’ applies. Essentially, it means that there is a correspondence between the movements of the planets and events on earth. Many people believe that the full moon influences human behavior, but astrologers know this for a fact. There are many people who will vouch for the fact that astrology does work for the simple reason that it has worked in their own life. However, science refuses to admit this.

Astrologers say that full moons bring stuff to the surface so that it is visible to us and can be swept away, whereas new moons make it possible to plant new seeds. Some aspects give us a chance for course-correction. Others bring problems or challenges to test us and make us pursue our goals with more focus and determination. Yet others bring opportunities which help us progress or bring rewards for our hard work. It is also a fact that some blessings come in the guise of challenges, and we need to recognize their true nature if we are to reap their benefits.

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Character as Destiny

It is the personality of a person that is the cornerstone of a horoscope. Character indicates destiny more than anything else. The first house of the horoscope rules one’s personality, which decides how we react to our environment. To put it simply, ten different people will have ten ways of approaching a problem. Also, the same person might tackle the same problem in ten different ways if the problem recurs each year, depending on the changing circumstances in his/her life. The same applies to good opportunities too. Some will be eager to try something new, while others will be more cautious. All that the astrologer can do is to tell you how life will change for you during a certain period and when and how it will change. The rest is up to you. When we embrace new experiences and observe our responses to them, we learn more about ourselves. Sooner or later, one realizes that the act of living itself is very creative. We can compare it to work in progress. Even in our old age, we get chances to learn new things, to change, to evolve.

As the well- known astrologer, Susan Miller, says, when a child is born, the sky overhead was truly unique, with the planets, the Sun and Moon in certain positions that will not recur again. Every person is born to fulfill a certain purpose in life, and every year brings us a very precious resource - time. All we can do is use it well, for neither can we save it nor purchase more of time.

How Astro Speaks can Help You

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