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How Is Diwali Celebrated In Different Parts of India

October 22, 2019 | Total Views : 194
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Introduction: Festivals like Diwali rejuvenate people and offer a welcome respite from mundane life. The months of October-November are filled with the festive spirit and people will be in a celebratory mood. The illumination from the lighted diyas, sparkles from the fireworks and the noise of the crackers are not only awaited by children, but by people of all ages. People wear new dresses, buy sweets and savories and partake of a sumptuous feast. Though the festival is celebrated across the globe, every part of India has added its own flavor to the festival making it unique to them.


The banks of the Ganga will be filled with thousands of colored diyas. They are set afloat on the river by thousands of devotees. This tradition has existed since time immemorial. The entire river will be aglow with floating lamps, which makes a beautiful sight. Ganga Aarti and special fireworks are other highlights.


The pink city of Jaipur will witness a riot of fireworks in every nook and corner of the city. Many artists will perform dances, music and plays. Diwali is a five day celebration in Jaipur. The markets will be open and attract a lot of visitors during this festive season.


The land of Kolkata is known for its rich culture. People have a good time with much singing and dancing. The market place is always crowded with people during this festive season.


It is interesting to note that, here, the effigies of Narakasura are burnt, the same way that effigies of Ravana are burnt during Dussera. The festival is followed by a series of events and celebrations, which makes Goa, one of the ideal places to usher in Diwali.


The temple city is known for its rich heritage and celebrates this festival with a lot of grandeur. The floral decorations, noise of the crackers, drums and the sound of the trumpets are highly enjoyable. The colorful wide markets are added attractions.


This city is in Rajasthan, and 14 kms from Ajmer. The Pushkar camel fair is very famous and it happens during Diwali. Around 50,000 beautifully decorated camels are taken in a big procession. Many people come from far and wide to see this spectacle.


Hampi in Karnataka enjoys great historical importance and boasts a lot of palaces, forts and nice buildings. The palaces will be illuminated by lamps and there will be fireworks. All this makes the festival very special.


This place is ideal for people who prefer to spend their time quietly without the hustle and bustle of crowds and loud noise from crackers. Its natural environs is very soothing and offers a different kind of Diwali experience.


The plantations, gardens and the salubrious environment create a wow factor. The festival of Diwali is a very joyous occasion for Coorgis who celebrate the festival with great verve and vigor.


Visiting Marine Drive during Diwali is a highly rewarding experience. The spirit of the festival is felt in every nook and corner of the city. Mumbaikars know how to celebrate festivals in style and Diwali is no exception.  


Nothing can be more enchanting to see the fully lit palace of Mysore and witness how the royals of the Wodeyar family celebrate the festival with pomp and ceremony. The entire town of Mysore goes into festive mode and spectators are treated to a visual extravaganza.


Interestingly, every part of India has its own set of Diwali traditions and rituals, including the sweets and savories that are prepared for the occasion. This makes the festival even more interesting on account of its diverse regional flavors.

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