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Mangal Dosha Remedies

October 19, 2019 | Total Views : 395
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Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha refers to an affliction caused by the adverse positioning of planet Mars at the time of the birth of an individual. Astrology counts Mangal, also called by many names like Angaraka, Kuja, Chevvai, etc., as one among the inauspicious planets, and when he turns adverse, the effects naturally become all the more negative. Though this phenomenon can be unfavorable to the natives in many ways, this can prove particularly unfortunate in the case of marriages and marital relations.   

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Criteria for Mangal Dosha

In practical terms, a person, male or female, can be said to have Mangal Dosha, if Mars is present in his or her Lagna or Ascendant, the 1st House, or in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th House in the horoscope. Mangal Dosha can affect a person’s characteristics and behavior. But its maximum impact will be felt in issues related to marriages, their cordiality, longevity and success. However, its effects, though generally unfavorable, may be different for the placement of Mars in different Houses.          

Simple Remedies for Mangal Dosha

Whatever be the extent and severity of Mangal Dosha, if a person gets divine blessings and protection, the effect of the affliction can get significantly reduced, and he or she can save himself or herself from any serious harm. In this regard, people can worship Goddess Durga, Sri Hanuman and Lord Mangal, offer them sincere prayers, and seek relief from the adverse effects of Mangal Dosha.

In addition to seeking divine intervention, people can also perform some simple acts, which may prove to be effective remedies to minimize the Mangal Dosha afflictions. Here are a few of them:

-    Observing Fast

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, and so, that day is very special to the planetary Lord. Those afflicted with Mangal Dosha can observe fast on Tuesdays with faith and pray to Mars for relieving them from the adverse effects of the affliction. Those who are fasting should consume only Toor Dal on that day. Fasting observed on Tuesdays with devotion and sincerity is an effective remedy for Mangal Dosha. 

 -    Praying to Lord Mangal and Chanting Hymns in his praise

Devotees can worship the planetary Lord Mangal Dev and offer prayers to him, especially on Tuesdays. They can get up early in the morning on Tuesdays, purify themselves, and recite the following Mangal or Angaraka Gayathri Mantra 108 times, with devotion:

‘Om Veeradhvajaaya Vidhmahe, Vigna Hasthaaya Dheemahe, Thanno Bowma Prachodhayaath’

They can also chant the Mantra ‘Kraam Kreem Kraumsa Bhaumaya Namah’ and offer prayers to the Chevvai Graha.   

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- Worshipping the Overlords of planet Mangal

Goddess Durga Devi is regarded as the presiding deity of Mangal Dev. People suffering from Mangal Dosha can take refuge in her and seek her grace and protection by praying to her and chanting hymns dedicated to her, like Mangal Chandika Sloka.

Lord Subrahmanya or Muruga is also regarded as Chevvai’s overlord, especially in the southern parts of the country. Hence people can recite hymns in his praise, worship him, and seek relief from afflictions caused by the planet.

Tuesdays are dedicated to the worship of Lord Hanuman in northern Indian regions. Hence it is believed that worshipping this mighty God on that day can bring relief from Mangal Dosha. People can chant the well-known Hanuman Chalisa sloka regularly and pray to Hanuman for their welfare.     

-    Charity and Donations

Helping the poor and the needy and doing charity will please the divine forces and bestow on people their protection and blessings. Those afflicted with Mangal Dosha can perform such acts of generosity and earn the compassion of the planetary Lord.

Red is the color of Mars, and coral, red lentils and copper are the gemstone, grain and metal of the planet, respectively. Hence, people can choose Tuesdays and donate to deserving people, things like food made of red lentils, coral, utensils or items made of copper, as a remedy for Mangal Dosha. Red colored silk clothes and wheat bread can also be donated for the same purpose.           

Blood donation is also considered a very effective remedy to ward off the adverse effects of Mangal Dosha. So, people can make it a point to donate blood regularly whenever possible as this can save lives, on one side, and provide relief to the donor from Kuja Dosha, on the other.   

People can also feed birds and domestic animals with things like fruits, grains and sweets. 

-    Using of silver utensils

It is also said that using silver utensils like plates, tumblers, etc. for eating and drinking, can also be of help in protecting from Mangal Dosha effects. 

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