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Benefits of wearing a silver ring

March 19, 2020 | Total Views : 1,790
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Silver metal is considered to be sattvik. According to astrology, wearing silver ornaments is auspicious, as it is a symbol of prosperity. Usually, silver is worn in the form of a ring. The belief is that silver was produced from the eyes of Shiva, and hence it symbolizes prosperity.

Procedure to wear a silver ring

On Thursday night, the new silver ring should be soaked in water. The next morning, place a red cloth before the photo of Vishnu and then keep the ring on it. After worshipping Vishnu, apply some sandalwood paste or chandanam on the ring, light incense sticks, and offer arti. Offer some rice to should Vishnu and then wear the ring in the smallest finger of your right hand.

Importance of silver in astrology

Many people wear silver jewelry to adorn themselves. Compared to gold, silver is less expensive. But not many people are aware that silver has many health benefits too. Astrology maintains that silver is associated with both the Moon and Venus. As the Moon rules the mind and the emotions, wearing silver can induce feelings of calmness and tranquility on the wearer. Silver also cools down the body. Therefore, it can cool the heat in the stomach. The person in whose horoscope, the Moon is weak, should wear a silver ring to get the blessings of the Moon. It can bring luck, abundance, beauty, and happiness.

Benefits of silver in astrology

Those who wear silver can find the texture of their face improving greatly. Scars on the face will begin to fade slowly. People facing mental stress too should wear silver as their mind will feel more relaxed. The same effect can be experienced by those who are short-tempered and aggressive. Silver is very dear to Shukracharya, the Guru of the Asuras or demons. This is why those who wear silver receive the blessings of Venus in the form of happiness and prosperity. Wearing silver enhances one’s intelligence and makes the brain sharp. Those who have a stammer can wear a silver chain around the neck. 

Health benefits of Silver 

According to Ayurveda, diseases are caused by imbalances in the bodily humors like vata, kapha, pitha, etc. In Ayurveda, silver is used to make medicines. Silver can help correct vision problems too. Babies are made to wear silver for protection from negative energy. Silver has antimicrobial properties so it can ward off infections like flu, cold, etc. and help in faster healing. Consuming honey kept in a silver vessel can cure sinus and cold. Because of its health benefits, many medical devices are made of silver. Silver is also believed to keep evil spirits away. It aids internal heat regulation and circulation. Silver is helpful if one has a weak immune system, or when the body faces a challenging situation like toxic environments, travel, or confined office spaces, where we are exposed  to germs. Silver can flush out bodily toxins. It changes color if toxins are present in the body. When the sodium level in the body goes up, silver changes color. That’s why some people find their silver jewelry turning black when in contact with their bodies. It can reduce joint pain and arthritis. Silver protects us from harmful electromagnetic radiation emanating from cellphones and other electronic devices. There is a saying that goes, “wearing silver is a companion of well-being and riches”, which succinctly captures the manifold benefits of wearing silver.   

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