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June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 3,234
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Decision making - Astrology as a tool

Astrology is a powerful scientific tool that helps in planning and decision making. When one seeks direction in life, astrological knowledge can be applied in the process of decision making, by studying one`s natal chart.


Role of natal chart

One`s natal chart influences a person in the choices of decision making. Generally people with favorable planetary combinations take right decisions. The ascendant or the 1st house lord in one`s horoscope, helps one shape thoughts and helps one take decisions well. If it is placed in the dual sign, then one would vacillate in taking decisions.


Timing forms an important aspect in life. Astrology helps in predicting the right time to take an action. It helps in averting wrong decisions or postponing decisions, by analyzing the relationship between the transiting planets and natal planets.

Areas of application

Astrology is powerfully applicable in areas requiring specific details and also major life events.


Business - In this area, astrology cannot help one develop analytical thinking, strategic planning, talented initiatives or development of skills. But it can help one by predicting:

  • The right time to start a business.
  • If it is unsuitable.
  • Right time for stock promotions, share rollbacks, buying and selling of shares.
  • If one is suitable for partnership business, its viability and success.
  • Right time to seek new clients, expand business, capital formation.
  • Choose the right place for new projects, offices and factories.

Marriage - This is a very important area of life, where decisions have to be made carefully. Astrology helps in seeking answers to questions like:

  • When will one get married?
  • Will one get married?
  • Compatibility of marriage partners.
  • How to attract the right mate?
  • Trouble in married life to be resolved with proper remedies.
  • Can one get remarried?
  • How many children will one have?
  • Are there chances for one to have a child?
  • How will one`s married life be?
  • At what age one can get married?

Saturn in the seventh house causes delay in marriage. Mars is the planet causing Kuja dosha and couples suffer from divorce, if this planet is afflicted. Rahu, Ketu, mars and Saturn cause negative feelings and problems of delay, separation and divorce in marriage. Seventh house in a natal chart signifies marriage. Property and assets

  • Will one buy a house or property?
  • At what time to buy a house?
  • When can one sell one`s property?
  • Right time to invest in gold


  • Will one go abroad for higher studies?
  • What is the right course suitable for study?
  • Will one be successful at studies?
  • Will one discontinue studies?

Planetary positions help one take choices in life. Guidance from an expert astrologer would help make things easier. The decisions one takes would help create better futures and avoid suffering and pain. Destiny is all about the choices one makes in the present moment. Conscious awareness over decisions play a vital role in helping us gains a life we desire.  

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  • nirmal
    When will my son marry 18-02-1990 pimpri-chinchwad maharashtra time 10:00 am and he is doing business in satara maharashtra and he want to move to pune us the place favourable for him
    April 27, 2016
  • santosh
    Astroloical guidanance on -marriage health job birthdate:19/04/1974,birth place:mumbai,time:6:00 am morning
    February 19, 2016
    • AstroVed Support
      Dear Santosh, Your birth chart is afflicted from Kinchit Kaal Sarp Dosha and Pitru Dosha, Try to appease these afflictions and overall life would be good for you. Thank & God Bless.
      February 27, 2016