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Astrological Benefits of Wearing Pearl

August 6, 2020 | Total Views : 41
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Pearl is a cooling crystal, which comes in many colors like white, off white, pink, black, and copper. It is found on the ocean bed. The white pearl is associated with the Moon and is regarded as a symbol of purity and peace.

In Indian Vedic astrology, the Moon represents the mother and is believed to control our mind. If a person wears a pearl, it usually does not cause any negative effects, because the Moon stands for the mother, who is loving, caring, and affectionate. But if the Moon is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th from ascendant (lagna), one should not wear pearl unless the person is a highly spiritual soul or a mystic. It can lead to loss and a wavering mind.

The pearl contains the Moon’s energy, and those wearing it feel peaceful, confident, courageous, and calm. The pearl is considered to be the birthstone for people born in June. It is also a mystical stone for those born in November. It is good for those with Cancer Ascendant and if the Moon is in the 5th and 9th houses, or if there are other favorable planetary placements.

The Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Pearl

Wearing a Pearl makes a person feel positive and focused. He/she will feel peace of mind and will be able to make decisions with clarity. It is also good for those who suffer from tension, stress, and depression. The pearl denotes love, softness, relationship, beautiful eyes, and a clear mind.

The personal benefits of wearing Pearl

a) On wearing a pearl stone, one is likely to feel self-confidence, courage, and positivity. It makes one expressive, emotionally receptive, and psychologically healthy.

b) The person feels emotionally balanced.

c) Stress, anger, and tension decrease, and the relationship with one’s spouse will become happier and stronger.

d) The person wearing a pearl stone will experience prosperity and good fortune.

e) Pearl brings name, fame, honor, wealth, and respect to the wearer.

f) Memory power and brainpower will get a boost if one wears a pearl stone.

3. Who can benefit by wearing Pearl?

a) The pearl stone is beneficial for counselors, psychologists, public speakers, and therapists.

b) The pearl gives good results to those in jobs related to dairy, medicine, tourism, perfume, entertainment, shipping, and beverages.

c) Those engaged in music composition, finance, law, hotel business, swimming or water sports, jewelry business, etc., can benefit from wearing Pearl.

d) Children below the age of 12 who suffer from poor health can benefit by wearing a pearl.

4. Wearing a Pearl can heal diseases

a) Pearl can cure water-related ailments like pneumonia.

b) Wearing Pearl is good for health problems related to the throat, eyes, etc. It is also good for dysentery. All these problems are caused by an afflicted Moon in your birth chart.

c) Pearl improves the facial glow of individuals, especially women, and enhances their beauty.

d) Pearl helps to cure constipation, mental, and heart problems.

e) Pearl worn in combination with other gemstones can offer relief for those having anemia, diabetes, kidney problems, lung problems, and many more.

5. The Ascendant Signs for which Pearl is beneficial

a) Pearl is extremely beneficial for those with Aries ascendant. It will bring them good friends, happiness, and improves their mother’s health. If worn with Red Coral, Pearl brings more benefits.

b) Pearl is very good for those with Cancer ascendant. The Moon is the ruler of this ascendant, and hence, it is naturally beneficial for you. It gives you wealth, good health, friendships with influential people, and a luxurious life. If worn with Red Coral, Pearl brings more benefits.

c) Those with Scorpio ascendant should wear Pearl for a lifetime, as the Moon is the ruler of the ninth house, which determines fate and fortune. Pearl will help them in all aspects. It should be worn with Red Coral for the best results.

d) The Moon is very beneficial for those with Pisces ascendant as it is the lord of the fifth house for such people. They should wear Pearl with Yellow Sapphire for a lifetime to get the best results. If moon is the Lagna lord or the lord of 5th or 9th but is placed in 6th, 8th, 12th then it should be worn only by highly spiritual people, as it can create mental stress.

Pearl should always be set in silver, as silver also represents the Moon.

The Ascendants for which Pearl is harmful

a) The Moon is the ruler of the third house, and hence, it is not a favorable planet for people with Taurus ascendant. They can wear Pearl gemstone if the Moon occupies its sign or is exalted in their horoscope, or Moon Mahadasha of Moon Antardasha in other Mahadasha is running in their horoscope.

b) For Gemini ascendant, the Moon is the ruler of the second house, and it is a malefic and Marak planet for those with Gemini ascendant. So, they should avoid wearing this gemstone. They can wear it if the Moon is in its sign or exalted sign, and also during the major and sub-period of Moon (Moon Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha).

c) For Leo Ascendant, the Moon is the lord of the twelfth house, and hence is a negative planet. Those with Leo ascendant should not wear this stone unless the Moon is in Cancer sign, and they are going through Moon Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha.

d)People with Virgo ascendant should not wear Pearl because the Moon is a negative planet in their horoscope. They may wear Pearl only if the Moon is found in its sign or if an expert astrologer recommends it.

e) People with Libra ascendant should not wear Pearl, for the Moon is the lord of the tenth house for this ascendant. It may be worn if they are going through the Moon Mahadasha and Antardasha.

f) Moon is the lord of the eighth or Marak house for people with Sagittarius ascendant. They should not wear Pearl unless the Moon is in Cancer or Taurus, or they are going through the Moon Mahadasha and Antardasha.

g) The Moon is not good for Capricorn ascendant people, and so they may wear Pearl only if the Moon is found in its own sign or exalted sign or they are going through major or sub-period of the Moon.

h) The Moon is a malefic planet for Aquarius ascendant as it is the lord of the sixth planet for this ascendant. They should wear Pearl only if they are going through the Moon Mahadasha and Antardasha.

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