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Moon Mahadasha and Bhukti Effects

March 15, 2018 | Total Views : 21,142
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Moon Mahadasha General Interpretations

Moon is perceived to be a pure and divine planet symbolizing veracity and wisdom. It is considered as the ruler of one’s emotions and is a planet of simplicity, beauty and charm. Natives undergoing Moon Mahadasha are highly inclined towards dreams and fantasies. Moon is a planet of supremacy and creativity and hence natives with Moon Mahadasha would be bestowed with artistic talents and attributes. One would be gifted with knowledge of scriptures and emerge as intellectual personalities during this period. As Moon is considered the controller of emotions, Moon Mahadasha will add to mental weakness and disturbance. It makes a person fragile on the inside, however on the positive end; it will help soften the aggression nature of individuals. One would reach heights in society and observe financial growth and prosperity. Gardening and agriculture are considered profitable and attain good positions during Moon Mahadasha. A badly placed Moon in one’s birth chart may turn one lazy with an unstable mind with gradual decrease in wealth.

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Moon Mahadasha & Bhukti Effects

Moon Mahadasha Specific Interpretations

  • One may attain name & fame and involve in benevolent deeds
  • Water borne products will improve financial status
  • Increase in number children and servants
  • One will enjoy profitable business and blissful family
  • Acquiring of clothes & jewelry will be decreased
  • One will receive honors and awards from the government
  • Involvement in serving the lowly persons with a lot of money
  • Suffering due to venereal and urinary diseases
  • One will turn more prudent
  • Destruction of enemies
  • Moon Mahadasha – Moon Bhukti When Moon is in the Bhukti during Moon Mahadasha brings both positive and negative effects in one’s life. Since Moon is attributed to one’s emotions, the dominance of Moon during this period can result in mental instability and weakness. The effects on Moon Mahadasha – Moon Bhukti are as below:
  • Attain high positions in government
  • Enjoy company of good people and acquire grander clothes & jewelry
  • Acquisition of land, cows, wealth and new vehicles
  • High chances of visiting pilgrimage destinations with one’s family
  • One may suffer from physical ailments, loss of wealth, lassitude, distress and loss of relations
  • Love for music and education
  • Moon Mahadasha – Mars Bhukti The combination of Moon and Mars would confront some hurdles in one’s life; however the Moon natives are blessed with core strength to tackle them efficiently. Though Mars is far potent than Moon, this period is dominated by Moon as it is in the Mahadasha, which will help the natives strike a balance with the ill effects. One will face the following effects during Moon Mahadasha – Moon Bhukti:
  • One may face conflicts with siblings and parents
  • One will enjoy luxuries and acquire land, clothes and ornaments
  • Increase in fortune, agricultural produce, business profits & prosperity
  • Loss of accrued wealth and business ventures
  • One may turn hostile towards relations and servants
  • Increased chances of one leaving their native place
  • Moon Mahadasha – Rahu Bhukti The malefic shadow planet Rahu when combined with Moon brings more adverse effects and hurdles in one’s life. This would slow down the growth and could lead to downfall and subsequent financial and mental stress. The effects of Moon Mahadasha – Rahu Bhukti are listed below:
  • Mental stress due to foes and loss of friends
  • Loss of position, business ventures and kinsmen
  • One may face obstacles in attaining happiness and danger of health issues
  • Pilgrimage to holy sites and sacred destinations
  • One will be inclined towards benevolent deeds
  • Threat of danger from the government, robbery, snakes and anguish to cattle
  • Moon Mahadasha – Jupiter Bhukti Planet Jupiter is considered as a Guru or teacher and is one of the beneficial planets which blesses one with many positive aspects. One is bestowed with happiness and good fortune as well as experience positive relation with friends and family. Given below is the list of effects of Moon Mahadasha – Jupiter on one’s life:
  • Acquisition of vehicles, ornaments, clothes and food grains
  • Attain fame through education and fulfillment of wishes
  • One is blessed with progeny and honor from the government
  • Inclination towards religious activities
  • One gets transferred to places away from hometown
  • Loss of position, mental stress, destruction of house/land
  • One also enjoys acquisition of property, marriage, high positions in government
  • Good effects are observed during the commencement and distress at the end of the Bhukti period
  • Moon Mahadasha – Saturn Bhukti The presence Saturn in the Bhukti would cause some hurdles in the native’s life and make them confront difficult situations, as a tool to mentor their self-confidence and honesty. These obstacles may delay work progress causing mental stress. Moon Mahadasha – Saturn Bhukti has the following effects on one’s life:
  • One’s mother may undergo suffering
  • Addicted to bad habits causing physical and mental distress
  • Threat due to fire, robbery, hostile speech and conflicts with opponents
  • Dissatisfaction with wife and children’s behavior
  • Work may be delayed and extra effort has to be input to get results
  • One may be gifted with wealth, birth of a son, good friends and business profits
  • Moon Mahadasha – Mercury Bhukti Mercury is perceived as a benefic planet and has positive impacts on one’s intellect and nobility. Moon, the ruler of emotions when combined with Mercury, welcomes more goodness in one’s life. However, it would also make the person emotionally weak and soft-hearted. The effects of Moon Mahadasha – Mercury Bhukti are as below:
  • One will become more intellectual and wiser
  • A person in this Bhukti becomes more noble, open-minded and spirited
  • Financial and career growth filled with rewards and comforts
  • Attain wealth such as land and vehicles from maternal relations
  • Reach higher positions at work place and progress in business
  • Health issues like fever and body pain may recur
  • Auspicious events like marriage, birth of a child, acquisition of ornaments & clothes gives satisfaction and happiness
  • Adverse effects such as loss in agricultural ventures, imprisonment
  • Moon Mahadasha – Ketu Bhukti Ketu is another malefic shadow planet which causes negative effects and evil impacts in one’s life. Moon with Ketu is a worsening combination causing mental distress. This period poses many hurdles and loss in wealth. Moon Mahadasha – Ketu Bhukti has the following effects on an individual:
  • One may have to confront obstacles from foes causing mental turbulence
  • Happiness among family members will soothe one to some extent
  • Loss of wealth at the commencement and the end of Ketu Bhukti period
  • Obstacles in business undertakings
  • Enmity can cause mental tension and unwanted quarrels
  • Moon Mahadasha – Venus Bhukti Venus is considered a benefic planet bestowing one with material comforts and luxuries. Moon Mahadasha – Venus Bhukti can bring unforeseen wealth and profits without much effort. Moon Mahadasha – Venus Bhukti has the following impacts in one’s life:
  • Attain authoritative and respectable positions
  • Acquisition of material wealth and desires
  • Affluence from government results in business growth
  • Fear of theft and snakes
  • Suffering from a disease passed on from one’s mother
  • Monetary benefits from wife’s end
  • Enjoy good health and reputation
  • One may face loss of cattle, wife or children and opposition from government
  • Moon Mahadasha – Sun Bhukti The combination of Sun and Moon exerts a balanced effect on an individual as Moon would pacify the aggression of Sun and Sun would reflect the power to Moon. One is bestowed with high levels of wisdom and attains high positions in society during this period. Moon Mahadasha – Sun Bhukti effects are as follows:
  • Attain wealth, name and fame from government
  • Increase of wealth, valor and business profits
  • Destruction of enemies and foes and one gets cured from diseases
  • During the end of Sun Bhukti, one may suffer from fever, lethargy, etc.
  • Beneficence of Goddess Lakshmi in gaining wealth, happiness and progeny
  • Worship of Lord Shiva can soothe the above mentioned ill effects

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