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Vastu Tips for Making Your Money Plant Attract Wealth

August 6, 2020 | Total Views : 68
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Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture which lays down certain rules for the construction of buildings. When these rules are followed, the people living or working in the buildings will enjoy success, peace, happiness and harmony. People keep money plants in the house or office to attract wealth. Vastu Shastra also talks about how to arrange these plants in the house or office.

Money plants are believed to attract good fortune, especially in finances. They are good for your home and office, too. But they need proper care. Here are some Vastu-based tips to take care of your money plant and ensure that it brings you wealth.

It has to face the South-east direction

Vastu Shastra says that money plants should be placed in the south-eastern corner of your house. This will attract prosperity and ward off negative energy.

Vastu Tips for Making Your Money Plant Attract Wealth

Water it frequently

A withering money plant brings misfortune in the form of financial problems. Ensure that its leaves are healthy and don’t become dry. The plant should not touch the floor. Prune and cut the stems and leaves if they become withered.

Keep it in the Eastern direction

Keep the money plant in the eastern part of the house, for good results. It will also get good sunlight and grow well. The south-west corner is also ideal, for that is where the cash box should be kept.

Keep it indoors

A money plant grows well when it is kept indoors. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Keep it in a pot or glass bottle. It can be kept outdoors if you are doing business, as there will be both inflow and outflow of money for business people.

Place it at the North entrance

If you keep your money plant at the north entrance, It will attract new sources of income and more career opportunities, as well as good luck.

Keep the plant in a clean place.

This will ensure good results in terms of attracting wealth.

Use a Green vase or Blue-colored bottle

Keeping a money plant in a blue-colored bottle or green vase can help attract more wealth into your life. A scenic painting can be used as a backdrop to enhance the flow of positive energy into your house.

De-clutter your home

Negative blockages and disruptions in energy flow are found in cluttered homes. So de-clutter your home and ensure that the plant has ample space and is not relegated to an obscure corner.

Ensure healthy, green leaves

A money plant with healthy, green leaves ensures that your finances too will be healthy. The greener the leaves, the better off your wealth prospects. If the plant dries up and sheds yellow or brown leaves, put it back in the pot like manure. If you do this, your money will not be wasted and will be used for funding existing ventures.

Don’t let others cut/prune it

Do not allow others to cut or prune your money plant. This includes friends, family members, or neighbors. If they cut it, it is tantamount to giving away your wealth to someone.

Use a large pot

Get a large container – be it a vase or a pot - for the plant. The reason is that money plants grow haphazardly in different directions.

Check the soil

Aerated soil is good for money plants. Get a gardener’s advice, in any case, if you are unsure.

Don’t use fertilizers in excess

In winter, do not use fertilizers for your money plant. In summers, give the plant a liquid nitrate- based feed, on occasions. Home-made fertilizers are better.

Regular pruning is good

Don’t go overboard when caring for your plant. Regular pruning and protecting it from inclement weather conditions will keep the leaves in good shape.

Get a plant with heart-shaped leaves

When buying a money plant, get one with heart-shaped leaves. This attracts prosperity, wealth, , and ensures healthy relationships.

Place the plant in partial shade

The plant should not be kept in direct sunlight. Areas with partial shades are better.

Keep misting it every few days

Mist the plant every two to three days if there is low humidity in your area, or if the plant is kept in an air-conditioned area.

Check the water

If everything’s alright and the plant is being watered regularly, but still the leaves are turning yellow, then the water might be the culprit. Use filtered water to water the plant. Avoid using chlorinated or fluoridated water. Overwatering can also make leaves turn yellow. If you follow these tips, your money plant will be able to work wonders for your financial status. But do remember that it needs time to show results. Initial results may be seen within 9-11 days.

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