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2014 Libra Horoscope for Career

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 1,248
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Librans can turn a somber and limp work-atmosphere into a vibrant one encouraging new ideas, and new initiative. A Libran is not the one you will find running around the office, but the relaxed kind of person preparing the right brew to stir up people and get them into thinking. Well they are found many times battling in their mind trying to find the right balance for emotions, opinions, strategies and so on.


Careers suitable for Libra:

Their sense of beauty and art, along with inbuilt enthusiasm to seek pleasures makes them creative artists like painters, photographers, singers, dancers, architects and so on. Their tactical sense combined with their skills in socializing makes them diplomats, negotiators, PR, counselors, sales managers and so on. Their honesty, analytical sense and integrity make them lawyers, referee, strategists and so on. Librans can enjoy any work that they are passionate about and their intrinsic qualities make them grow very fast in any profession and assume higher ranks.

Planets influencing career in 2014:

Libra is an airy and movable sign ruled by Venus. The 10th House of a Birth Chart, indicating career prospects, is ruled by Moon. Jupiter’s position in sign Cancer, and other planets like Mercury, and Venus will influence Libra career in 2014.

Consequences of planetary influences in different times of the year:

In the month of January the aspects of the Sun and Mercury on the 10th house will make situation good for growth in career. Mercury will make you learn something new in your job. You will have enthusiasm to work and will have support of the higher officials to support your endeavors. From mid-February to mid-March, Mercury’s aspect on the 10th house will enhance your intelligence for doing a job in a better way. During March the aspect of Venus on the 10th house will bring you good name in career. From 3rd March to 21st July, Saturn will be in retrograde motion and you may have inclination to change your job. From 19th June onwards Jupiter will transit in the sign Cancer, and the 10th house will favor good growth in career. Since the transit is in a movable watery sign you will get overseas opportunities. Change in job and a raise in earnings are indicated around the middle of the year. From mid-July till the end of August the favorable transits of the Sun, Mercury and Venus one by one respectively will bring you better improvement and status in job. You will get appreciations from superiors. Till the 2nd of November, Saturn’s aspect on the 10th house will bring mixed results in your job. Your self-confidence will improve. You will perform well in your job. There are opportunities for promotion around these months. During December the mutual exchange of aspects of friendly & exalted planets Mars and Jupiter from Capricorn and Cancer respectively will boost your career status. This year-end will bring you better satisfaction in career life.  

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