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Jupiter in Astrology

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 4,346
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How would a person with a dominant Jupiter in horoscope look like? The answer is, Big, in terms of his or her physical appearance. That is the most striking indication of a strong influence of Jupiter on an individual. Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system, not just encourages expansion of the physical body, but also the growth and development of philosophical and intellectual mind. That is the reason why a person with a strong Jupiter makes a good teacher, preacher, a good leader as he is benevolent and would deal fairly with all. He will be optimistic with a good sense of humor. Old Greeks considered Jupiter as the father of Gods.


Jupiter is dominant in a Birth Chart when it is placed in the sign Cancer, where it is most powerful. Placement of the planet in the sign Sagittarius or Pisces is also good as these are its own houses.

What Jupiter reveals about a person?

Jupiter guides one to achieve one’s highest fulfillment and happiness. It signifies abundance, good fortune, self-confidence and higher learning. The placement of the planet in an individual’s Birth Chart would give clues about the person’s disposition and tendencies.


In Aries, it makes a person optimistic, confident and independent. When placed in Ascendant (the house of self), Jupiter bestows the qualities of kindness and joviality. The person will be attractive and plays a dominant role in a group. In Taurus, it makes a person charitable and hardworking, one who loves to see tangible results. Jupiter in the 2nd house would give opportunities to enhance material comforts in life. The person will be confident and lucky. In Gemini would make a person versatile, friendly and curious. Cheerful and confident communicators have Jupiter in their 3rd house. They are adaptable and travel quite a lot. Exalted in Cancer makes the natives fortunate to benefit from the most benevolent planet. They are sympathetic, charitable, intuitive and enjoy popularity among the masses. They enjoy rich life experiences. Jupiter in the 4th house makes a person confident, optimistic and hospitable. The person enjoys good fortune during the later years. In Leo would make a person sincere and generous. They have strong opinion and perceptions. Jupiter in the 5th house promotes tendencies towards sports and games. Also, the individuals are warm and playful with children as well as in their romantic life. In Virgo makes one disposed towards philanthropic interests. They have good critical and analytical skills. 6th house Jupiter makes a person jovial and cooperative. These people have a tendency to focus at the big picture but often overlook finer details. In Libra bestows success in partnerships, be it concerning business or marriage. The diplomatic and mediation skills of these individuals help them to steer ahead in any challenging situation. The placement of the planet in the 7th house facilitates wealthy and understanding spouse. Natives with this combination are generous and can handle legal matters with ease. In Scorpio has a strong will to overcome many obstacles in life. However, the natives are prone to inherit hereditary diseases. Having a 8th Jupiter makes a person emotional but he/she will be lucky with investments. In Sagittarius, it makes the person enjoy freedom and also gain through it. The placement of the planet in the 9th house makes a person lucky in terms of higher education and foreign travel. In Capricorn makes wonderful executives and managers provided Jupiter is not negatively aspected. Similarly, the planet blesses one to enjoy good public image, foreign travel and gains through career if it is placed in the 10th house. In Aquarius will enjoy philosophical discussions and higher-minded values. If placed in the 11th house, the planet would help one accomplish goals and aspirations, especially if these are for social justice and development. The natives will have knowledgeable and trustworthy friends. In Pisces attracts good luck and the natives are kind, caring and idealistic. They have a bent towards religion and mystical practices. Placement of the planet in the 12th house instills tendency to remain secluded and work for the benefit of the mankind. Jupiter is the natural significator of the 2nd house (house of wealth, speaking), 5th house (education, skill and kids), 9th house (Luck and religion) and 11th house (House of achievements). It is considered that the mere presence of Jupiter in Ascendant or Kendra removes many afflictions in a Birth Chart.


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