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Effects and Results Of Different Planet in Cancer Sign

DateMarch 23, 2023

Effects and Results of Sun in Cancer Sign:-

Sun in Cancer sign:- The Cancer Zodiac sign is a Water sign concerned with emotions, love, care, nourishment, sympathy, health, heart, property, intuition, imagination, and the psyche. Cancer Zodiac sign is a movable water sign, and its lord is Moon, which is a feminine watery planet. Sun is a fiery masculine planet but has a friendly relationship with Moon and feels comfortable in the Cancer sign.

Despite contradictory energies, these planets balance each other very well, quite like how our mother and father work together. With the Moon’s influence on this placement of the Sun in the Cancer sign, the native is usually of a wavering mind and loves nature travel or nature wandering.

However, they need logical clarification on every minute of work or details and might make some wrong hasty decisions several times. Their indecisiveness hampers their undertakings. While the person is endowed with the qualities of a king, these people may end up earning fame in life. These natives struggle in their early years or young age but thrive well in life from the age of 30 after getting married and having a secure, loyal, responsible partner.

Sun in Cancer

Natives with Sun in their Cancer sign are loyal, endearing, virtuous beings who usually follow honest and pious paths in life and abide by moral principles and high values. These people are respected and dignified human beings. Such people tend to be good-looking, vibrant, and have magnetic personalities.

These natives attract the attention of the opposite sex easily. Activities related to space and atmosphere interest them a lot, so they do well in research and science fields. These natives can become excellent doctors or pharmaceutical engineers.

They can also excel in the showbiz glamour world or in performing arts, depending upon the placement of other planets in the chart. These natives, however, have to work harder than usual to fulfill their goals as success may come with delay and late to them, which sometimes keeps them distressed. Overall, this is a favorable placement for those aspiring to be a fine or performing artist, and these natives do well in sports too.

Effects and Results of Moon in Cancer Sign:-

Moon in Cancer:- The cancer sign is the natural fourth House sign in the Zodiac Vedic Astrology system. Moon rules cancer sign. But, when in the Horoscope of an individual Moon is placed in the Cancer sign, it means that the native has Cancer Rasi. Moon feels most comfortable and powerful when Moon’s charm and creativity remain at peak in the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Moon gets strength in the Cancer sign. Moon owns the Cancer sign. Moon here is most active, powerful, and influential in the Horoscope when it is posited in the Cancer sign. People born with the Cancer Moon sign certainly have the quality of nurturing, love, and care due to the influence of the Moon’s emphatic and emotional nature.

Cancer is a watery sign, and Moon in this sign makes the person extra emotional, polite, kind, charitable, and sensitive. You feel others’ pain and emotions like yours and are very giving and sympathetic towards less fortunate and disabled, or older people. Moon in the Cancer sign can also give you a strong intuition, which provides extra sense and ideas about others’ motives and feelings.

Moon in Cancer sign makes one loving, caring, but action-oriented towards their gold. They may feel sadness and suffer in their love life. The natives with Moon in their Cancer sign feel a sense of duty or responsibility regarding the protection and well-being of those they love. These people are very family-oriented and extra caring or loving to their family, friends, and relatives.

moon in cancer

You may crave a harmonious, peaceful domestic environment and feel comfortable working from home. Your creative work may come from your home and nature wandering. The sense of togetherness in the family is vital for your emotional well-being. These people want everyone to co-exist. To be at home with family gives you a sense of comfort, pleasure, and security.

Traits & personalities of Natives with Moon in Cancer sign:- The natives who have their Moon in Cancer sign are, caring, kind, very responsible, and devoted to their loved ones. However, when dealing with emotionally draining arguments or emotional outbursts in love and relationship situations, these natives may rake up old wounds. You may face a hard time moving from past love and relationships. There could be feeling of sadness and cheating in your love life till the age of 22.

The Moon in Cancer Zodiac makes natives talkative, irritating, over-emotional, and sensitive. They could be frugal in handling money matters. Moon in Cancer sign can give natives a moody temperament due to which others sometimes struggle to understand your emotional highs and lows along with their temperament and choices or needs. These people may become perplexed during tough times or during taking any crucial decisions.

Effects and Results of Mars in Cancer Sign:-

Mars in Cancer:-
Cancer is a movable water sign ruled by Moon, a feminine watery planet. Conversely, Mars is a fierce, energetic, aggressive, ambitious, and masculine planet. Still, it shares a friendly relationship with Moon, so the placement of Mars in Cancer turns out well for natives regarding wealth and success in careers. However, they might suffer on domestic, family, love, marriage, and emotional front. If you have Mars in Cancer, you will likely value your physical energy more than your emotional strength.

A mix of Moon and Mars in a Horoscope when Mars is present with Moon or falls in Cancer sign energy makes the person mentally strong and resolute since Moon represents the mind and Mars represents power.

Such natives need work and something productive in a focused direction to use their energy reserve. They tend to express their energy in an emotionally charged, aggressive fashion due to the influence of the Moon, which can bring both positive and negative results. It depends on the direction native shapes their energy into.

Mars in cancer

These natives are demanding and assertive but can compromise in nature whenever required. However, that doesn’t mean they compromise on their beliefs. Natives with Mars in the Cancer Zodiac sign tend to be independent and hard-working. Mars in Cancer sign makes natives make serious efforts to achieve their ambitions. Due to overflowing feelings (Moon) and sensual needs (Mars), these people tend to be overly passionate, possessive, and sometimes obsessive in love and sexual matters. These natives succeed in sports and adventure water sports.

People with this placement of Mars in the Horoscope are often highly emotional individuals and become very fired up about everything they feel. Emotional connection is their top priority, and they often express their physical and emotional needs, which should be taken care of well. These natives nurture those around them positively.

Effects and Results of Mercury in Cancer Zodiac sign:-

Mercury in Cancer Sign:- Cancer is a movable water sign ruled by the Moon, which relates to unbridled emotions, vulnerability, love, and a conscious state of mind. The influence of lord Moon gives Cancer moodiness and directionless emotions. Still, when Mercury, a neutral Earthy sign, is placed in Cancer or Joins Moon, it stabilizes the waves of emotions. Mercury in the Cancer sign affords the natives the wisdom to channel their feelings, emotions, energy priorities, and minds in the right direction. Mercury in Cancer Zodiac sign makes a person a deep thinker.

Such a person is emotional but has solid mental prowess, amazing and unique communication ability, and sharp memory. They acquire immense knowledge in their youth and learn from their practical experiences of highs and lows in life.
mercury in cancer

Mercury in the Cancer sign makes natives quickly memorize information such as names, dates, and historical events. They tend to be sympathetic towards others and are good speakers and listeners. Their imagination is vivid, creative, and abstract yet fertile. They also have a strong intuition that helps them connect to other people on an emotional, physical, and psychological level too.

These natives tend to be exceptionally sentimental concerning their lover or spouse and very protective of their romantic partner. They prioritize and balance their career and love or married life well. Most natives with Mercury in their Cancer sign remain loyal and faithful to their partner. They can be patriotic and lovers of nature as well and can become excellent writers or poets. They are fluent in speaking multiple or foreign languages and are articulate communicators, always ready with witty, cheeky, but intelligent, sharp answers.

Effects and Results of Venus in Cancer Sign:-

Venus in Cancer:- Cancer is a water-ruled Zodiac sign owned by Moon, a watery planet. Moon shares a neutral relationship with Venus, a feminine watery planet. Thus, Venus feels quite comfortable in the Cancer sign. People born with Venus in Cancer sign in their Horoscope placement are emotionally vulnerable, especially in love and relationships.

They are compassionate and emotionally sensitive and quickly get attached to the opposite sex due to their soft emotional attitude. They are especially vulnerable in love because they can easily get attached by sweet-talking and get charmed by little care, gentle humor, and flirting.

Thus these natives quickly get hurt and suffer from agony and dejection because of many short-lived love affairs. They sometimes lack maturity and a practical approach in their romance and get obsessed or over-possessive. They trust others easily and are pretty optimistic about love but suffer from cheating and heartbreak.

These people may get delusional in romance and become hopeless romantics for those who are not meant to be theirs. They get charmed and attracted to the opposite sex easily, and their own personality is also sensual, cheerful, attractive, and magnetic. They are quite sympathetic toward the poor, physically disabled, and less fortunate.
venus in cancer

Venus in the Cancer zodiac Venus in the Cancer Zodiac sign makes the person wise, efficient, learned, strong, educated, virtuous, and powerful regarding social and professional success. These people also possess leadership qualities. It also gives a strong inclination and talent for creative and artistic pursuits. These people achieve success in creative fields such as arts and beauty.

They do well in fine and performing arts. They desire a lot of wealth and happiness in life, and many end up earning substantial worldly success and materialistic pleasures in life. They usually face troubles due to their strong affinity or addiction to women or the opposite sex and wine.

They can be quite moody, reckless, and unpredictable too. People with Venus in their Cancer sign should become mentally aware, practical, and emotionally strong. They should avoid the tendency to sulk and blame it all on themselves after every failure or heartbreak in their romantic life.

Venus in Cancer sign makes them emotionally sensitive but makes them intuitive and caring partners. However, it leaves them vulnerable to feeling hurt, even — and perhaps significantly — over an unintended slight. A Cancer Venus sign person requires loyalty and affirmation in all relationships, romantic and platonic.

Effects and Results of Jupiter in Cancer Sign:-

Jupiter in the Cancer sign:-
People born with Jupiter in the Cancer sign in their birth charts can expect great luck, love, and wealth when they become compassionate, sensitive, and charitable. By helping and accommodating others, they become more wealthy or enriched in all ways. Moon rules Cancer’s Zodiac sign, and Jupiter shares a fantastic friendship. Thus, Jupiter is exalted in the Cancer sign.

This is a very-well most balanced position since the wisdom, honesty, and upright quality endowed by Jupiter stabilizes the flow of emotions and mind (represented by Moon). When Jupiter is placed in the Cancer sign, the native is usually very good-looking, attractive, pious, and has pleasing manners or demeanors.

Such a person has exceptional intellectual capabilities, most of whom are highly learned, wise, intelligent, and scholars. Since Jupiter concerns itself with expansion, and Cancer is a water sign ruled by Moon, this position of Jupiter in the horoscope leads to a fatty and healthy body. Jupiter in Cancer also gives high water retention in the human body.
Jupiter in cancer

Jupiter in Cancer Zodiac sign also makes a person good-natured, generous, hospitable, honest, virtuous, morally upright, respected, clean, charitable, truthful, and loyal. These natives have a sound understanding of moral principles and abide by all the guidelines.

The natives turn out to be wonderful friends and get emotionally attached to their friends, siblings, and relatives too. They do, however, indulge in gossip sometimes, which may cause harm to them. The placement of Jupiter in the Cancer sign also bestows natives immense wealth, prosperity, and happiness in life. They tend to accumulate massive amounts of money in their lifetime, especially in old age, because of their saving habits and sound money management skills.

Effects and Results of Saturn in Cancer Sign:-

Saturn in Cancer Zodiac sign:- Cancer Zodiac sign, ruled by Moon, is not friendly to planet Saturn. Thus, Saturn is uncomfortable giving promising results in the Cancer Zodiac sign. Saturn is inimical towards Moon, so it provides some mental distress to the natives having Saturn in their Cancer sign in Horoscope. People born with the placement of Saturn in the Cancer sign have great depths of character and honesty. They are loyal, straightforward, honest, and hard-working, but their success gets delayed due to their fluctuating fortunes. Their thoughts run deep, though.
Saturn in cancer

Saturn in the Cancer sign gives them a reflective, practical and, effective, coherent mind but sometimes fills the mind with fear, insecurity, negative and depressing thoughts. Such people expect a lot from others and get hurt easily when their expectations are unmet, especially in relationships or partnerships.

They trust others easily but, in return, get secluded, isolated, and cheated. They suffer from mental agony and loneliness in life. These natives struggle to enjoy peace of mind at a young age because of poor love life or disharmony in their family or domestic environment. Quite often, people with Saturn in Cancer feel a sense of loneliness and sadness in their life and go through several heartbreaks in their romantic affairs.

Their exterior is calm and collected, but they have a lot of profound hidden fiery potential, just like still waters run deep. With Saturn in Cancer sign, the native can have a strong fondness for children and friends but may not like to show your love and emotions easily on the forefront or socially. These natives are attached to their families, which is both a boon and a burden. Saturn in the Cancer sign may make natives feel the lack of affection or warmth from parents, siblings, and relatives in their life. Saturn in Cancer Zodiac sign makes you a bit slow and stubborn. These natives acquire progress very slowly in life. Saturn in the Cancer sign gives various health issues, and It makes the native prone to dental problems and tumor probability and makes them selfish or self-centered in their middle years.

Effects and Results of Rahu in Cancer Zodiac Sign:-

Rahu in Cancer Sign:- Cancer is a water Zodiac in Vedic Astrology sign. When Rahu is placed in a water Zodiac sign like Cancer, it makes the native highly emotional, sentimental, caring, and vulnerable in love. Moon, representing emotions, rules the Cancer Zodiac sign, and Rahu bestows a lot of confusion in careers and relationships.

People born with Rahu in their Cancer sign in Horoscopes make them struggle in their youth and may not feel emotionally stable till the age of 40. Their emotions and feelings are overwhelming, extreme, and confusing for others. Rahu is the planet of mystery and confusion, bringing unpredictability in life when in the Cancer Zodiac sign. When placed in the Cancer sign, a water sign, it gives deep penetrating thoughts and an excellent understanding of life, emotions, and daily regular human life.
rahu in cancer

It can give natives spiritual upliftment after age 40, but there can be some major health issues in their life. Due to their wavering thoughts, such people tend to be indecisive about their careers, desires, and ambitions.
Rahu in Cancer Zodiac sign can bring or may bring a lot of wealth, though.

Such people often enjoy a highly esteemed authoritative position in their career or occupation. Right since childhood, these natives bear many responsibilities on their shoulders. Lack of peace of mind or lack of domestic and marital harmony and discontent persists throughout life, especially until 42. These natives also struggle to enjoy or may not get happiness and affection from their mothers. Disputes in property and land-related matters with family members and blood relatives might also occur in their lives.

These people tend to play with others’ emotions as they may fall for many casual sexual encounters, which might hurt their romantic partner’s feelings and trust. They can also betray others if needed for their own selfish interest and pleasures.

Rahu is in the Cancer Zodiac sign are lucky in terms of amassing wealth after the age of 40. They can acquire positions of authority or government jobs after the age of 30. Burdened with family or domestic responsibilities in their formative years, they learn a lot from their life and challenging struggle experiences and possess the ability how to shoulder responsibilities from a very tender age.

Effects and Results of Ketu in Cancer Zodiac Sign:-

Ketu in Cancer sign:- Cancer is ruled by Moon, is very inimical, and has enmity to Ketu and vice-versa as per Vedic Astrology. Cancer Zodiac sign is a water sign ruled by Moon, representing emotions, sentiments, likes, dislikes, happiness, love, desire, happiness, and feelings. In this Cancer sign in Horoscope, Ketu gives a negative, nagging personality and criminal-like tendency with vulgar naughtiness to the native. It may create a lot of failures and confusion in life.

ketu in cancer

Such people struggle to understand their own emotions and become obsessive toward some members of the opposite sex. They sometimes become a fraud, psychotic, and women chasers as they possess high libido. However, Ketu with Sun or Moon or Jupiter in the Cancer sign makes one a saint and gives high spiritual power, and one may become a scholar and spiritual Guru as well.

They always think of the negative possibilities rather than the positive ones as they are scared of the outcome due to a lack of confidence until age 30. They lack optimism and positive energy in their early years of life. A sense of doubt pervades all their opinions and thoughts and their ideas, views, planning, and sometimes ambition due to advice from others as they easily get influenced by others. Ketu is a shadow planet; in a way, it casts a shadow on the mind whenever in the water sign Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon of the native and creates misunderstandings and obscurity.

People born with Ketu in Cancer always feel a sense of fear, doubt, and sadness. Sometimes, these natives also develop some phobias. They have an unstable and wavering minds. In fact, their mind is full of airy and unfathomable thoughts. They are also prone to gastric troubles. These people, nonetheless, are sympathetic to others. They have a religiously inclined mind and can touch extremes regarding spirituality. Due to their overly confusing emotional persona, they struggle to experience peace of mind. They are equipped with good management skills, though.

Cancer being a water sign, symbolizes sentiments, emotions, and feelings. This sign in the Horoscope represents love and affection in our life. Ketu in Cancer Zodiac sign brings out pessimism in a person, causing a lot of detachment from their loved ones and romantic partner or spouse as their moodiness and fluctuating emotions get the better of them, and they are prone to anger. It gives the person an overall pessimistic, over-critical, and cynical personality.


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