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The Balanced Libra Woman

April 1, 2020 | Total Views : 67
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The scales represent this sign of the zodiac. And true to its symbol, it stands for equality, logic, and justice. This is a very judgemental sign and doesn’t believe in ‘grey areas. Everything is either black or white for a Libran. The Libra woman is notoriously independent and free-spirited. She loves spontaneity and adventure. She is always up for learning something new, exploring her surroundings, and conversing with like-minded people. Her magnetic personality draws a lot of attention, and she loves to be the center of attention.

Gifts of the Ruling Planet: Venus

Venus: The planet of love and luxury blesses this sun sign with stunning looks, and the ability to connect with people and great love for the finer things in life. Venus comes through in her deep commitment to balance and partnership. Its influence makes this sun sign value harmony in both herself and her relationships. The Libran woman is a natural mediator; appreciates fairness and honesty while working hard to protect those she loves. Relationships are of paramount importance, and the Libran woman takes great pain to nurture long-lasting and meaningful connections.

Easy and Breezy like their element: Air

Like air, the Libran woman is very expressive, can quickly change opinion based on facts, and can be soft and gentle, usually a peacemaker in most situations. Her nature is communicative, idealistic, and mental. She is mostly theoretical and thinks before acting, sun signs belonging to this element are considered amiable people. Like her element, she is also a breath of fresh air, giving energy and vitality to any conversation.

Traits of a Libran Woman

Libra Woman At Home:

The Libra zodiac sign woman enjoys making her living space a haven for sharing ideas, meals, and good company with her loved ones. Her home feels airy and light with lots of windows and skylights (if possible). She likes to keep things need and tidy, the famous adage ‘there’s a place for everything and everything should be in its place’ holds well for this sun sign. Motherhood comes very easily to the Libran woman. She treats her children with respect, is firm but kind, helps them explore and learn and develop their interests. This instills a lot of confidence and creates an independent mindset in her children.

Libra Woman At work:

Her creative streak, firm values, and high standards often influence the career path she chooses. She may spend a long time finding the right path, but to her, everything she chooses leads to a bigger picture of a goal she wants to accomplish. Being a naturally gifted multitasker, she can handle several projects and yet make time to explore something new. Gifted with the art of diplomacy, there isn’t much a Libran cant accomplish with her tact, reasoning, or if all else fails, her innate charm.

Libra Woman In Relationships:

She is a loyal, loving friend, you can confide in and go to for ideas and solutions to any issue. She is a picky partner and is happy only when her views are appreciated and can be herself.

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