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Why Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar?

June 10, 2015 | Total Views : 3,247
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He was so close, yet so far away from being honored with cinema’s most-coveted trophy. And this happened three times.

First Attempt to Mission Oscars in 1990

Cruise was first nominated for the Oscars in 1990 as a best actor in a leading role for “Born on the 4th of July”. He lost the opportunity of winning to Daniel Day-Lewis who played the role of a writer and artist born with cerebral palsy in the film, “My Left Foot”. It was the time Cruise was under the influence of Ketu, a planet that creates obstacles. At the time of the Oscar event, Ketu was in transit in the sign Cancer, where his Birth Chart Venus is well placed. Venus is the planet dictating success in the entertainment industry. Why-Tom-Cruise-has-never-won-an-Oscar

Out-“Shined” again in 1997

The entertainment planet was again under the influence of Ketu during the second time when Cruise was nominated for the Academy Awards for his performance in “Jerry Maguire”. Ketu’s impact overshadowed his chances and made way for Geoffery Rush to take home the honor for “Shine”. Cruise was undergoing a major and minor period of Venus during this time. Venus was hemmed between Ketu and Sun and thus, could not bring the favorable impact on Cruise. Year 2000: Cruised away from the spotlight for the third time The portrayal of a misogynistic teacher in the film, “Magnolia” earned Cruise a third-time nomination for Oscars for best actor in a supporting role in year 2000. During this time, Rahu was transiting close to the position of Sun. Rahu and Ketu are natural malefic planets and their influence often leads to denial of the benefits brought by favorable planets. A favorable position of Sun gives one the opportunity to be recognized through awards and decorations. The close association of Rahu with Sun at the time of the Oscar event turned the spotlight away from Tom Cruise, enabling Michael Caine to enjoy the honor for “The Cider House Rules”. Is winning an Oscar really a “Mission Impossible” for Tom Cruise? Well, the stars have supported the actor’s enjoyment of success in Hollywood and they will not deny him the opportunity to don that ultimate feather in the cap.

Realization of the Oscar Dream

Cruise will be under the major period of Venus until November 2016. After that the Sun’s period will begin. The influence of Sun is instrumental in bringing one the opportunity to be recognized through awards. Thus, there is a possibility for Tom Cruise to win an Oscar after November 2016.   Why Tom Cruise is a Box Office Star? Tom Cruise has been a consistent box office frontrunner. According to statistics, 14 of his films grossed over $100 million domestically, and 20 have grossed in excess of $200 million worldwide. The good position of Venus in his Birth Chart in the house of profession has not just given him the success in the film industry, but also handsome gains through profession. Cruise was the highest paid Hollywood actor in 2012.

  • Close Association of professional and entertainment planets - An exchange of aspect between professional planet Saturn and entertainment planet Venus in Cruise’s Birth Chart has further enhanced his career prospects. However, the occasional interference of unfavorable planets, Rahu and Ketu, deprived him of winning the Oscars.



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