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Tamil New Year Predictions for Scorpio Moon Sign 2018 – 2019

April 3, 2018 | Total Views : 4,287
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Vishaka 4thPada, Anuradha and Jyeshta) People born in the zodiac sign of Scorpio are determined fighters. Mars, the warrior planet is the ruler of this sign. When this Vedic New Year begins, Mars shares the sign with Saturn, who rules aspects like courage and comforts, in the 2nd House from the Scorpio sign. This may cause minor family problems for the people who belong to the Scorpio Moon sign. There may also be uncertainties in their economic condition. It may be better for them to stay clear of futile arguments and to take care of their health. Success may still be theirs if they remain patient and alert in all their dealings. Until 11/10/2018, planet Jupiter is placed in the 12th House, which denotes wasteful expenditure and losses and hence, the Scorpio-born may need to take care about their finances. Medical expenses may mount. Hidden enemies can also create problems and hence, caution is advised in all actions. Post 11/10/2018, people can stop worrying about past mistakes and difficulties, be conscious only about the present and act with focus, so as to meet with handsome success. They can also stop spending time on useless pursuits and can instead devote time in worships and meditation. By this, they may be able to stay clear of worries and confusions.

Tamil New Year Predictions for Scorpio Moon Sign 2018 – 2019

Further, as the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu will be transiting the 9th and 3rd Houses, respectively, till 06/03/2019, father’s health may need attention. Differences with him may crop up too, but may die down, while there may also be disputes about ancestral properties. However, the Scorpio-born may develop courage and enthusiasm during the period; they may have to undertake pilgrimages, and travels to upcountry locations and abroad; their determined efforts may lead to success; support and cooperation from others may be forthcoming; and their esteem and standing may go up. After 06/03/2019, Rahu and Ketu move to the 8th and 2nd Houses, respectively, and this may give rise to unexpected problems and litigations. People may need to be careful while travelling by road; it may be better for them to avoid night travels and long distance journeys; they may also better refrain from getting drawn into unnecessary squabbles; standing surety for someone may also be avoided; and as there may be downturn in the economic condition, they may better be cautious. It is advisable for them to be accommodative of other family members and display a spirit of give and take towards them. Also, as planet Saturn is placed in the 2nd House throughout the year, the Scorpio-born may have to face losses. For keeping wasteful expenditure under check, they may have to be careful about their finances; it may be better for them to not to get into unnecessary tiffs; they may also be wary of issues like standing surety for others; and refrain from criticizing others. Also, acting with patience may provide them with peace, while it is better to handle property matters with cordiality.

Scorpio Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Businessmen

The Scorpio-born business people may have to exercise patience and caution during the year, in all their activities. It may be better for them to avoid fresh investments; keep partners and employees under watch; and handle customers with kindness and concern. Being alert in business dealings may bring in rewards.

Scorpio Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Employed

Those in employment are advised not to take too may liberties with their superiors; they may also be careful about speaking openly with colleagues; and there may be delay in their promotions and salary hikes. It may also be better for them to handle official records with due care. Thoughtful action may prove advantageous.

Scorpio Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Students

Boys and girls may be required to concentrate more on studies. It is advisable for them to not keep deferring their lessons and instead, read them on day-to-day basis. Health also may need care. Being obedient to the teachers and cordial with fellow students can provide them with academic success.

Scorpio Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Politicians

Scorpios in the political field may need to exercise caution while dealing with their headquarters. They can better avoid unnecessary disagreements; avoid being too frank with colleagues; and refrain from making promises to anyone. Being alert and judicious in their activities can prove fruitful.

Scorpio Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Artists

Those in the field of arts can utilize the available opportunities fully, during the year. It may be advisable for them to remain firm in matters of their remuneration and not to rub anyone on the wrong side. They can make it a point to interact with others agreeably and also remain patient and alert, for tasting success in their vocations.


  • The Scorpio-born can extend financial help to the poor and the challenged, and also donate them food
  • They can perform Homa to Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, do Pooja and offer worships to them. They can also offer prayers in temples
  • They can do Homa and puja to Lord Kala Bhairava also and offer him worship in temples

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