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Tamil New Year Predictions for Libra Moon Sign 2018 – 2019

April 3, 2018 | Total Views : 4,913
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(Chitra 3rd and 4th Padas, Swati and Vishaka 1st, 2nd and 3rd Padas) People born in the zodiac sign of Libra are majestic in appearance and artistic in temperament. Venus, the planet of love and beauty is the ruler of this sign. When this Vedic New Year begins, Venus transits the 7th House from the Libra sign and aspects the sign. This may contribute to the good health of the people who belong to the Libra Moon sign. Their face may turn radiant; their distinctive abilities may come to light; their respect, fame and influence may go up; and they may achieve success through untiring efforts. Still they are advised not to be over-confident or hyperactive. Planet Jupiter is placed in the Libra Moon sign itself until 11/10/2018 and this may lead to worries and confusions about the future. People may have to face some problems due to adverse circumstances and hence, may need to exercise due care. It may be better for them to not to rue over the impediments and losses they faced in the past. However, there may be happiness in the family after 11/10/2018. There may be money flow from many sources; auspicious happenings may take place in the family; they may receive good support from relatives; and new endeavors may meet with success.

Tamil New Year Predictions for Libra Moon Sign 2018 – 2019

Further, as the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu will be transiting the 10th and 4th Houses, respectively, until 06/03/2019, their actions may acquire a sharp focus. Some people may perform even remarkable feats; their esteem and influence may go up; and their talents may get recognized. However, problems may come up in mother’s health; misunderstandings with mother and relatives may come and go; and it may be advisable that they handle their property and vehicle documents with care. After 06/03/2019, Rahu and Ketu shift to the 9th and 3rd Houses, respectively, and this may result in father’s illness. Differences may also surface with father and elders and this may die down subsequently, while issues concerning ancestral properties too may come and go. However, the Libra-born may encounter good times too, as they may get opportunities for travelling to other places and even abroad; they may become courageous and enthusiastic; all their efforts may fructify; they may succeed in their mission; and there may be benefits for them through brothers and sisters. Also, as planet Saturn is staying throughout the year in the 3rd House, energy and confidence may increase for the Librans. They may have good health; they may be able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work; even their long-term desires may get fulfilled; efforts may succeed; benefits may accrue through siblings; there may be acquisition of assets; court cases may end in their favor; there may be unadulterated success all-around; and their authority and stature may rise to great heights.

Libra Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Business

Trading may remain dull for the Libra businessmen till 11/10/2018. It may be better for them to not to make fresh investments and also, to keep partners and workers under constant watch. The post 11/10/2018 period may, however, see progress in merchandising; there may be increased profits; and acquisition of new customers.

Libra Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Employed

These people may need to be careful in their job responsibilities until 11/10/2018. It is also good for them to be cautious about higher authorities and fellow employees. Promotions and increments may also be delayed. There may be a reversal of fortunes post 11/10/2018, when they may get job progressions and pay hikes. Their authority and standing too will increase.

Libra Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Students

They may need to give a lot of attention to their studies until 11/10/2018. It is better that they read their lessons without delay, and not keep postponing and accumulating them. They are also advised not to poke their nose into unwanted matters. However, interest in studies may go up after 11/10/2018; and they may score very good marks and earn all-round praise. They may also receive the support of teachers and friends.

Libra Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Politicians

For the Libra-born, in politics, relationship with leadership may remain bitter until 11/10/2018. They may also need to be very careful as unnecessary problems may crop up with fellow politicians. However, after 11/10/2018, they may start commanding a lot of respect among the general public; they may move closer to those in power; and they may earn the trust of the leaders, who may then entrust them with some important responsibilities.

Libra Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Artists

These people are advised to utilize the existing opportunities to their best advantage, until 11/10/2018. They may also not interfere in matters that are of no concern to them, in their own interest. Post 11/10/2018, fresh openings can come calling; their authority and fame may increase; and they may become well known and popular.


  • People born in the sign of Libra can help generously for the education of poor school children
  • They can perform Homa to the planetary Lords Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, do Pooja and offer worships to them. They can also offer prayers in temples
  • They can do Rudra Homa and Pooja to Lord Shiva and offer worship to him in temples

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