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Tamil New Year Predictions for Gemini Moon Sign 2018 – 2019

April 3, 2018 | Total Views : 2,245
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(Covering stars Mrigasira 3rd and 4thPadas, Ardra and Punarvasu 1st, 2nd and 3rd Padas) People born in the zodiac sign of Gemini are the ones who can think sensibly and act decisively. Mercury, the ruler of intellect is the Lord of this sign. This Vedic New Year begins when Mercury will be sharing the sign with Moon, the ruler of wealth and family relationships, in the 10th House from the Gemini sign. Hence, there may be a rise in status, influence and fame for the Gemini Moon sign people, and success in their vocations. They may get celebrity friendships; good money flow; accumulation of moveable and immovable properties; happiness from relations; and support from the mother’s side. Planet Jupiter is placed in the 5th House till 11/10/2018 and this may provide the Gemini-born with joy through children. Ancestral properties may work to their advantage; they may get divine help; love affairs may meet with success; negotiations for marital alliances may fructify; they may get blessed with progeny; they may receive assistance and guidance from elders; and their reputation may go up. However, after 11/10/2018, health may cause concern; financial constraints may force them to take loans; and enmities may crop up with others. Hence, they may need to exercise patience and caution. tamil-new-year-predictions-for-gemini-moon-sign-2018-2019

Further, as the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu will be transiting the 2nd and 8th Houses, respectively, till 06/03/2019, family problems and confusions may crop up. They may need to be careful while talking, and unnecessary arguments may end up even in litigations. It is better to avoid long distance travels and also travelling during night. There may also be financial constraints. As there are possibilities of these people facing allegations and suffering humiliations during this time, extreme caution is recommended in all dealings. Acting with patience and alertness can still bestow success. Post 06/03/2019, Rahu and Ketu will move to the 1st and 7th Houses, respectively, and this may give rise to worries, problems and confusions. They have to be careful with their food intake and in case of any health issues, it is better to approach the doctor immediately. There are also possibilities of misunderstandings coming up between husband and wife and hence, it is ideal to be accommodative of each other and adopt a policy of give and take, so as to have a congenial married life. They can also remain vigilant with respect to friends and partners. Saturn will be transits the 7th House throughout the year as the not-so-favorable Kantaka Shani and this may result in strains in marital relationship between husband and wife. Hence, understanding the other partner and accommodating his or her viewpoint can help in family harmony. It may also be better for them to not fully trust friends and business partners. There are possibilities for some health issues to crop up in organs like the neck, backbone, nerves and sex organs and if this happens, it is recommended that people should consult physicians immediately. It is also advisable for them to refrain from interfering in needless matters. Patience will be the required trait for the Gemini-born during this year.

Gemini Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Business

Businessmen may adopt new strategies and improve their prospects till 11/10/2018. New investments may bring in handsome profits and benefits may accrue from partners and employees. However, it is better for the Gemini-born business people to avoid fresh investments post 11/10/2018. Acting with patience and handling customers with kindness may work to their advantage.

Gemini Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions For Employed

Until 11/10/2018, there may be an upswing in the respect and honor that the Gemini-born employed will command. They may get the appreciation of senior officials; get progression and pay hike; and may be entrusted with new responsibilities. However, problems may come up after 11/10/2018 from higher authorities and fellow-employees and hence, they may need to be vigilant. It is advisable for them not to open out fully to their colleagues.

Gemini Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Students

Interest in studies will be on the rise until 11/10/2018 and they may perform very well, scoring high grades. Teachers and friends may remain supportive of the students’ academic progress. However, health may require attention post 11/10/2018. It may be better for them to be in good terms with teachers and friends and avoid entertaining any inimical feelings.

Gemini Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Politicians

Rapport with the high command may increase for politicians until 11/10/2018 and those in power may favor these Gemini-born. They may also receive support from their colleagues, while their standing in the eyes of the public may go up. However, there may a reversal in fortunes after 11/10/2018, as fellow politicians may turn against them and there may be bitterness in relationships with those in higher positions. Hence, they may need to exercise caution.

Gemini Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Artists

Those in the field of arts are likely to utilize the existing opportunities well and see good progress till 11/10/2018. They may also get fresh opportunities and due recognitions, may achieve celebrity status and get the introduction of influential people during this period. However, it is advisable for them not to develop enmity with anyone after 11/10/2018. Opportunities may also be delayed and hence, they may have to remain patient.


  • They can extend financial assistance to the poor and the needy and also to the challenged people.
  • They can also offer food to birds.
  • They can perform Homa to the planetary Lords Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, do puja and offer worships to them. They can offer prayers in the temples too.
  • They can also do Sudarshana Homa and worship.

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