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Tamil New Year Predictions for Cancer Moon Sign 2018 – 2019

April 3, 2018 | Total Views : 3,812
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(Punarvasu 4th Pada, Pushya and Ashlesha) People born in the zodiac sign of Cancer are strong personalities with good political acumen. Moon, the ruler of the mind is the Lord of this sign. This Vedic New Year begins when the Moon shares the sign with Mercury that represents efforts and wasteful expenditure, in the 9th House from the Cancer sign. The House represents Fortune. Hence, the Cancer Moon sign people may plunge into any activity with perseverance. Their enthusiasm and courage may increase, and journeys undertaken to other places and abroad may prove beneficial. However, there are possibilities of unnecessary expenses and losses and hence, they may need to be judicious in spending. Planet Jupiter shall be transiting the 4th House till 11/10/2018 and this may cause some misunderstandings with mother and other relatives. Mother’s health may also get affected. It is advisable for them to keep all the documents with respect to immovable properties and vehicles intact, and also avoid night journeys and long distance travels. However, after 11/10/2018, children may bring joy; health may improve; relatives who maintained distance may come closer; marriage proposals may work out; there may be blessings of progeny; love affairs may succeed; and people may also get divine grace. Further, the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu will be transiting the 1st and 7th Houses, respectively, till 06/03/2019. This may cause mental confusion; depression due to some problem or the other; worries about future; and negative thoughts. Hence, the Cancer-born people can try to fill their minds with positive thoughts and optimistic feelings. They may also need to be careful about their food intake and should consult the doctor in case of any ailment. Misunderstandings may crop up between husband and wife, and in such a case, it may be better for them to honor the other’s sentiments and adopt an attitude of mutual give and take. This may ensure a cordial marital relationship. They may also need to exercise caution in dealing with friends and business partners.


However, there may be a reversal of fortune after 06/03/2019, when Rahu and Ketu move to the 12th and 6th Houses, respectively. Their endeavors may meet with success; enemies may move away; there may be generous flow of money; status, recognition and fame may increase; and outstation journeys and travel abroad may bring good luck. Still, some may have to incur needless expenditure. During this time, people may also realize that hard work will bring success. Also, planet Saturn stays in the 6th House right through the year, and this may generally prove highly beneficial for the Cancer-born. Health may improve; long-drawn problems may end; court cases may succeed; enemies may go out of your path. All activities may see success; new job opportunities may come up; life’s comforts may go up; there may be increased love and affection between life partners; family life may become joyful; and people may get ample opportunities to enjoy the fruits of their efforts. In short, this year may even prove to be the Cancer-born’s golden period.

Cancer Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions For Business

Business people may face some obstacles till 11/10/2018, but they may still be able to see gradual progress in their trade. New ventures may workout well and business may prosper due to fresh investments. Post 11/10/2018, there may be a sizeable growth in business prospects; there may be handsome contributions from employees; their concern may become quite popular; and there may also be acquisition of new customers.

Cancer Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Employed

The problems that the Cancer-born employees may face may keep coming down until 11/10/2018. Superiors who were creating trouble for them may get transferred out and the hidden enemies too will move away. In the post 11/10/2018 period, they may get a lot of recognition and fame at workplaces; higher authorities and colleagues may remain favorable; and these people may also get career progressions and increased pay.

Cancer Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Students

The confusions and uncertainties that may plague students may start clearing until 11/10/2018, leading to good clarity of thoughts. Health may improve; interest in studies may go up; and they may get benefited from teachers and friends. During the period after 11/10/2018, they may score very good marks; achieve many feats; and earn good honor and recognition.

Cancer Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions For Politicians

In the time till 11/10/2018, all the existing difficulties and confusions may come to an end for those in the political field. Higher authorities may look at them favorably, while they may also be able to identify their secret enemies. Post 11/10/2018, they may move closer to leadership and those in positions of authority may handover some important responsibilities to these people.

Cancer Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Artists

These people may just start enjoying the benefits of their earlier efforts, during the period till 11/10/2018. They may get good friends, while new opportunities may come knocking at their doors. The arrival of 11/10/2018 may signal the beginning of a fruitful period for them. They can exhibit their full talents and achieve commendable accomplishments; they may get acquainted with celebrities; and earn good name and fame.


  • People born in the Cancer sign can donate food to the poor and the needy, and also in temples.
  • They can perform Homa to Goddess Durga and to the planetary Lords Rahu and Ketu, do puja and offer worships to them. They can also offer prayers in the temples.
  • They can do Homa and puja for planet Jupiter also.

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