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Effects and Significance of Sun in Leo

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 5,497
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Surya or Planet Sun is the visible God, the lord of excellence and wisdom. In Vedic Astrology, Sun has a vital role in shaping the destiny of a man. It signifies: life force, individuality, vitality, father, creativity, will, determination, confidence, authority, status, energy which initiates all action.

Sun is the ruler of all the nine planets and occupies the central position amongst them. The color of the sun is red and his vehicle is a chariot driven by seven horses.

Transit- What is it?

Transit means movement of a planetary body through a zodiac sign. Planetary transits are called Gochar in Vedic Astrology. Transit is highly responsible for situations that one is facing or bound to face. Sun takes one month to transit a zodiac sign. The transit to sign Leo is a very important time. This transit on August 17th brings significant changes in one`s life. Transits affect lives and especially Sun brings both positive as well as negative effects depending upon the birth chart of an individual.

Sun in Zodiac sign Leo

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. It is the sign of the lion. The planetary ruler for Leo is the Sun. Every year, Sun enters Leo and stays there from August 17th to September 16th. This period is a time for celebration, connecting to the energies of the sun can make one independent of thought and behavior, self confident, radiant, creative and determined.


  • Sun entering Leo is Vishnupati, on August 17th this year. Whenever Sun moves into fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, it is called Vishnupati
  • Vishnupati is an auspicious time period that occurs once in three months and is a time spent towards remembrance of Lord Vishnu. It is a 9 hour worship of Lord Vishnu on each Vishnupati day.
  • It was on these holy hours that Lord Vishnu did miracles for the benefit of mankind.
  • Worshipping him by means of visiting his temples, singing his praises, listening to his stories or doing pooja, chanting mantras would attract his blessings.
  • One would be blessed with immense material and spiritual prosperity.

Those in deep financial crisis, poverty or suffering with bad karmic situations at home or in office due to ego problems, should utilize this auspicious hour to cleanse negativity and bring in the radiant energies of prosperity, cheerfulness and positive thoughts into their lives by offering sincere prayers to Lord Vishnu.

Effect of Sun's transit through each houses in one's chart

It would give both favorable and unfavorable results to an individual depending on the moon sign at birth.

  • 1st house - honor, poor health, temperamental
  • 2nd house- Unhappiness in domestic front, eye troubles, harsh speech
  • 3rd house- Good Wealth, good health, victory
  • 4th house- Marital disharmony, loss of name, discomfort
  • 5th house- Bad health, fear from enemies, trouble from children
  • 6th house- victory over enemies, success in competitive exams, good health
  • 7th house-Bad Travels, physical pain, lack of marital bliss
  • 8th house- mental worries, setbacks in marriage
  • 9th house- lack of love from father, late fortune, obstacles
  • 10th house- Success, honors, gains
  • 11th house- Good health, prosperity, honors
  • 12th house-Expenditure, losses, apprehension of sickness or trouble

Sun in Leo provides:

  • Excellent time to gain a new perspective of life
  • Illuminates everything it touches
  • It brings things to light in a new perspective
  • Opens a new path to fulfill our dreams, creates the will in us to realize it
  • Boosts the ego, gives self confidence and fills one with vibrant energy
  • One can work towards greater professional success and fulfillment in personal life
  • One can build traits of determination, strength, royalty, boldness, magnetic nature, optimism, kind heart, generosity, reputation, ability, dignity, confidence by connecting to the energies of the Sun through ways of propitiation.

Worship to Sun

  • During this time it is best to offer prayers to the Sun during entire transit period by reciting the gayathri mantra or Adithya Hridayam.
  • Simple chant for the sun is Om hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namaha. Chanting this would give immense merits.

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