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Mercury in Libra

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,251
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A good time ahead for marketing professionals, businessmen and creative personnel! The planet for business and communication, Mercury, moves to a friendly sign, Libra. Mercury, called the messenger of the Gods in Astrology, influences all types of communication (verbal or written), clear thinking, creative skills, business knowledge, travel, software expertise and knowledge of Mathematics and Accounts. Mercury rules our ability to manage the day’s activities.


Mercury will be in Libra from 25th September until 1st December 2013. The presence of Mercury in a balancing sign, Libra, will enhance one’s innovative ideas and speaking and writing skills. All the areas of life influenced by Mercury will be impacted during this time. Though the precise impact of the transit on an individual can be gauged through an analysis of the person’s Birth Chart, we have tried to surmise the general impact of the transit for each of the Moon signs.

  • Libra – Libra loves to build bridges. The transit of communication planet in the sign would make the native more sociable with pleasing communication skills. They might have the inclination to spend for varied interests.
  • Scorpio – Communication should be done with utmost care. Mercury in your 12th house may make you overpromise, which may lead to disgrace. Natives of the sign are likely to go for traveling or may postpone their meetings with someone. There should be some check on unnecessary spending, especially with regard to travel.
  • Sagittarius – Your communication will be full of wit and fun. At times, you may go overboard and hurt someone, so keep a check. You will take decisions on important matters or venture into a new business. Youngsters are likely to get married. You will make new friends.
  • Capricorn – There will be lot of communication with regard to work. A new job opportunity, preferably in a far off or foreign country is on the cards. Health needs to be taken care of.
  • Aquarius – Natives will have to be careful with their communication and way of expression. It could be misunderstood. Spiritual inclination will give you peace of mind. A pilgrimage is also likely. Sudden luck is possible for self or children.
  • Pisces –Try to avoid unnecessary arguments and use of abusive words as it will harm your relationship with family and colleagues. You are prone to accidents. Students will face distractions from studies. Mother's health may deteriorate.
  • Aries – This transit will help you communicate articulately. Organize your thoughts and impress others with your communication skills. A new business venture is possible. Sibling may get married.
  • Taurus – This is a good time to polish your communication skills. A new job opportunity is on the cards. Take care of your health and avoid quarrel with family members.
  • Gemini – You will be very expressive now. Organize the vivid imaginations and pen down your thoughts. Health of mother or children needs attention. There might be some anxiousness in personal life.
  • Cancer – You will have a good command of your communication and it will help you while addressing meetings, sending mails or even expressing yourself to your loved ones. Students face diversions from education. Problems in properties or maintenance expenses for house or vehicle are likely.
  • Leo – Clarity and accuracy in communication is important now, as misunderstood words may create major problem for you. Agreements will be signed and important interviews will be scheduled. Marriage proposals will be pursued.
  • Virgo – You need to keep a check on your speech and avoid using harsh words. Handle your finances judiciously. There might be problems with family members or a change of job.

Watch Out for Mercury’s Retrograde Period

Mercury will be retrograde (appears to move backwards) from October 21st until November 10th. This is a time to be cautious, as there are chances for slip-ups.

What Happens When Mercury Is Retrograde?

  • You may find yourself caught up in useless arguments as words are misunderstood
  • There may be difficulty in arriving at conclusions
  • Computers and electronic items may become inoperable, as Mercury rules computers. Keep a backup of your data.
  • Re-check your assignments, schedules, understandings and commitments

Mercury retrograde is a time to re-evaluate things in life and tie up loose ends, so that you go over with a bang when the planet turns direct.


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