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Effects of Seven and half years of Saturn

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 3,947
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Are you running the much feared Seven and half year Saturn or you are about to enter that phase? Under such a circumstance, it is advisable you slow down and reflect on your priorities of life. Figure out, ideally, what would be the suitable steps to take at that point in life and follow them with devotion and mindfulness.


Here is why you should make yourself well composed during the cycle of Seven and half year Saturn.

If you want to draw an image of Saturn, he would represent a ‘Yogi in meditation’ - an ascetic who is emotionally detached, a demanding task master and a loner. Saturn is known to be the best judgment provider of all planets. So beware! In his presence, be his good, hard-working and obedient disciple. Saturn is said to slow you down because His movement is the slowest of all planets. He transits each House in the Zodiac in a period of two and half years. Seven and a half year of Saturn is the transit phase that affects you the most because his strong and over bearing presence is very close to your Moon sign. The period begins when He enters the 12th sign before your Moon sign and crosses through to the next house on the other side of your Moon sign. This is when you feel that He has come down very hard on you.

Would it be right to call Saturn a legendary malefic planet?

Saturn is feared to be the legendary malefic force, extremely stern with people - There is lot of truth in it but not the complete Truth. Gifts of Saturn: If you are blessed by Saturn, He gives you longevity of life, gives you position of authority, and re-establishes positive spirit that brings order and consistency required in life. Saturn relieves you of bad Karmas of your past. Above all, Saturn can bring in you a tremendous survival instinct – a drive to rise above the troubles in life and reach your goal steadfast. Changes that Saturn brings: He is the planet of Ego so he crushes all that goes against his dictates. He does not tolerate any kind of falsehood, superficiality of life, weak emotions and negative thinking. One who rises above all this becomes the loved one of Saturn. The wealth that He gives you is well-deserved and to be enjoyed for long time. Dark-side of Saturn: He brings diseases, perversity, poverty and ugliness of people to the surface. When Saturn is Malefic in a birth-chart,

  • He turns the native criminal, and causes sudden loss of wealth, premature death, and so on.
  • He causes degenerative and fatal diseases, makes people born as deaf, dumb, retarded physically and so on. People with retarded speech and mind also have badly placed Saturn and Ketu (due to people’s Karma in their past life).
  • He is too demanding for people who rise too easily during this period. He eventually casts them down and grinds them to face reality.

Psychologically Saturn makes you experience darkness, death and sorrow so that you can overcome them and rise up to seek the divinity of the Cosmos.  

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    Please tell something about me: Name: Muthanna Mohan. Date of Birth 24.09.1965. Time of birth 6:10 A.M. Place of birth Virajpet India
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