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Qualities of a Good Astrologer

June 5, 2015 | Total Views : 4,615
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Planets control our lives. Horoscope or birth chart reveals all that we have been, will be and who we are now by studying the position of planets at the magnetic timing of our birth. Sage Parashara, the father of Vedic Astrology in his treatise, ` Brihad Samhita Hora Shastra` mentions the code of conduct to be followed by the astrologers who interpret the chart to us. qualities-of-a-good-astrologer

  • They should have purified consciousness with deep faith in the divine and narrate the will of God in the destiny of each individual that takes the form of position of planets at the time of birth.
  • A good astrologer should possess sound health with moral excellence. He should be bereft of cravings and greed, should be truthful, gentle.
  • He should possess cleverness, should be able to express himself clearly. He should be able to answer the queries posed to him based on his sound technical and intellectual knowledge on the principles of Astrology.
  • He should be well read in the subject of Astrology with years of sincere and deep study to predict with accuracy. He should be proficient in the three branches of Astrology: Ganita, samhita, hora. He should possessmathematical proficiency by studying the five siddhantas, and should have knowledge of various divisions of time.
  • Apart from years of learning, he needs to have years of experience as this provides a solid astrological education. Along with learning, experience brings expands his knowledge and gives polish and elegance.
  • To test the competency of the astrologer, it is important to know where he studied and who his teachers were. He should not be self- taught with mere learning from books. Varahamihira has said, “Little is written, but much is meant”, meaning that information contained in the books can only be explained under a good teacher.
  • A good astrologer must possess certification from a reputed organization that he is qualified to practice as an astrologer.
  • A good astrologer should be able to suggest suitable remedies to propitiate the planets. Planets can be benefic or malefic based on one`s actions and he should guide the native to the accurate remedy in the form of chanting mantras, worship of cow, conducting yagnas, worshipping yantras, wearing gemstones, visiting spiritual places and donating to the needy. He should have proficiency in various branches of Astrology to help neutralize the bad effects of the planets.

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