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Poojas and Mantras for the Fourth Day of Navaratri

September 27, 2018 | Total Views : 1,877
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Navaratri 4th day Pooja - Goddess Kushmanda Devi

The fourth day of Navaratri Pooja glorifies Goddess Maa Kushmanda Devi, who is worshiped with great dedication by devotees. The Pooja is performed on ‘Chaturthi Tithi,’ the fourth day of the waxing phase of the moon in the month of ‘Ashvin.’ She is depicted riding a lion, and her eight hands wield seven mighty weapons, as well as a rosary.

The Goddess resides in the heavenly abode of the Sun God and hence takes on a radiant form which signifies the removal of darkness and the spread of light in the Universe. Goddess Kushmanda is so named since it is believed that she created the entire universe. The term ‘Kushmanda’ means the egg from which all creation appeared and the cosmos as we know it today, came into being. It is her energy, which drives the power of the sun and all the other stars in the billions of galaxies of the Universe. Her smile radiates the energy of several suns and spreads the message of hope and faith in every direction.

4th day of navratri

Importance of Goddess Kushmanda

Goddess Kushmanda is the driving force of the Sun and all the energy emanating from it. Astrologically speaking, she is the ruler of the Sun and worshiping her can nullify all the unfavorable occurrences arising due to the adverse effects of the star in the natal chart. Praying to the Goddess also protects one from various ailments and maladies. Those who are aspiring to get fame and fortune can also experience success in their endeavors.

Goddess Kushmanda Pooja on the 4th Day of Navaratri

Goddess Kushmanda is fond of red color flowers, and one must ensure these are used in abundance while offering worship to her on the fourth day of the Navaratri festival. Those who perform the Shodasopachar Pooja while contemplating on the divine form of the Goddess are sure to experience a marked shift for the better in their fortunes. Devotees pray to her for the well-being of themselves and their families, while also seeking her blessings to achieve higher social status. Conclude the Pooja by performing an Aarti in her honor and let the positive energy envelop your being.  
Navaratri Fourth Day Goddess Kushmanda Mantras

Om Devi Kushmandayai Namah

Om Devi Kushmandayayi Namah Suraasampoorna Kalasham Rudhiraaplutamev Cha
Dadhaanaa Hastpadmaabhyaam Kushmanda Shubhdaastu Me

Navaratri Fourth Day Goddess Kushmanda Prarthna
Surasampurna Kalasham Rudhiraplutameva Cha
Dadhana Hastapadmabhyam Kushmanda Shubhadastu Me

Navaratri Fourth Day Goddess Kushmanda Stuti

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Kushmanda Rupena Samsthita
Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah

Navaratri Fourth Day Goddess Kushmanda Dhyan

Vande Vanchhita Kamarthe Chandrardhakritashekharam
Simharudha Ashtabhuja Kushmanda Yashasvinim
Bhaswara Bhanu Nibham Anahata Sthitam Chaturtha Durga Trinetram
Kamandalu, Chapa, Bana, Padma, Sudhakalasha, Chakra, Gada, Japawatidharam
Patambara Paridhanam Kamaniyam Mriduhasya Nanalankara Bhushitam
Manjira, Hara, Keyura, Kinkini, Ratnakundala, Manditam
Praphulla Vadanamcharu Chibukam Kanta Kapolam Tugam Kucham
Komalangi Smeramukhi Shrikanti Nimnabhi Nitambanim

Navaratri Fourth Day Goddess Kushmanda Stotra

Durgatinashini Tvamhi Daridradi Vinashanim
Jayamda Dhanada Kushmande Pranamamyaham
Jagatamata Jagatakatri Jagadadhara Rupanim
Charachareshwari Kushmande Pranamamyaham
Trailokyasundari Tvamhi Duhkha Shoka Nivarinim
Paramanandamayi, Kushmande Pranamamyaham

Navaratri Fourth Day Goddess Kushmanda Kavach

Hamsarai Mein Shira Patu Kushmande Bhavanashinim
Hasalakarim Netrecha, Hasaraushcha Lalatakam
Kaumari Patu Sarvagatre, Varahi Uttare Tatha,
Purve Patu Vaishnavi Indrani Dakshine Mama
Digvidikshu Sarvatreva Kum Bijam Sarvadavatu

Significance of Navaratri Fourth Day Pooja

The Kushmanda Devi Pooja performed on the fourth day of the Navaratri festival has the propensity to cure diseases and bestow good health.

By performing this Pooja, one can also establish a harmonious relationship with parents and other elders of the family. Things will also run smoothly at the workplace, and the individual will enjoy the favor of superiors. The person will also attain a good social standing and climb up the corporate ladder with ease.

The blessings of the Goddess also ensure the individual is blessed with good vision and mental clarity of thought.

The fourth day of the Navaratri Pooja is also the beginning of the Lakshmi Pooja celebrations, which will be observed for the next three days.

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