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Pitru Dosha: Causes, Effects and Remedies

April 26, 2016 | Total Views : 3,552
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According to Vedic Astrology, Pitru Dosh, also called Pitru Rina, is the presence of harmful energies in a horoscope, indicating sins and curses owing to one’s Pitris, or ancestors. Basically, a person with Pitru Dosh has the responsibility of paying for the karmic debt of the ancestors. The 9th house of a natal chart signifies ancestors. Afflictions to the 9th house or to the lord of the 9th house are considered a form of Pitru Dosha. Also, afflictions of the Sun (representing the father) and the Moon (representing the mother) due to Rahu and Ketu are Pitru Dosha. There are many other planetary indications in a chart that an able astrologer would be able to understand. Depending upon the type of dosha, remedial measures for its alleviation are suggested. pitru-dosha

What causes Pitru Dosha?

As Dr. Pillai says, we inherit our biological genes and our soul genes from our ancestors. The bad karma of ancestors can cause immense sufferings to the living relatives. Sometimes even the departed souls are at unease because of it. The distress of the ancestors gets reflected through disturbing planetary energies in one’s chart. Sometimes even the unnatural death of an ancestor or ancestors not being honored properly can come as a punishment in the form of sufferings on the succeeding generations.

What kinds of problems occur due to Pitru Dosha?

It creates obstacles and limitations plaguing different aspects of life. Some of the problems one experiences are:

  • Member/members in the family suffering due to prolonged health problems
  • Fights and misunderstandings among members at home
  • Inability to progress in education and career without any apparent reason
  • Delay in getting married
  • Progeny-related problems, like miscarriages, delay in child birth, frequent sickness of children, death of children at an early age, etc.
  • Financial instability

How to find relief

There are several remedies in Vedic Astrology to ease sufferings due to Pitru Dosha, and the most important and most effective is to honor ancestors by offering then Tarpanam. According to Dr. Pillai, Tarpanam is the most potent mechanism to connect with one’s ancestors and receive blessings from them. One can experience miraculous results with respect to finances, relationships, or health when ancestors are honored through Tarpanam. Since the ancestors are connected with their living family at the soul level, they bless them to achieve success in life. The Tarpanam ritual is very powerful when performed on a New Moon day. Apart from Tarpanam, one can honor their ancestors by offering love and care to their living parents and elders. Acts of compassion and generosity performed for the sake of the weak and needy not only add to one’s good karma, but also clear negativity earned due to previous bad deeds. Vaikuntha, the celestial home of Lord Vishnu, is the supreme abode for the departed souls. Praying to Vishnu, especially in the form of Rama, is advised for relief from sufferings due to one’s ancestors. Along with these general remedies, an astrologer will be able to suggest specific rituals to appease the disturbing energies of the planets causing Pitru Dosha to alleviate one’s sufferings.


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  • Shivani
    How to do tarpanam for aborted babies at home. As i cannot afford to spend any money. Should it be started any day and to be done evryday. Please help as i am going through very bad financial and relationship karma.
    August 25, 2017
    • Sales
      Hi Shivani, For Pitru dosha, by doing simple tarpan is NOT enough, you may have to perform the Thila Homa @ Rameshwaram. Astroved member support.
      October 10, 2017