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Importance of Mars in Astrology

June 16, 2016 | Total Views : 2,586
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Mars, the action planet of the zodiac, is the source of the spontaneous energy, passion, courage, and determination it requires to get things done. The raw energy of the planet can be mainly physical, making a person extremely aggressive and brutally violent, and it can also be more psychological, infusing courage, honor, and strong determination. The constructiveness and destructiveness of the energy and where it will be expended depends upon the position and condition of Mars in one’s natal chart. The association of the favorable and unfavorable energies of other planets further modifies how Mars will be for a particular individual. Let us see how the nature of the planet’s energy is modified in the 12 astrological houses. mars-in-astrology Mars in 1st House – In the house representing the physical body and personality, Mars will infuse an abundance of physical vitality, dynamism, and aggression. These people are body-conscious and highly competitive in nature. However, if the Mars energy is not controlled, it will cause recklessness, violence, and injury. Mars in 2nd House - The warrior energy of Mars in the house representing possessions will make a person ambitious in making money and acquiring possessions. They have impulsive spending habits. They hold strongly to their values. Mars in 3rd House – In the house of communications, Mars makes a person an assertive and authoritative speaker. They are outspoken and can have a sarcastic sense of humor. There is an abundance of mental energy, which needs to be checked, for it will cause impulsive actions. Mars in 4th House - Mars in the house of home and family makes one authoritarian in domestic matters, which will lead to fights and arguments. There could be health problems for one’s mother and also difficulties in marriage due to the Mars aspect to the 7th house from the 4th. Mars in 5th House - The energy of Mars in the house of pleasure makes a person yearn for pleasure, amusements, and sports. These people do not mind spending their time and money on romance and dating. Mars in 6th House – In the house of work and health, Mars will make a person exert a lot in any job they take up. It also brings competition and conflict with co-workers. These people are prone to injuries and accidents at work. Mars in 7th House - Mars in the house of partnerships makes one assert oneself in relations, be they personal or professional, causing fights and disharmony in relationships. They bring a lot of energy into the relationships they make and look for a partner who can compete with them. Mars in 8th House – In the house of transformation, Mars makes a person passionate for sex, occultism, and spiritual matters. These people are enthusiastic about uncovering secrets. Mars in 9th House - Mars in the house of philosophy and wisdom makes a person enthusiastic about learning and travelling to unfamiliar places to gain knowledge. They are liberal and broad-minded. Their sense of humor and zest for life make them attractive. Mars in 10th House - In the house of public image, the energy of Mars gives one good executive and organizational abilities. They are highly ambitious and are ready to toil to achieve a position they deserve. Mars in 11th House - In the house signifying one’s aspirations and associations, Mars gives strong leadership qualities and a good network of friends and associates. Cooperation and coordination are the keys to success. Mars in 12th House – When placed in the house of ends, Mars makes one assertive in non-personal matters. These people are self-motivated and resent outside interference. They lack physical energy and will have deep, inner resentments to deal with.

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  • Amasa Bhaskar Govindaswamy
    In horoscope matching, which houses will Mars have obstructive restriction in Male horoscope to go for marriage with female of horoscope Mars is in 9th house lagna. In which house Mars with lagna, chandra and sukra, more destructive in which house with which planet. Plz do clarify.
    January 28, 2017