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Jupiter, the Planet of Luck in Zodiac Signs

April 18, 2016 | Total Views : 2,869
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Jupiter is one of the most benefic of all the nine planets. It is associated with luck, growth, prosperity, and good fortune. Its placement in a zodiac sign in your natal chart determines the quality and intensity of Jupiter’s support you will have to achieve the highest fulfillment and happiness in life. Let us see how Jupiter’s luck factor operates in different zodiac signs. In Aries – In an energetic sign ruled by Mars, the guiding light of Jupiter helps attract good fortune by making natives put in their best efforts to grow and excel in life. They lead, initiate, and motivate others, and in turn gain from the positive vibrations around them. jupiter In Taurus – In the artistic and wealth-oriented sign ruled by Venus, the energies of benefic Jupiter enhance an individual’s creative and wealth-generating abilities to grow and progress in life. The benevolent Jupiter helps them attract success, wealth, and good fortune through acts of generosity. In Gemini - The wisdom of Jupiter broadens the intellectual and communicative abilities of the sign ruled by Mercury. Natives attract success and good fortune when they spread the knowledge to enlighten and benefit others. In Cancer – The energies of benevolent Jupiter find comfort in a nurturing, protective sign ruled by the Moon, and this is where Jupiter is exalted. Natives with this combination draw good fortune when they expand their love and care to comfort others and make them feel secure. In Leo – In a regal sign ruled by the Sun, the divine intelligence of Jupiter expands creativity and makes natives yearn for higher knowledge. The energy of Jupiter brings good luck when the lion employs his energy to inspire and lead others without letting the ego get in the way.
In Virgo – Jupiter’s divine intelligence improves the analytical and logical abilities of the sign ruled by Mercury. The guidance of the Guru will help natives develop technical expertise to look at finer details and attract success and good luck. In Libra – The higher knowledge and wisdom of Jupiter adds a strong sense of righteousness to the sign represented as the scales of justice, ruled by Venus. Natives can connect with Jupiter’s benefic energies to attract good fortune by being fair and truthful in their conduct and attitude. In Scorpio – In an intense sign ruled by Mars, the divine guidance of Jupiter strengthens the ability of the natives to probe deep to understand the realities in a situation. It gives a boost to their intuitive abilities and makes them compassionate. They attract good fortune when they employ their skills and energies to heal others. In Sagittarius – The energies of Jupiter resonate very well in the sign where it feels at home. Ruled by Jupiter itself, Sagittarius is about strong beliefs and love for higher education, and with Jupiter’s presence natives’ intellectual perspective gets expanded. Being generous, tolerant, and inspirational brings them good luck. In Capricorn – Jupiter’s energies governing wisdom and higher learning lose their intensity in this sign ruled by Saturn, where achieving a higher position in life takes precedence. Jupiter helps natives develop strong ethics and integrity to achieve success and growth in life. In Aquarius – Jupiter expands qualities of ingenuity in the sign ruled by Saturn to help natives apply higher learning to try out new things and benefit those in their networking circle. They gather good fortune when they are understanding, cooperative, and learn to compromise. In Pisces – The guiding light of Jupiter magnifies imaginative, intuitive abilities of the sign ruled by the planet itself. When the natives learn to apply the wisdom of the Guru to enlighten and benefit others, they gain Jupiter’s blessings to grow and progress in life. banner

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