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Ancestors to Bless You: Tarpanam

Soul Genetics: Who is controlling your Soul?

Tarpanam – Special Message from Dr. PIllai

What is Tarpanam?

It is strongly believed that your dead ancestors are governing your destiny! The greatest contribution of India to the world is her spiritual science. No civilization, however old it may be, has attained the level of sophistication, reached by the yogis and siddhas of India. What makes Maha Tarpanam different, and more profitable, than other planetary remedies you have performed? Tarpanam works with your Soul DNA. It cleanses the biological and soul desires your have inherited from your ancestral lineage going back 7 generations. It is one ritual considered essential to the yogis and higher beings of ancient ancient and has been conducted in for 10,000s of years in human history.

Tarpanam is the most critical ritual one can perform for a newly departed relative. It is essential to perform this ritual 15 days after death. It will empower and release your loved ones’ soul for great power to transition to the afterlife and next birth. If the departed person died in a saddened or disturbed state of mind, this ritual is critical to help them release emotional pain which binds them to the world and prevents normal soul transition. If you have missed that date and still wish to perform, please let us know as the ritual will need to be intensified.

  • The yogis and siddhas paid equal attention to the bodily existence; while one is alive and also the disembodied existence after one dies.
  • The siddhas were an esoteric group of people who could appear at different places at different times.
  • They could even take the form of an old man or a boy, and return to the earth plane for a few hours visit.
  • It is said that these siddhas hang out in the subtle forms in many places in the southern India,Koli Hills and, Podhigai Hills (Kutralam).
  • If you are destined to meet them at those places, they will show up for you and bless you!
Rules for Shraddha or Shardhar Ritual

For 15 days until the ritual is performed, all family members should:

  • Not visit any temples or pilgrimage places (except churches)
  • Remain vegetarian
  • Not consume alcohol
  • Practice Celibacy

Please Note: We will not be shipping any prasads after the Tarpanam, as it is generally considered as inauspicious to possess the prasad.