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Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

November 20, 2017 | Total Views : 9,848
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According to Vedic Astrology, compatibility between the moon signs is important to be analyzed to predict how the wedded life of the couple would be. Following are the compatibility results of Libra with the 12 Moon signs between a man and a woman:

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

Both of you could either make the best or worst pairing. You both are totally opposite to each other, yet compatible on few things. Libra natives crave for relationships and they very well know how to blend or share their feelings with others, whereas Arians are more independent and less considerate which might often make Libras feel insecure and unloved. Arians tans to take charge and make strong decisions, while Libras depend on Arians for almost everything as they lack a sense of self-approval and determination. Arians also are less willing to take their partner’s opinions into consideration. This may be convenient for the indecisive Libra natives; however they may end feeling over-compromising and taken advantage of. Libras love company and want to be together always, while Arians want their freedom and need to be alone at times. Arians tend to show emotional outbursts and are comparatively impulsive, whereas Libras are more balanced and try to avoid noisy or unpleasant situations. This might portray Arians as the trouble makers in the relationship. Arians resist discussing their feelings with others and do not seek help that easily, while Libras are more open to suggestions and want to discuss their problems with a friend or counselor. You both may have to work a lot to overcome your differences in order to balance your relationship.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Taurus Moon Sign

Both of you can share a great relationship as you both consider domestic harmony and personal relationships more important. You both will do anything to avoid clashes at home and are generally uncomfortable with conflicts or turmoil. However there are enough differences amongst you two and one of you may end up feeling that they are over-compromising to keep the relationship balanced. Libras love conversations and may feel avoided or unloved, when Taureans are not that much interested in verbal expression. Also, once a relationship is established Taureans are more comfortable with the routine, while Libras expect and want romantic gestures to stay happy in the relationship. Although both of you love the same thing, you tend to express it in different ways. Libras like to experience things through their intellect, unlike Taureans who use their senses to analyze things. Both of you may impose your flaws on each other which may create discomfort. Both of you need to confront problems and come to a solution instead of just letting them slide away and intensify. If you can work on these differences, then you both could make a successful pairing.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Gemini Moon Sign

Both of you would make a perfect couple as you base everything logically and rationally rather than on emotions. You both have so many things in common and have great respect for each other. You both tend to analyze and discuss fairly during tough times instead of expressing them with emotional outbursts. Both of you may ignore and try to avoid expressing your true feelings of anger, sadness or fear. While Libras like to keep things smooth and light and sort out issues as early as possible, Geminis tend to discuss and debate on things endlessly and may become uncomfortable when emotions take over the situation. During such situations, Gemini natives tend to use humor as a defensive tool to cope up with difficult emotions. Both of you love to socialize with people, with Libras being more interested in people and human experiences and Geminis who love to talk about anything and everything under the sky. You both will make great friends as well as enjoy a romantic relationship.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Cancer Moon Sign

Although you both have a great understanding and respect for each other, you may have to face challenges in your relationship. Both of you try hard to please your partner and are very sensitive to other’s opinion about you. You both go out of your way to please the other and try to make your partner be at ease. Both of you are actually frightened to confront any personal conflict and avoid discussing your differences. Cancereans will be moody and Libras will try to be diplomatic. Cancereans may find it difficult to deal with the inability of Libras to connect on a deeper level and Libras may find Cancereans’ instinctive behavior a little challenging. Cancer natives are more needy, secured and are inclined to suppress their loved ones. Hence, they may be more of a parent than a lover to Libra natives, which might upset the Libras who expect a lover rather than a parenting partner. Even though you both share certain attributes, you react differently to the same situation. If you are willing to overcome your differences and compromise with each other, you can run things smoothly.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Leo Moon Sign

Both of you are fairly compatible with each other and are friendly and romantic. You both share a relationship based on friendship and honesty and adore taking care of family and children. Leo natives want to center of attraction and can be a little commanding, while Libras are more accommodating. This could often cause problem to the Libras who are too compromising and considerate. Libra natives are indecisive rather than Leos who are strong, self-centered and decisive. The indecisive nature of the Libras might upset the Leos. Though a little selfish, Leo natives are extremely good-hearted that they will not take the agreeableness of their partners for granted. Despite your differences, you both will find it easy to cooperate and harmonize with each other. Leo natives appreciate the nature of Libras to analyze both the sides of a situation. Both of you respect each other and enjoy a romantic relationship. Leos are naturally strong and certain and Libras are rather submissive and find this inner strength of Leos very attractive indeed. You both are emotionally a very good couple and can make a loving couple.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Virgo Moon Sign

Although you both have many differences, you both may be able to make the relationship work out. Both of you are perfectionists in your own way. Libras want a perfect relationship where both the partners equally share everything and discuss things fairly to sort things out. Virgos want perfect order in everything and pay attention to every detail, particularly upon diet, health and hygiene. Virgo natives focus on organizing things and draws best methods to carry out everything, whereas Libras want to have a harmonious and tension-free home atmosphere. Libras are generally very diplomatic; however Virgos are mostly criticizing everything that they feel out of order. Virgos are also self-critical and want to achieve unbelievably high standards in appearance, behavior and conduct. Both of you react to things logically rather than emotionally. One main difference between you two is that Libras do not have strong views and accept suggestions and ideas from anyone, whereas Virgos have strong, clear ideas and infuriatingly try to correct others when they are wrong. If you want this relationship to work out, you both have to compromise a lot.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Libra Moon Sign

Libra and Libra pairing may work out or may not. Although both of you share many attributes, both of you are wavering minded, that you both find it difficult to take a simple decision. Also, you both blend very well together and have a great understanding with each other. You are naturally diplomatic, courteous, and considerate and try to please people. Both of you try to avoid conflicts and unpleasant conversations in personal relationships as you both want to be liked and recognized always. You try not to offend anyone by making any strong decision or extreme perspectives. Both of you are indecisive and depend on someone else to make a strong choice. For both of you, togetherness is very important and without them you may feel insecure and imperfect. Both of you try to deal things fairly and regard sharing everything equally makes a perfect relationship. You both love to talk and discuss about things, however it sometimes could lead to disagreements. But neither of you will bring it up as both of you are too diplomatic to create any unpleasantness. Both of you share a great artistic taste and would make a lovely, peaceful and beautiful home together.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign

Both of you have many differences and in order to make the relationship work out, one of you may have to compromise a lot and accept the behavior of the other. Libra natives are very affable and socializing and always would like to be loved and surrounded by people. Scorpios are very quiet and do not like to engage much in social conversations which might make them feel lonely at times. Libras try to avoid any unpleasant conversations or personal conflicts, while Scorpios are emotionally complex people who are rather secretive about their feelings. Libra natives are very easygoing and accept people as they are, whereas Scorpios tend to analyze people and turn doubtful. Scorpios can also be dominating in a relationship which upset the Libras and make them uncomfortable. Libras natives try to behave fairly in all situations, while Scorpio natives are intense and revengeful. It is really difficult to comfort or please each other as your needs are very different. In order to make this relationship to work out, you both may have to make many compromises and be extremely committed.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign

Both of you will make a wonderful couple and a peaceful home. Both of you are open, friendly, tolerant, committed and see only good things in everybody. You both love being out and socializing with people. However, you both may differ in your needs. Libras are too diplomatic whereas Sagittarians are frank and outspoken. Sagittarians love to be independent whereas Libras can be a bit clinging. The diplomatic and affable Libras may feel uncomfortable and hurt by the complete unawareness of the Sagittarians of other’s feelings. However they may not express it to the Sagittarians to avoid raising any conflict. Sagittarians strongly express their thoughts and beliefs, whereas Libras may not express their views strongly to avoid offending someone. Libras are always friendly, pleasant and wary of other’s feelings and responses, whereas Sagittarians can be boisterous and oblivious. Libras may often feel insecure and unloved when Sagittarians are off to experience solitary adventures. Together you both will have a great time and with little effort you can succeed in your relationship. Libras will try to be more tolerant and mostly you good times will overshadow the bad ones.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign

Both of you may not make a perfectly compatible pairing, unless one of you is willing to make enough compromises in the relationship. Libras are warm, compassionate people who want a loving relationship and regard togetherness and companionship very important with partners, whereas Capricorns are reserved and not emotionally expressive or affectionate. Libra natives are dependent and want the company of a friend or a mate whereas Capricorns are emotionally more self-contained and are quite afraid of emotional weakness, dependency and neediness. Libras feel more secured in personal relationships whereas Capricorns finds it in work and accomplishments. Capricorn natives are more hardworking and are willing to do hard work for financial and material success for their family. This seriousness of the Capricorns will upset the Libras who are more emotionally dependent. Capricorn natives may find it difficult to cope with the emotional dependency and indecisive nature. If you both can work it out together, Libras can learn some independence from Capricorns, who can in turn teach the Libras to enjoy a break once in a while.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Aquarius Moon Sign

Both of you share a lot of things and have a great understanding with each other. You both love to socialize with people and like to share ideas and converse about intellectual topics. You both like to discuss about almost everything including how people should relate to one another in terms of equality, respect for individualities and differences etc. Although both of you like to socialize, Libra natives try to be diplomatic whereas Aquarians try to be unique and make their mark. Both of you are somewhat emotionally detached. While Libra likes romantic gestures, Aquarians love to enjoy their personal freedom. Both of you must be understanding and learn to respect and appreciate each other’s feelings. Aquarians are rebellious and may sometimes disregard conventional ways of approaching or doing things whereas Libras are more concerned about their social behavior and acceptance. Libras may appear a bit clingy while the Aquarians sometimes prioritize others before their family. Both of you would make a successful pairing that these small differences will be overcome by your open communication and mutual respect.

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility with Pisces Moon Sign

Although both of you have very little in common, you both will share a lovely and romantic relationship. Both of you are peace-lovers and love to have a harmonious home and try to avoid personal conflicts. There are also few differences between you two. While Libra natives are diplomatic, friendly and like orderliness in everything, Pisceans are sensitive, instinctual and disorderly. Libra natives want equality in relationship and want a balanced scale as to how much is given and taken between the partners, whereas Pisceans are very generous and comfortable being in a relationship where one is a giver and the other is the receiver. To keep the relationship going, Libras must be willing to be aware of everything and Pisceans need to be honest. Both of you should work to attain a moderation in everything. Libras are quite balanced whereas Pisceans may tend to react to extremity in all things which might imbalance the relationship. Also Pisceans are comparatively more emotional and intuitive whereas Libras are detached and lucid. Auspicious Dates: 1,5,7,8,9,12,13,14,15,19,20,22,23,24,25,29,30. Inauspicious Dates: 2,3,4,6,10,11,16,17,18,21,26,27,28,31.

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