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Full Moons and Relationship in Astrology

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 7,085
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The Moon is the significator of the mind and emotions and is of feminine gender. The Moon rules the Zodiac sign of Cancer which is the most emotionally sensitive of all signs.


The positive traits associated with the Moon are patience, sympathy, good memory, caring and receptivity, and the negative traits are emotional instability, mood swings, touchiness and worry. These are the qualities that have an impact on our ability to build relationships.

Moon and the mind

  • The effect of the Moon is very important in a person`s life as it represents the psyche in human beings.
  • The Moon rules the mind and is responsible for the emotional balances. According to astrology, it connects our moods to the spirit within.
  • The Moon in our chart indicates the type of relationship we share with people and family members.
  • The Moon`s cycles of New Moon and Full Moon affect the pattern of our thoughts, emotions and hormones in the body.
  • When the Moon is full, with bright and abundant light, it helps emotions surge and makes it easier for us to express them clearly. It is the right time to show appreciation and love.

Full Moon- astrological perspective

  • Full Moon is regarded with great importance in the scriptures of Vedic Astrology. It occurs once a month and is called Poornima, in Sanskrit. It is associated with prosperity and divinity. This day is considered very auspicious for spiritual and material activities.
  • The Moon assumes a powerful position on this day as the Sun and the Moon are directly opposite each other.
  • Astrologically, those born on a Full Moon are intelligent, attractive and never suffer from lack of wealth. They are always learning about themselves through their close relationships. Their ultimate goal is to be in peace and constantly work to achieve it.

Full Moon and Relationships

  • Full Moons are ideal for love, romance and relationships.
  • The radiant light of the Full Moon illuminates our activities and guides us in our relationships with those around us.
  • Full Moon makes us aware of the deeper meaning of relationship by helping us explore the depths of the inner being, shedding light on the dark shadows of our consciousness. Such insight can renew love between partners in long standing relationships, who have previously suffered due to misunderstanding and over familiarity. All our buried emotions are brought up by the light of the Full Moon.
  • However, Full Moons also denote dissolution, reversals, culmination or ending of past hurts and grievances. It means we have to introspect and find out where we have gone wrong and seek ways for restoring balance.
  • New relationships are best created when they are formed during the waxing period before the Full Moon. It helps us to explore the emotional world in a mature way.
  • Relationships are a way to self discovery that enriches us and make us stronger. Often relationships need hard work, effort and compromise to work well.
  • Reflection, meditation and prayer on the Full Moon will attract divine grace into our lives that will help to promote harmony and happiness in relationships. Prayer on the Full Moon is meant to do away with emotional and physical pains and getting release from our miseries.
  • Full Moons can be a period where we can be grateful to the people in our lives and in relationships.
  • Love, harmony and passion – these areas can be worked upon during these days. Full Moon gives us the clarity to see the needs of ours and those around us.

Goddess Parvati and the Full Moon

The ruling deity of the Moon is Goddess Parvati. Praying to her on Full Moon days will yield good results in building loving and lasting relationships. This will also help heal broken relationships, promote harmony and restore peace and well being in one`s life. People who are married or those with partners will find their relationships being strengthened by praying to her. The Mantra for Goddess Parvati is KLEEM. If we chant this mantra to a count of 21, 54 or 108 on a Full Moon day it creates positive powerful vibrations in and around us and will help promote harmony in our relationships. One of the most auspicious days to connect with the Goddess is on Chithra Poornima – a Full Moon which occurs on the Tamil Month of Chithrai (April - May). Other Full Moons that are very auspicious are Guru Poornima (July- August) and Karthik Poornima (November – December).


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    my brother i pray gets sober and moves out of my parents house
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