How To Receive Dr Pillai’s Birthday Blessings? |

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How To Receive Dr Pillai’s Birthday Blessings?

January 23, 2020 | Total Views : 672
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Who is Dr. Pillai?

Dr. Baskaran Pillai is a renowned spiritual leader, international teacher, scholar-mystic, and humanitarian from Southern India. His life mission is to erase human pain and suffering from the face of the earth. It is through his philanthropic and educational initiatives that he strives to achieve this. He has launched several educational and humanitarian programs for this purpose. The Pillai Center for MindScience, for instance, is an educational institution that aims to enhance human intelligence and transform all aspects of life positively. It offers MindScience courses in the four primary areas of spiritual evolution, relationships, health, and prosperity. Dr. Pillai has also founded related educational programs like Mind-Sound Technology, which develops sound-based education and media programs for young people. Yet another brainchild of his is Pvt. Ltd, which is dedicated to propagating the wisdom enshrined in the Vedic sciences and using it to help people lead joyful and more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Pillai’s Work

Dr. Pillai is also the founder of the non-profit Tripura Foundation which is committed to removing extreme poverty. For over two decades, Tripura’s programs have been helping to educate children, eradicate hunger and empower girls and women. “HopeTown Initiative” is a program that provides sustainable and environmentally-friendly housing for the most deprived people by constructing beautiful homes in place of slum dwellings. The Foundation also sponsors Girlstown and Boystown residential facilities for poor children, offers feeding programs as well as other relief programs for the poor, the mentally ill, and homeless people all over the world.

Significance of Dr. Pillai’s 2020 Birthday

With his vast and deep knowledge of ancient Vedic wisdom and his unswerving commitment to human upliftment, Dr. Pillai has acquired the status of a Guru among all those who know him and his work for humanity. As Dr. Pillai’s 71st birthday (Feb 1, 2020) draws near, AstroVed is preparing for a grand celebration that features 7-day Grand Ceremonies that include 5 Grand Fire Labs, 1 Bonus Fire Lab, 25 Poojas at sacred energy vortices, and 2 Karma-Clearing and Sin-Absolving Proxy Technologies.

Dr Pillai birthday is the most special day to receive his blessings. He has the power to work miracles that can help resolve any problem or make your wishes come true. This year, his birthday will be especially significant for he has declared that 2020 will be a year of miracles. Participating in these power rituals can help you to connect deeply with Dr. Pillai on his 2020 birthday and receive his special blessings for prosperity, good fortune, wish-fulfillment, and clearing karma.

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