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Greatness of Lord Narasimha

April 28, 2020 | Total Views : 989
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Narasimha is a fierce incarnation of the supreme protector archetype, Vishnu. The term ‘Nara’ refers to a man or the human form, and ‘Simha’ is the lion. Hence, Nara- Simha is the man-lion Avatar of Vishnu, where the mighty form has the head of a lion and the torso or the body of a man. Like any other incarnation of Lord Vishnu, this, too, was taken to destroy evil and protect the virtuous.
There are many Puranas, the legends which speak about the Narasimha Avatar and its greatness. The Bhagavatha Purana also mentions many of the incarnations that Vishnu was supposed to have taken on earth from time to time to annihilate the wicked, rescue the good, and establish Dharma, the righteousness on earth. Ten of these incarnations are held as especially significant and are said to portray the evolution of the life forms on earth. The Narasimha or the Narasimha Avatar is counted as the fourth of these 10 Vishnu Avatars

The Narasimha Legend:

The advent of Narasimha is as amazing as his legend is interesting. Lord Narasimha manifested on earth all of a sudden, to put an end to the mighty demon Hiranyakashipu and protect his son and others from his evil clutches. Hiranyakashipu or Hiranya had a serious grouse against Lord Vishnu, for killing his brother Hiranyaksha in his previous incarnation. Hiranya did severe penance and got some amazing boons from Lord Brahma, the supreme creator. These boons assured him that he would not be killed either by a man or an animal, during the day or night, on earth or in the sky, inside or outside, and also any weapon. 

Armed with such incredible boons, which made him almost invincible and immortal, he let loose a reign of terror on heaven and earth. He brought all the worlds under his control and imposed his ruthless regime on the heavenly and the earthly beings.   

He particularly targeted the devotees of Vishnu and started inflicting untold miseries on those who even took Vishnu’s name. So, none dared to say or chant ‘Om Namo Narayanaya,’ the sacred name of Vishnu. And instead, all the worlds reverberated only with his name, as ‘Hiranyaya Namaha.’
But Lord Vishnu seemed to have very different plans!

As fate would have it, Prahlada, the son born to demon Hiranya, turned out to be an ardent devotee of none other than his father’s bête noir, Vishnu! The little boy spent his time praying to Vishnu, listening to and narrating his sacred stories, reciting hymns in his praise, and chanting the holy mantra ‘Om Namo Narayanaya.’ Hiranya, who could not digest his own son remaining devoted to his bitter enemy, did everything to stop him. When he failed to discourage him by any means, the cruel Hinranya even went ahead and tried to put him to death by various means. But here too he failed, as his son was a divine child and enjoyed the protection of none other than the universal protector himself!

Exasperated and desperate, Hiranya, at last, demanded to know from his son, where his protector Vishnu was? And Prahlada replied, ‘He is there everywhere – from a mighty pillar to a minute particle!’ Overcome with rage, Hiranya smashed a big pillar in his palace with his mighty mace, and out emerged the incredible man-lion Narasimha! 
Narasimha seized Hiranya, took him to the threshold of his palace, laid him on his lap, tore his stomach with his sharp fingernails, and slew him instantly. In the process, this Vishnu Avatar also ensured that none of the aspects of the demon’s boons were violated. 

Thus Narasimha rescued the worlds and their beings and also his dear devotee Prahlada from the ruthless hold of the mighty demon and established Dharma on earth. He also installed Prahlada as the king of the empire and showered him with his blessings. 

Narasimha Jayanthi:

Lord Narasimha is said to have taken this incarnation on the Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdasi day, and that is observed and celebrated as Narasimha Jayanthi. The Narasimha Jayanthi 2020 falls on 6th May 2020 Wednesday. On this day, many people observe fasts, chant Mantras in Narasimha’s praise, listen to religious lectures that narrate stories about him, and offer prayers to him.    
Narasimha is a great protector, who can shield you against all problems and dangers, help clear debts and provide wealth, ward off evils, fulfill desires and ensure success, and also remove sins and lead you in the path to salvation.

Pray to Lord Narasimha on this Narasimha Jayanthi 2020 and earn his divine blessings.


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