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The Truth Seeker Sagittarius Woman

April 1, 2020 | Total Views : 1,358
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This adventure junkie loves to explore and try new things. Her objective is to enjoy life to the fullest, she may seem like an ‘anything goes’ kind of person, but she is well aware of her limits. She is not afraid to speak her mind, although expressing her feelings is quite another thing altogether. She doesn’t take well to criticism and can be rigid in her thinking. She thrives on her intelligence and independence. She may seem bossy at times, but enjoys being challenged as well. A Sagittarius woman is great to spend time with – if you can keep up with her. She tends to have a lot going on all the time. She honestly means it when she says she’ll make time for you and takes every opportunity to connect with her loved ones, that is when she is not out seeking new thrills.

Gifts of the Ruling planet: Jupiter

Jupiter- the planet of education, wisdom, spirituality, command, and abundance. This is the last fire sign ruled by this planet of luck, good fortune, and exploration (of both knowledge and spirituality). She is happy, full of energy, confidence, and often reflect Jupiter’s larger-than-life persona.

Feisty and Fearless: Element- Fire

Her constant curiosity and unyielding, relentless search for the truth is like a blazing flame. Archers suffer from wanderlust and are happiest when they can move about without a care or concern. This can make her come off as reckless at times, but that energy is absolutely in keeping with what we know about fire.

Traits of a Sagittarius Woman:

Sagittarius Woman At Work:

She loves to start new projects and gather intel. She can be caring and nurturing to her colleagues. She possesses a superior intellect and is best suited for professions that match her lofty ideals. She is candid and expects the same transparency from those around her. She can be trusted with sensitive matters, security, and money – and she’ll be punctual and show up when she says she will.

Sagittarius Woman At Home:

The home of a Sagittarius zodiac sign woman is always overwhelming with the treasures from her travels. She likes to keep it simple and tasteful. As a rule, she is happiest when she is surrounded by vast open spaces, which reflects her exploring mindset. Finances are not her forte, but she seems to have just enough to do everything she wants. As a mother, she cares deeply for her children and encourages them to be truth-seekers, independent, and free-thinkers.

Sagittarius Woman In Relationships:

She is passionate and will make the first move if she likes someone. She loves the chase and is bold enough to go after what she wants. She will not settle for less and has high expectations of her partner. In friendship, she is fun-loving, outgoing, and can entertain you with her countless tales of adventures, and her quick wit will keep you in stitches. She will lend a comforting shoulder when you’re in need. She gives excellent advice, and you can count on her for an honest opinion.


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