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Gemini health horoscope 2016

January 21, 2016 | Total Views : 1,894
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Dear Geminis, You encompass a great range of energies steering you toward varied interests, often at the same time. Your versatility and enthusiasm keep you going and allow you to handle multi-tasking with ease. On the flip side, this makes you prone to anxiety and insomnia. The changing energy pattern of the stars exposes you to new possibilities and challenges. Do you want to know how it will impact your health? Here is what your Health Horoscope 2016 recommends to keep up your energy and spirits: Eat well and eat healthy. Geminis have the habit of eating on the run. It’s ok if you are comfortable with small, frequent meals, but once in a while you need to sit back and enjoy the flavors as well. At times, a meal cooked at home is much more filling than a feast at a restaurant. gemini-health-horoscope-2016 Guard against infections. Geminis are prone to upper respiratory infections. Your 2016 health horoscope points to a possibility of throat and lung infections. Protect yourself from extreme temperatures. Those allergic to dust will have to be cautious. Practicing yoga and breathing exercises like Pranayama is recommended. Regular practice of Pranayama will make you more energetic and positive. You may also have stomach problems, especially during the period of May – July. Due to your busy schedule and travel you may skip your food and exercises, and this will cause indigestion. Be careful with what you eat. Avoid the intake of junk foods and alcoholic drinks. Go for fresh foods, fruits, and salads. Spinach, tomatoes, beans, carrots, apricots, oranges, and plums are good for you. Take care of your skin. Infections, bad food, and hectic schedules could take a toll on your skin and make it prone to rashes. Good skincare will guard it from these tortures. Stop worrying; you are close to Lord Vishnu. Do not let worries and strange fears disturb your health. Planet Mercury is the lord of Gemini and is being ruled by archetype Vishnu, who represents wealth and sustenance. Praying to Lord Vishnu and listening to Vishnu Sahasranamam will ensure good health and make your mind peaceful and positive.


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