What Are The Effects of Rahu and Mercury Conjunction 2023 in Aries

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What Are The Effects of Rahu and Mercury Conjunction 2023 in Aries

January 30, 2023 | Total Views : 194
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In Vedic astrology, Rahu is a shadow planet or lunar node that is malefic in nature. Mercury, or Budha, is the prince and royal messenger among the planets. It rules speech, communication, manual skills, intellect, and inner playfulness. Rahu is insatiable in nature and desires material things.

When 2 planets are conjunct in a zodiac sign, it can have many effects on people. Rahu-Mercury conjunction will be happening in Aries on March 31, 2023. Rahu’s presence in the same sign as Aries will have a significant impact on the aspects (as given above) related to Mercury. All these aspects will be amplified and expanded due to Rahu. This can give one an explosive nature. One may also become more unconventional in conversation.

Rahu has an affinity with Mercury, as the latter has a neutral and non-judgmental nature.

Rahu-Mercury conjunction in Aries will be from March 31, 2023, to April 6, 2023. It will be in Aries for 68 days.

Here are the effects of the Mercury and Rahu conjunction in the Aries sign.

Rahu in Aries

It is well-known that Rahu is a malefic planet, which can bring adverse effects on our lives. But it is not always so. Rahu’s placement in your Kundli indicates the Karma from previous births. Also, Rahu causes delusion. Rahu is powerful for skilled warriors.

Rahu in Aries bestows courage and a tendency to take big risks in life, but only if there is a good chance of success. People with Rahu in Aries are rather fortunate, so the chances they take may actually pay off. They may be rash, but it can benefit them. This position is also good for love, but only when the person has faced many obstacles.

Rahu in Aries gives one a feeling of self-preservation. It makes one assertive and bestows a forward-thinking mindset. The natives should try to be self-reliant and stick to their own opinions. They should be confident and believe in themselves. Success will come if they remain faithful to themselves and are not swayed by other people’s opinions.

Rahu tends to expand the rajasic or tamasic qualities of planets.

Mercury in Aries

If you have a favorable Mercury in your Kundli, you will be very thoughtful, attain great heights in your profession, and enjoy good friendships. Mercury is what determines your intelligence and communication skills. It also shows how we form relationships and express our views.

Aries is a fire sign. Mars is its ruling planet. Mars and Mercury are hostile and harmful to one another in terms of gender and element. But Mercury in Aries is neutral and makes one witty and intelligent. The native is good at offering useful solutions and ideas. They will be innovative and have a smart mind.

Mercury in Aries gives a bold, robust, honest, and courageous personality. It makes one interested in the performing and visual arts. They will shine in any field, as their communication skills can be outstanding.

Mercury & Rahu Conjunction

This conjunction indicates that a major event is likely to happen to natives through speech, interaction, composition, analytical power, etc. Interaction, speech, and knowledge undergo rapid improvement during this conjunction. One’s ability to think creatively and intelligently will increase when Mercury and Rahu are in harmony. The native likes debating. They will be unique and unconventional. They can break taboos.

The conjunction shows that the native will be intelligent and witty. They may do great things as they have remarkable intellectual gifts.

But, at times, the native may display an unsteady mindset. Rahu’s influence suggests that they may find it hard to make decisions. The conjunction can give natives a love of movies and other kinds of entertainment. They can be good in extracurricular activities and have a flair for entertaining others. Due to Rahu and Mercury’s influence, they can experience delusions and have a tendency to daydream.

Effects of Rahu and Mercury Conjunction 2023

Rahu and Mercury conjunction forms the Madhya Yoga. It brings highs and lows in one’s life. The impact can be both favorable and unfavorable.

The Positive Effects

· The native will have excellent communication skills. They will be intelligent and possess abilities that help them to shine in their profession.

· The native will do well in writing, playwriting, or storytelling.

· They may also achieve success in branding, publicity, and other marketing activities.

· The native will excel in trade and commerce. Their business may grow even internationally.

· The public, as well as eminent people, will find their speech endearing and entertaining.

· The native may work in a field that involves short trips for professional or business purposes.

Negative Effects

· The native will be witty and use their communication skills to bend the truth so that it benefits themselves.

· They may lie or act manipulatively.

· The native may talk in a lower voice and more slowly than others. They can conceal personal information and act secretively. They will quickly adjust to their surroundings and deceive people.

· If there is a strong malefic influence, the person may have problems like lisping, stuttering, confused speech, poor skills in mathematics and numbers, bad memory. Their education may be incomplete.

· A strong malefic influence can make them tamper with documents or engage in forgery to conceal or commit fraud, internet fraud, etc. They can steal identities and commit scams. They may suffer from depression.

· They may have some skin problems, and there may be black or brown blotches on their bodies.

· They may have to make frequent short trips for business or to complete tasks.

· They may deliberately manipulate or trick the public.

· They may not find it easy to accumulate wealth. They can be spendthrifts and not good at saving money.

The effects of the Mercury and Rahu conjunction may vary from horoscope to horoscope. Other factors, like house, degree, Jupiter, benefic involvement, etc., also play a role.

In a birth chart, conjunctions can give meaning to your life or a purpose. They tend to give or take away things. Their positive effects are Yogas, and the negative effects are Doshas.

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