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Characteristics of Purvabhadra Nakshatra

May 3, 2016 | Total Views : 5,672
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Purvabhadra is the 25th nakshatra, which is represented by two bright stars called Alpha Pegasi and Beta Pegasi. The celestial location of the Purvabhadra nakshatra is 20:00 Kumbha (Aquarius) to 03:20 Meena (Pisces). The regional names of this Nakshatra are Amarprabhu, Purva Prostha Pada, Poorattadhi, Poorva Brostha Pada, and Prathisthanau. The sacred tree of the Purvabhadra nakshatra is the Neem. characteristics-of-purvabhadra-nakshatra The ruling deity is Aja Ekapada, the one-footed goat found in the entourage of Rudra, a form of Shiva. One who prays to Aja Ekapada devoutly gains the radiance and splendor of spiritual knowledge. Worshiping Purvabhadra Nakshatra awakens within us a higher spiritual potential and power in our lives. Those suffering from the bad effects of this nakshatra should worship Lord Shiva for well-being and peace.

Life Path of Purvabhadra Natives

Ruled by benefic Jupiter, the natives undertake leadership roles and provide executive leadership. They are broad-minded and respectable with righteous conduct. They always follow a set of principles and adhere to them strongly.


They are successful in the business world due to their human temperament and their motivation to attain prosperity. Being skilled at making money, they come across as scholarly, intelligent, helpful, and devotional people. They have a skill to shine in any type of work or in business. If employed in government services or organizations, they can be sure of promotions and unexpected gains. They can shine in the fields of business, banking, government employment, or work as a teacher, priest, actor, writer, astrologer, astronomer, or research analyst. They are peace-loving and God-fearing with an ability to render help to the needy. They will be able to command respect and honor from their communities and the public in general, even if they are financially weak. They are peace-loving and lovers of good food with a voracious appetite and a pleasing personality. They are fond of children and devoted to their spouses. These natives generally love and respect their fathers, but are unable to get along with their mothers. They cannot fully enjoy the love and affection of their mothers due to an early separation. The mother will usually be a working person, and automatically she will be separated from you, as she is away most of the time. They are spiritual beings who are unorthodox in their religious views. They prefer to arrive at their beliefs through logical reasoning. Sometimes, they are high-strung and nervous in their temperament. The females born in this nakshatra are usually born into a rich family or are wealthy. She can be extremely influential in the community she moves in. She will be fond of reading and will be a good judge of human character. These natives are prone to acidity, mental tension, gastric troubles, diabetes, and problems in the ribs, flanks, and soles of the feet.


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