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Career Astrology – Influence of Houses and Planets

May 4, 2016 | Total Views : 3,383
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Career Astrology helps you make the right career choices best suited for your success. By assessing your strengths and weaknesses on the basis of the planetary combination in your natal chart, you are guided to options that will not only help you capitalize on your strengths, but also enable you live up to your potential. Let us see how the nature of the houses and planets influences your direction of growth and progress in life. career-astrology

Influence of Astrological Houses on Your Career

The energies of the strong planets supporting careers in specific houses in your chart determine the field of the career where your success lies. First House: The house of self supports success in the area of self-employment. Second House: The house of money supports growth and progress in the fields of banking, investment, teaching, etc. Third House: The house of communication helps you succeed in sales and marketing, advertising, public relations, etc.


Fourth House: The house concerning land and vehicles makes you proficient in the fields of agriculture, real estate, mining, and professions dealing with automobiles. Fifth House: The house dealing with speculation supports success in the fields of share marketing, brokering, and politics. Sixth House: The house dealing with litigation and disputes brings easy success in the field of law and security, and health-related professions. Seventh House: The house of partnerships supports careers in the field of partnership business and trade, and also professions dealing with delivering justice. Eight House: With the support of the house dealing with mysteries and research you can excel in the fields of research and investigation, astrology, and other occult studies. Ninth House: The house dealing with religion and philosophy helps you shine in the fields of religious professions, law, teaching, etc. Tenth House: The house given the most importance in terms of careers supports government jobs and professions dealing with the public and the masses. Eleventh House: Dealing with friends and networking, this house backs activities undertaken by clubs, social groups, professional associations, etc. Twelfth House: The house associated with loss and expenses supports careers relating to foreign countries, import/export, travel, etc.

Influence of Planets on Your Career

The influence of the planets indicates the type of career that will be suitable for you. The Sun: The planet of authority will help you excel in managing authoritative positions and holding government positions. The Moon: The planet dealing with care and emotions will be supportive if you pursue a career relating to nursing and caring, children, cooking, etc. Mars: The fiery energy of the planet supports you if you are involved with the military, police, surgeons, or are dealing with weaponry. Mercury: The intellect of the planet helps you when you take up any kind of communication work, editing, astrology, accountancy, publishing, and computer-related jobs. Jupiter: The energies of the wisdom planet support careers in spirituality, law, humanitarian activities, and research-based works. Venus: The planet of love and money helps you excel in entertainment, art, beauty, and luxury areas. Saturn: The energies of the planet governing determination and hard work support you with jobs relating to physical labor, agriculture, mining, etc. Rahu: The support of the mysterious planet will help you progress in the fields of research, engineering, medicine or drugs, and speculative activities. Ketu: Called the “spiritual planet,” Ketu supports activities relating to religion, metaphysics, and secret affairs. An astrologer will take into account the nature of the house and planets, the strengths and weaknesses of the planets, and the good and bad aspects of the planets before guiding you to the career best suitable for you.

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  • Kamal Sarna
    In my 66 years of age never earned for my family's actual needs, almost 20 times zero as on today, now doing with colonizer plot selling on commission basis bit not able to sell in 3 months.
    May 6, 2016