Revati Nakshatra Characteristics, Characteristics of Revati Nakshatra

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Characteristics of Revati Nakshatra

April 30, 2016 | Total Views : 2,219
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The auspicious Revati nakshatra is the last of the 27 nakshatras with a celestial location spreading from 16:40 to 30:00 Pisces, or Meena. The symbols of this nakshatra are the drum and fish, which stand for deep spirituality and markers of time. It is ruled by the planet Mercury, and the presiding deity is Pushan, a Vedic deity connected to the Sun. He is the keeper of flocks and herds and the bringer of prosperity. Sacred to the Revati nakshatra is the” Honey Tree. characteristics-of-revati-nakshatra

Auspicious Revati

Revati means “wealthy” or “descended from a wealthy family.” It also means “the shining light, protector of herds and wealth.” Those who pray to this nakshatra become the lords of the animals, bestowing the richness of harvest and fertile fields. The power of this nakshatra helps one gain spiritual growth and the development of psychic abilities.

Life path of the natives of Revati nakshatra

The natives of this nakshatra are benevolent, courageous, and always tend to see the world from an optimistic point of view. They remain unperturbed in times of setbacks. They are attractive in appearance, rich, and clean with a well-formed body. They have a polished sense of refinement, poise, an illumined presence, educational excellence, keen intellectual acumen, and a passion for learning. They are sometimes short-tempered but pure-hearted. They follow their own set of principles and do not accept anything contrary to theirs. Sometimes they are quick to jump to conclusions.


In their professions, they exhibit traits of scientific inquiry, large-scale planning, and thinking on a wide perspective. They can make excellent archaeologists, astrologers, mathematicians, historians, judges, solicitors, spiritual gurus, teachers, philosophers, and preachers. They are also suited for pediatric and veterinary medicine, family law, social work, animal shelters, and infant care education. They can be interested in scientific solutions, ancient cultures, and historical research. Females of the Revati nakshatra are fond of pets and animals. They can be extremely beautiful with magnetic, attractive personalities. They will have harmonious married lives and will be good housekeepers. They can be creative, lucky, supportive, nurturing, compassionate, and caring. On the negative side, they can be over-indulgent, jealous, spiteful, stubborn, and volatile with a lack of self-esteem. Males of this Nakshatra are sociable and hospitable with a fondness to family and friends. They are well-formed with beautiful physiques, wise, and intelligent. They are strong personalities with a practical approach to things. They usually settle in foreign countries. They have the ability to accumulate the good things in life and know how to enjoy the fruits of their endeavors. They are clean in dealings and God-fearing. On the negative side, they can be hot-tempered, stubborn, and ambitious. The natives may suffer from gastric indigestion, intestinal ulcers, and ear problems. They are compatible with the Bharani, Shravana, Rohini, Pushyami, Poorvashadha, and Uttarashadha nakshatras. They are incompatible with Magha, Poorvabhadrapada and Dhanishta.

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