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Cancer in 2017 Predictions

September 17, 2016 | Total Views : 2,297
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Cancerians have highly evolved emotions. They form strong and deep bonds and value strong relationships. Loyalty, watchfulness and being a good friend are qualities that bring them closer to others. However, they need to control their hypersensitivity and moodiness. They will benefit immensely by overcoming their introvert tendency, which should be easy considering they are quite adaptive to circumstances. Due to the strong and evolved emotional makeup of Cancerians, they attempt to balance the situations whenever they can. If your sign is Cancer, then the year 2017 offers much favorable and some counter-productive situations that will test your abilities.

Cancer in 2017 – General Predictions

There is going to be a mix of good, bad, and worse. It will be raining blessing and a volley of brickbats for Cancer in 2017. Here’s a little sneak peek into your future. cancer-horoscope-2017-predictions

General – Good Predictions

You will very likely benefit financially with money coming in easily. You will have opportunities to enjoy sensual delights in the company of the opposite gender. You will also be able to enjoy luxuries like sumptuous food, luxurious dwellings, vehicles, and more. Apart from enjoying the luxuries of a good time, you will also be drawn towards spiritual and religious activities. With financial gains coming your way, you may also be gracious with charity and alms. If you have been troubled due to an illness of your father in the past, then you will see improvement in his health.

General – Bad Predictions

Not all your efforts will be smooth flowing, there will be obstructions preventing you from completing your tasks. These will affect your confidence. And will also cause misery and distress.

General – Worse Predictions

You may suffer a loss of a job or the circumstances may force you to change your profession. This can be distressing. There is also a possibility of loss of valuables to theft or due to other unfortunate situations. Since you will mostly be encountering fortunate circumstances in your chart, you could avoid or pare down the possibility of the above-mentioned crises through simple, cheap but effective remedies.

Cancer Money Predictions

You are in luck. You will have multiple sources of income and enjoy prosperity. Your family will also support you with considerable wealth, including gifts. With plenty at hand, you may acquire vehicles, a house, jewelry and also have enough to purchase shares. With money in plenty, you will taste good food.

Cancer Business Predictions

It’s going to be a favorable period for Cancer business people in 2017. There will be opportunities to expand your business. However, you must keep your channels of communication open with your partners to avoid conflicts.

Cancer Career Predictions

You may suffer a blow in the beginning, either in the form of losing your job, or being forced into changing your profession. After that, it’s going to be a smooth affair with a rise in status along with associated benefits. Do not despair. If you are uncertain about how you will be able to handle the initial setback, there are remedies to help cushion the blow.

Cancer Love and Romance

There is time to enjoy and indulge in passion. You will find it easy going with the opposite sex and get plenty of opportunities to enjoy his/her company. But long term relationships may become tumultuous causing you agony. If you are deep in love and don’t want to fritter away your relationship, then you need to protect your relationship with a powerful glue like a remedy.

Cancer Student Predictions

The year will be favorable to students as they will be able to concentrate on their studies better and will benefit from excellent memory abilities.

Cancer Health Predictions

Your physical health will be good, and there may not be major disruptions. But the first half of the year will see you in mental distress in the form of anger and confusion. If you find yourself overly disturbed or too restless, you could take help through the special personal transformation program. Though you will largely remain safe from major tragedies or troubles, you may face uncomfortable situations caused by planetary transits or due to adverse influences. Here are some remedies to help you in these situations.

Cancer Astrology Remedies

To counter the negative planetary influences and strengthen your Moon, you could do the following.

  • Recite the hymn “Om Chandraya Namaha” 108 times daily, during the Moon Hora.
  • Wear white colored clothes and donate rice mixed with Yoghurt along with milk on Monday’s.

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