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Remedy Center Astrology

“You don’t need an astrologer to tell you your life is a mess.
What you need are the right remedies to fix your problems.”

Vedic remedies, called “Pariharam” in Sanskrit, when done properly can give a person immediate results in alleviating their problems. Remedies change ones thoughts, energy and life situations. The primary ones include the chanting or writing of mantras, pooja (ritual offering with flowers), archana (offering with food) and yagna or homa (fire ritual). These traditional remedies are done at both our Remedy Centers in Chennai and Swami Mallai, in addition to sacred temple vortexes throughout India. Priests are not gurus. They are trained only to do rituals. Just because he gives Sanskrit mantras, does not mean that he is capable of initiating people. Falling at the feet of priests is discouraged.

How Do I Get Started

Homa AstroVed has a dedicated Fire Lab and Remedy Center in Ambattur Industrial Estate in Chennai,India. This is operational seven days a week and is housed on the second floor. Other products and services team as well as Nadi astrology consultation team is also functional from this location. There are total of four fire pits, out of which two are in the rooftop outdoor area and are well protected. The two indoor fire pits are also used to service Online Fire lab Webcasts. From here, the priests perform numerous fire labs for global AstroVed members every single day of the week. The AstroVed Temple is located on the second floor and consists of many antique, powerful and beautiful statues. Each morning in the temple, our priests perform Abhishekam (Hydration) rituals and poojas as worship to numerous deities. Rituals for the Nine Planets are performed for the benefit of our subscribed members at the Temple. Special poojas and other ceremonies are also conducted for global AstroVed members throughout the day.
Priests The team consists of highly specialized, fulltime Priests who are experts in performing authentic Vedic Rituals. They have taken special training in Gurukula System (Residential Study) for 5 years under able tutelage of eminent Teachers of yester years.They articulately chant the relevant mantras and also perform rituals skillfully as required. They are ably supported by office staff who do the ground work and are responsible all the arrangements for the fire lab. Offerings for the fire ritual are prepared by elderly Brahmin ladies to ensure the highest level of traditional adherence. For Special requirement like Pratyangira Homa and Chandi Homa, we enlist the eminent priests on consultancy and conduct the Fire Lab., as propounded in the Vedas. Specialized homas, such as Pratyangira and Chandi, require the priests to have initiation into specific mantras and understanding of the rituals. Priests are not gurus. They are trained only to do rituals. Just because he gives Sanskrit mantras, does not mean that he is capable of initiating people. Falling at the feet of priests is discouraged.
Fire Rituals Daily rituals at the Fire Lab begin with an abishekam to deities followed by Fire rituals. On an average day there are 20+ individual fire rituals performed at the Chennai Center. Certain fire rituals are performed during evenings. Fire rituals that are performed during festivals take a longer duration. Rituals are performed depending upon need: Health, Wealth, Relationship, and for Protection as well as other topics. Exclusive fire rituals for Pratyangira and Chandi are performed regularly on the 8th waning Moon and also on the New Moon days. Every Friday Kanakadhara pooja is being performed at the centre to invoke Goddess Swarnambika for bestowing wealth. At our Swami Mallai Remedy Center in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, we perform “Go Pooja” or Cow pooja and also specialized, temple specific remedies.
Clock Rituals Every day the morning rituals begin at 5:30 am and concludes around 12 noon. The evening session begins at 4:30 pm and concludes at 7:30 pm. The duration of each fire ritual varies. The normal planetary fire ritual and rituals to deities like, Ganesha or Lakshmi takes about 60 minutes. The fire ritual begins with a formal pooja to Lord Ganesha followed by Kalsa pooja invoking the energy of the particular deity for which the fire ritual is performed. Special fire ritual to Goddess Pratyingira takes two and a half hours. The fire ritual to Goddess Chandi starts in the evening and concludes around midnight, and then again it begins the next morning around 6:00 am. The total time taken to perform a Chandi fire ritual is around 10 hours. Before the conduction of any remedy, the pooja and fire ritual timings are first reviewed by our astrologers to determine the right time of the ritual. For most planetary rituals, they are done exactly at sunrise on their day of week according to the following. This first hour of Sunrise is called the “Hora” of that day.
Day Planet(s)
Sunday Sun, Ketu
Monday Moon, Rahu
Tuesday Mars
Wednesday Mercury
Thursday Jupiter
Friday Venus
Saturday Saturn
In addition, for fire rituals ordered by our guests and members the astrologer examines the Nakshatra and horoscope of the person to determine the optimal time. Many rituals will only be conducted on the Nakshatra day of the person who has ordered.
Results To obtain optimum result for any ritual, there are 3 factors: The right time, the right herbs and the right priest. The astrologers select the best day based on the birthstar of the native. The astrologers also select the perfect time to optimize the result. Rituals performed with strict adherence to the above parameters have provided dividends to the natives. We carefully procure and use wood, herbs and food specific to that ritual only. Our priests are provided an environment where their concentration in the ritual and mantras can be undisturbed and with proper focus their mind. There are measurable results that are being experienced by members who have ordered rituals. The staff and the priests are committed and are trying their best to perform the ritual with utmost care and to the best of their ability.
Where-do-i-start The best way to start ordering any ritual is to view the live events through which you will be able to understand how the rituals are being performed in AstroVed Fire Lab. Also it is best to consult either a vedic astrology, Angel reading, Nadi reading or Astamanangala prasana reading to order the appropriate ritual. You can also order specific purpose pooja without consulting astrologers.

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