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Gemini in 2017 – Gemini Horoscope Predictions

Quick thinking, versatility, conversationalist and ability to meet challenges with deadlines are the hallmarks of Gemini. Being socially adept and seamlessly dashing through hurdles in their path are some other special capabilities that Gemini exhibit. If you are wondering what’s in store for Gemini in 2017, then there’s plenty that will occupy your interest and keep you engaged. Just the way your sign always does.

If you want to know more, then here’s a summary of what you will face in 2017.

Gemini in 2017 – General Predictions

In short, you are going to have an exciting 2017.

Two of the most powerful planets, Saturn and Jupiter, with incredible influences on charts, will be ill-placed in your chart. In real life terms this means you will have plenty of troubles coming at you from all quarters, keeping your mind fried and peace at bay.

The former may cause you misfortune and depressing scenarios with conflicts from both family and relatives. And the latter will lead to squabble, disgrace and many misjudgments that will seem to follow you almost everywhere.

And if that was not all, there is trouble in store for you regarding your holdings. You will also face dangerous situations from automobiles and animals.

The saving grace seems to be the money that may flow into your account. Just how much, and from what sources you will earn, you will have to explore to find out.


Gemini Money Predictions

Money will steadily stream into your account. This will be from your own efforts as well as from that of your spouse. With enough money to spare, you will be more generous with charity and spiritual donations.

Gemini Business Predictions

As Gemini, your business will prosper in the earlier half of 2017. The later half is not going to be your favorable period. Hence new projects should be avoided. Any new venture will likely fail as those working low in the hierarchy will prove to be troublesome. If you find troublesome interruptions to your business difficult to manage, you could take a little help from simple astrological remedies.

Gemini Career Predictions

Your career has a chance to flourish in 2017. A better job will likely bring you a higher salary that will contribute to your earnings. Career wise you will see good times in 2017 with possibilities opening up abroad. A new opportunity may lead to recognition of your abilities and may also enhance your reputation considerably.

Gemini Love and Romance

If you are single and looking to marry then you are in luck. You may find a partner you like. You will also have plenty of time to indulge in romance and satisfy your passionate desires. For a long lasting happy relationship though, you need to ensure you have a Gemini compatible partner.

Gemini Students’ Predictions

The earlier half is not favorable to students, and if you are a student, you can expect plenty of troubles. Things change in the next half as the period favors you and you can pursue academic activities, even advanced studies.

Gemini Health Predictions

You may not suffer from major health problems. But you may have to contend with a troubled thoracic region as well as emotional disturbances.

There may be a phlegmatic infection which can get aggravated and drain your energy. Hence allergy-causing foods and chilled items are better avoided.
Mood swings and the resultant stress will put your mind under severe strain. If you are already inclined spiritually, you could seek solace in the form of learning and life coaching that has the potential to strengthen your emotional wellbeing.

Gemini Astrology Remedies

The ill-effects of negative influences from planetary transition may cause disharmony and disturb the peace.

To restore peace and calm you could chant the following hymn – “Om Budhaya Namaha” 108 times. You will need to follow this routine daily during the Mercury Hora to attain peace and harmony.

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